Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday, April 22 Prayerwalk Email from Peet Bekker

Our South African friend Peet Bekker began his Afrowalk prayerwalk at Hirtshals on Wednesday and sent the following email today from Skagen, Denmark (the city at the extreme northern tip, the "Spearhead" of Jutland):

"Man, how the Lord loves this country and its peoples. This day I have been walking in Skagen and Grenen. The Lord just impressed in me how He loves this country and its people and how He eagerly waits for them to turn to Him.

"Here is the simple prayer that He impressed on my heart this day in Skagen. It is simple yet powerful:

"Lord I praise You
"Lord I worship You
"I love You Jesus"

"How He longs to hear this country pray this, and how He will respond in amazing ways when the people turn to Him in this way.

"The Lord is blessing me in my personal life and leading me to pray so many different prayers over this area as well as over the whole of Denmark as I go . . .

"Be blessed and we will speak again.

/s/ "Peet"

Peet is at the half-way mark with his goal to be in Frederikshaven on Sunday. Continue to walk alongside him with your prayers in this spiritually powerful prayerwalk on behalf of the people of Denmark. The same prayer requests as cited in the previous postings below remain valid and the focus of our prayers for this dear and earnest brother in Christ. Truly, "Prayer changes things!"

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Peet Bekker's Prayerwalk Getting Closer

South African citizen Peet Bekker is to begin his "Afrowalk" prayerwalk from Hirtshals to Frederikshaven next Wednesday. Peet has already left South Africa for Scandinavia, first caring for some business interests before beginning the prayerwalk next week. He is a distance runner and writes that he could easily make the intended route in much shorter time than he has planned. But, he wants to take his time in walking so that there will be sufficient opportunity to pray and to talk with those the Lord may bring across his path. He is excited about the possibilities that may come his way during the prayerwalk. We do not know at this point if he will be able during the prayerwalk to contact Pray for Denmark via email, but if that becomes possible we will post further information as Peet provides it. This is an unusual approach to spiritual ministry that may have untold results for the kinds of things Pray for Denmark has been asking you to pray about for over a year. May God bless Denmark in a powerful way through the devotion and burden Peet has for Denmark. It would be wonderful to see God work in this particular manner to open up this wonderful country to a New Reformation of faith and spiritual power. To those who regularly utilize the Pray for Denmark prayer requests, we urge you to continue to use the prayer requests listed on the previous posting below and to even redouble your prayer efforts on this good Christian brother's behalf. Let's walk alongside Peet with our prayers and blessing.