Saturday, December 17, 2016

A wired Christmas in Denmark

Make no mistake -- Danes live in a wired world. In fact, at 96 percent, Denmark has one of the highest percentages of Internet users in the world.

That’s why online outreaches like “” (“The Testimony”) are so critical. Headed by videographer Jonas Bock Nielsen, Vidnesbyrd dishes up a smørgasbord of outreach-oriented Christian videos.

But as the name implies, Vidnesbyrd specializes in face-on testimonies from everyday Danes who have encountered a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. They deal honestly with everyday issues like doubt, singleness, abortion, or the role of men and women in Danish society -- all from a non-threatening, scriptural perspective. And they ask questions like, Does God exist? Who is Jesus? What do you believe?

Vidnesbyrd also offer links to some of the country’s best contemporary Christian music, including (recently) a classic Christmas hymn set to new music.

Nielsen says he was inspired several years ago at a meeting where several people explained honestly what Jesus meant in their lives. It was a turning point where he thought “this is absolutely relevant for others.” 

It most certainly is! This Christmas season, pray that these powerful online testimonies would reach more and more Danish seekers, all of them in need of answers… and a Savior. 

PRAY for the outreach ministry of, that it would be discovered and “stumbled upon” by thousands of Danes who need Jesus. 

PRAY for the financial needs of the online ministry, which depends on the generosity of individual givers. 

PRAY that God would use existing testimonies on, as well as new ones, to draw many to himself, and to spark revival in Denmark. 

PRAY for Jonas Bock Nielsen as he manages this ministry, for encouragement and creativity in his key role there.