Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Danish Global Leadership Summit, September 30 - October 1

Willow Creek Denmark Coordinator Ruth Cilwik Andersen informs us that the Global Leadership Summit will be held September 30-October 1 at the Kristne Kulturcenter in Copenhagen. The main speakers from the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, held this month in Chicago, will appear on a big screen in DVD format. In addition to the televised presentations from Chicago, the Copenhagen Summit will have two "live" speakers, Allis Helleland and Helge Standal. Three hundred leaders coming from ten different Danish denominational groupings have already registered for the Copenhagen Summit, though the organizers are praying that all 800 seats in the venue will be filled. The purpose of the Summit is to focus in on the local church's potential for positive change. Those of us at Pray for Denmark believe strongly that the Copenhagen Global Leadership Summit can help equip local church leaders for the needed thrust of evangelism, revival/renewal, and new church planting throughout the country.

PRAY that all 800 seats of the Copenhagen Kristne Kulturcenter will be filled with church leaders who earnestly desire to experience the quiet working of the Spirit of God during this significant Summit conference.

PRAY that the guest speakers will arrive safely and remain healthy and fully attuned spiritually so that they can make an optimal contribution as God's Holy Spirit moves hearts and places His unmistakable mark on this important Summit.

PRAY for the worship and drama teams and the dancers as they make their creative contributions to the gathering.

PRAY that there will be no glitches in the highly complicated technical aspects of the Summit. Coordinator Andersen remarks that it is crucial for all of the highly technical audio-visual equipment to work properly "on the split second" throughout the various sessions.

PRAY that there will be transcendent moments during the gathering when everyone present will know and realize for certain that God is present and moving in the hearts of leaders.

PRAY that each individual leader in attendance will be open to the work of God in their lives, and that the Spirit of God would impress upon their hearts and minds exactly what they need to hear and know to provide the kind of leadership the church of Jesus Christ needs and deserves.

PRAY for the Willow Creek Denmark Steering Committee. Coordinator Andersen states that "We need to make a lot of decisions for the future and therefore need tremendous wisdom, a good and operative network, and adequate financial support."