Saturday, April 01, 2017

Surprise in Aarhus

Will anyone show up if you try to start a new church in today’s skeptical, secular, sophisticated Denmark?

Surprise! They did.

In fact, leaders of the new Vineyard church in Aarhus said they were “completely blown away” when 120 first-time visitors arrived for their inaugural worship gathering March 19. Even more encouraging is that a large portion of those visitors had been invited by family and friends, and had rarely -- if ever -- attended church before.

“Our biggest hope and dream is to be the church for those who aren’t used to going to church,” explains Simon Walsøe, who recently moved to the city with his wife Anne to help organize the new outreach. “I think most Danes believe that they need to have their lives completely in order before they can go to church. That they have to know exactly what they believe, and live up to certain rules or morals. But for us, church is actually the opposite -- where all are welcome, a place where we’re all in process together.”

Simon and Anne have planned two followup services, for March 26 and April 2. From there they aim to establish small groups that will meet regularly throughout the city, and then re-gather every three or four weeks as a larger group. After the summer they hope they’ll all be ready to meet for weekly worship.

“We believe Jesus is here with us in this fellowship,” says Simon, “and that it is him who transforms a person’s life. At Aarhus Vineyard there is room for everyone.”

PRAY for the new Aarhus Vineyard fellowship, that God will especially draw unchurched and unsaved people to explore faith in Jesus Christ.

PRAY for the April 2 large gathering, that many more will attend and that they will be drawn to faith and fellowship in small groups through the summer.

PRAY for Simon and Anne Walsøe, that God would bless their church-planting ministry in this needy city.

PRAY for revival to spread throughout Aarhus through this new church … and many others.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

When church gets messy

For Danes on Bornholm Island who aren’t used to sitting through a traditional church service, there’s a new option: Messy Church. 

Designed to attract a broader spectrum of ages in a Bible-based gathering, Messy Church is perfect for kids and their parents, seekers and believers. Missionary Palle Kure of the Lutheran Indre Mission leads the outreach.

“At Messy Church we drop in for a cup of coffee,” says Palle. “Then there are activities, a game, a discussion group, or another activity. Afterwards there’s a Bible story and then we eat together.”

Not your typical church service. And while there’s very little of the kind of preaching where one person stands up and speaks, Palle says Messy Church preaching “is like a red thread through everything that happens.”

So this type of church brings together people of all ages, with no prerequisites, and introduces them to biblical truth. And Palle says they’re seeing new families join them every time they meet. 

PRAY for Messy Church, that more and more unchurched families on the island would discover Christ in these gatherings. 

PRAY for Palle Kure and others in leadership, for wisdom and courage to share the love of God with those who need to know him. 

PRAY that God would draw families together in new ways through Messy Church. 

PRAY for revival to spread through the Messy Church, throughout Bornholm Island and beyond to the rest of Denmark.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Praying for college students

Since 1823, Christians in the United States have set aside the last Thursday in February to pray for students in American colleges and universities. As students go, so goes a nation. So this is a good time to pray for students in Danish higher education, as well -- both in secular schools and in the small number of Christian institutions.

This time let’s focus on the Christian schools, some of which we’ve earlier featured in Pray For Denmark:

1.     Børkop Højskole, a leading Christian college affiliated with Denmark’s Indre Mission.
2.     Kolding Internationale Højskole, also known as the International Apostolic Bible College.
3.     The Luthersk Missions Højskole, founded on the revivals of the late nineteenth century. (And yes, that was a long time ago. We’re overdue for a new round of revival.)
4.     Mariager Højskole, the Danish Pentecostal Bible College.
5.     There’s also a movement toward opening a new Christian college in Copenhagen.

And that’s just a start. Students at these schools are looking for a Bible-based education, some for shorter terms, but all with an eye toward preparing to serve God in a secular society and world. They need our prayers. 

PRAY for each student attending these Christian colleges this term, that God would give them a renewed thirst for the truth in God’s Word. 

PRAY that God would draw students to a deeper spiritual walk, in class and out. 

PRAY for the faculty and staff in these schools, for wisdom and support as they reach out to the next generation. 

PRAY that God would send a fresh wave of revival through the students, that they would lead the nation toward God. 

REMEMBER to pray for revival in Denmark’s colleges and universities on Thursday, February 23.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Still on the street in 2017

Two years ago this month, we wrote about an exciting cross-denominational movement in the capital of Copenhagen called Gadekirken, or the “Street Church.” Led by Bo and Mona Henriksen, the movement still sends out teams to pray with and for anyone they meet, for both physical and spiritual needs.

Now they’re eager to expand the vision, but there’s an obstacle.

“Our dream is to take on new parts of the city,” they write, “but we lack co-workers.”

It’s a common challenge among Christian ministries. About 30 believers are currently involved in Gadekirken, from free churches and state churches. That’s remarkable in itself. Still, Bo and Mona hope for even more to join the movement, and that those volunteers will recognize God’s power in their lives.

“May 2017 be the year where God has even more space and latitude to work through us,” they say, “where we persistently hold fast to his promises about the authority of the believers.”

