Thursday, August 03, 2017

Worship musik finds a new home

For the past several years, God has been moving in the hearts of Danish Christian musicians, giving them a heart for worship as never before and bringing a lively new style of worship into churches across the land. But it hasn’t always been easy for believers to share their music ("musik" in Danish) from church to church.

Today that’s changing, with the help of a new online tool that gives Danish worship leaders much broader access to a growing body of contemporary Danish worship music. Even the smallest churches in the most remote villages can sing along.

Take a look at and imagine you’re a small-town Danish volunteer worship leader, low on resources but full of God-breathed desire to glorify the Lord and share worship with your congregation.

Now you can quickly search for new songs to sing at your next service. Learn the history of the song, and who wrote it. Listen to the songs being performed. And with the right permissions in place, you can even print out song sheets and chords in a variety of keys.

Benjamin Hougaard, music leader for Denmark’s Indre Mission renewal ministry, unveiled the site last month. He envisions it as a support and time-saver for worship leaders across Denmark.

To be sure, the little country has always enjoyed a strong heritage of hymns and Christian music (Danes love to sing!), but this is an another encouraging step in a new direction. 

PRAISE God for this new way of sharing some of the best worship music in Denmark. 

PRAY for busy worship leaders in Denmark, especially for those in young and struggling fellowships where support and encouragement is needed. 

PRAY for the growth of, that many more God-honoring songs would be added and made available to churches across the country. 

PRAY for revival across Denmark, that God would touch hearts through all kinds of music, and that the focus would be on Jesus—lifted up in new songs.