Sunday, October 09, 2016

New vision, new building

Pray for the growing young church at Amagerbro Frikirke (free church), who earlier this month dedicated their new (to them) building in central Copenhagen.

It’s a strategic location in the capital city, and they’re naturally excited about the move. They’ve been working on the building since April, with volunteers from the congregation spending uncounted hours on restoring and renovating the facilities. Though there are still a few small details to fix, they’re putting the building to use and reaching out to people in their neighborhood, in a city that desperately needs Jesus.

Amagerbro Frikirke offers a number of city-specific ministries, including a weekly drop-in study fellowship for students, as well as sleeping bag and winter clothing drives for the city’s immigrants and the homeless. They also have an active missions focus among street kids in Honduras, and a vision for inspiring Danes to focus on needs beyond their neighborhood.

The fellowship started in 1997 with some 20 people, and has grown today to include around 200 who call Amagerbro home. At heart, they’re relentlessly outward-focused, and have defined their mission to be the “church for others than ourselves.”

PRAY that the new building will be a place of refuge and hope for strangers and the needy.

PRAY that God would strengthen their resolve to serve the community and beyond, in the name of Jesus.

PRAY that God would inspire a new generation of Danish believers in Amagerbro to follow Christ where he leads.

PRAY for the sparks of revival in Copenhagen to fan into flame from Amagerbro Frikirke.