Sunday, February 25, 2024

Welcome, King Frederik

Pray for the country’s new king, Frederik the Tenth, who took the throne last month after his mother, Queen Margrethe, abdicated. 

Some Christians were initially concerned that the incoming king failed to mention God in his acceptance speech to the nation from the Christiansborg Castle balcony. His mother had set an example as an outspoken Christian.

However, a slim volume published just days after King Frederik succeeded his mother explained his views more clearly, beyond the earlier pomp and circumstance.

In the book, called Kongeord (Words of the King), he said that he and the new queen, Mary, recite evening prayers with their children, and that he enjoys attending church. He also says that the Christian faith is “an important part of who we are.” 

Perhaps that’s a good start. The King also maintained that he and Mary want to encourage fellow Danes to remember the needs of the most vulnerable in their society, to volunteer and to care for those less fortunate. 

“People need people,” he said, “and in many Western societies the most important question is ‘What can you do for me?’ Too rarely it is the other way around: ‘What can I do for you?’ ”

PRAY that Frederik and Mary will grow in faith as they lead their family—and serve their country—in the coming years.

PRAY that God will touch the new king and queen’s hearts and keep them receptive toward things of true faith. 

PRAY for the royal couple’s children: Crown Prince Christian (18), Princess Isabella (16), Prince Vincent (13), and Princess Josephine (13). And yes, the two youngest are twins.

PRAY for revival in the royal house of Denmark, and for faith in Jesus Christ to spread throughout this beautiful land.

PRAY that the now former queen, Frederik’s mother, would still have a godly influence, and that God would work through her to bring others to faith in Christ.