At the same time, Bo and Mona remain clear on what they’re all about:

“We’re passionate about reaching out to even more Danes to tell them about the cross. The mission isn’t to manipulate people to believe, but that they clearly understand they’re sinners.

“We’re completely absorbed in God’s will, which is for ‘all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.’ ” (1 Tim. 2:4)

PRAY for Bo and Mona in the coming year, that God would continue to give them a passion and vision for reaching Denmark with the gospel of Christ.

PRAY for Gadekirken’s cross-denominational teams, that the unity they experience would serve as an example for the churches they represent.

PRAY for relief and protection as the teams venture out and seek opportunities to pray and share.

PRAY for more workers, starting in the central city, to the outskirts, and beyond.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

What's that Voice?

A new voice in the Danish church is spreading the word on Facebook, YouTube, and online. It’s beginning to spur the Danish church to wake up and get serious about spreading the Gospel. And it’s called “RedningensRøst,” or “Salvation’s Voice.”

The Voice recently came out with a series of interviews, asking Danish church leaders what they think is the Danish church’s greatest strengths -- and greatest weaknesses.  What do young Danish Christians need to know?

One prominent young church planter, Jesper Jeppesen, gave an optimistic perspective: “I think there’s starting to be more fire in the (Danish) church than we’ve seen in a number of years,” he told the Voice. “The upcoming generation really just has a heart for Jesus, and they want to see a change. I think one of our greatest strengths is that they don’t accept the status quo, and that they really do want to see God’s kingdom. They’re willing to pay the price.”

That’s a jumping-off point for Redningens Røst, with street interviews, arguments for creation, lively challenges, and more. Its four young founders aren’t afraid to tackle apologetics, postmodernism, or tough questions -- all from a vibrant, outgoing Christian perspective. Their passion is not only to give voice to the truth of Jesus, but to encourage and show others how to live out and share their faith, as well.

It’s the kind of witness that will no doubt shake things up… and that’s a good thing.

PRAY for Redningens Røst: David, Philip, Simon, and Nikolai. Ask God to give them continued courage, wisdom, and insight as they challenge the Danish church to come alive.

PRAY that God’s Spirit would work through the videos and online, not only to encourage believers, but to draw more people into the Kingdom of God.

PRAY for continued creativity and effectiveness in new Voice videos.

PRAY that God would use this cutting-edge ministry to help bring revival and awakening in Denmark.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

A wired Christmas in Denmark

Make no mistake -- Danes live in a wired world. In fact, at 96 percent, Denmark has one of the highest percentages of Internet users in the world.

That’s why online outreaches like “” (“The Testimony”) are so critical. Headed by videographer Jonas Bock Nielsen, Vidnesbyrd dishes up a smørgasbord of outreach-oriented Christian videos.

But as the name implies, Vidnesbyrd specializes in face-on testimonies from everyday Danes who have encountered a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. They deal honestly with everyday issues like doubt, singleness, abortion, or the role of men and women in Danish society -- all from a non-threatening, scriptural perspective. And they ask questions like, Does God exist? Who is Jesus? What do you believe?

Vidnesbyrd also offer links to some of the country’s best contemporary Christian music, including (recently) a classic Christmas hymn set to new music.

Nielsen says he was inspired several years ago at a meeting where several people explained honestly what Jesus meant in their lives. It was a turning point where he thought “this is absolutely relevant for others.” 

It most certainly is! This Christmas season, pray that these powerful online testimonies would reach more and more Danish seekers, all of them in need of answers… and a Savior. 

PRAY for the outreach ministry of, that it would be discovered and “stumbled upon” by thousands of Danes who need Jesus. 

PRAY for the financial needs of the online ministry, which depends on the generosity of individual givers. 

PRAY that God would use existing testimonies on, as well as new ones, to draw many to himself, and to spark revival in Denmark. 

PRAY for Jonas Bock Nielsen as he manages this ministry, for encouragement and creativity in his key role there.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Taming the tongue for revival

What will it take to see revival in the Danish church? Part of the answer, writes journalist Mirjam Røgeskov, may include watching the tongue. (James 1:26)

“Think about it with me,” she wrote recently in Udfordringen, a Danish Christian online news service. “Why do you need to say something negative about another church? (If you do,) you’ve just been a part of creating division, because you’ve spoken words that bring down a part of Christ’s Body.”

Røgeskov recently returned from the “Awakening Scandinavia” conference in Stockholm, part of a continent-wide movement to encourage revival and introduce Europeans to Christ.  She spent time with Christians from three very different Danish churches -- independent (“Valgmenighed”) Lutheran, Adventist, and Vineyard.

“We didn’t agree on everything,” she wrote, “but we knew we were together to worship Jesus, to get to know him better, and to see revival in Denmark and Scandinavia. If we can just keep it simple and true, that’s the way to unity and revival.”

PRAY for believers from many Christ-honoring churches in Denmark to seek unity and to know that it’s all about Jesus.

PRAY that Danish believers would not compete with or disparage other believers, but that they would come together in a new and fresh way.

PRAY that God would send revival to this little land, and that all would see that it’s not from human efforts, but from the Spirit of the living God.

PRAY for truth to pervade the coming revival, that Jesus would be made known in spirit and truth.