Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Greetings


We wish all of the faithful prayer partners of Pray for a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Spiritually Prosperous New Year.

Let's continue to pray that the Spirit of God will sweep over Denmark in grace and power in 2007 to bring revival and renewal in all of the churches and that many will come to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

In His love and grace,

Bill and Brad

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Denmark and Missional Churches

The evangelical community is not immune from the coining of new buzz words. Two of the newest of them are "emergent church" and "missional church." These are strange to the ears of some of us who have been involved with missionary service from some years back.

A big word in my era of the 1950s and 1960s was "indigenous church," a term not often heard today. I, for one, am rather conservative on the coining of new words and always wonder what brings on the need for them and whether the new term may in some way be a subtle insult to biblical theology. So it is with "missional church," a term that I am beginning to hear frequently even in the church we attend. Apparently the idea is catching on.

I am truly aware that the world has changed in the past fifty or more years and certain mission methods, strategies and structures that were once prominent no longer work as they used to. The message certainly hasn't changed, but the means and manner of propagating the message have had to change in a changing world. A detailed and useful definition of the term"missional" was offered at the 2004 Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization. Click on : for the full article.

Briefly stated, "missional" "is not the same as 'mission-minded,' though they are both important and related. The term 'missional' is simply the noun 'missionary' adapted into an adjective. For example, an 'adversary' is your enemy. Someone who is 'adversarial' is acting like your enemy. Thus, a 'missionary' is someone who acts like a missionary (for example, understands a culture, proclaims the faithful Gospel in a way that people in culture can understand, and uses parts of that culture to glorify God). A 'missional church' is a church that acts like a missionary in its community" (see

One of the foremost thinkers these days about the missional church is Australian missiologist Alan Hirsch whose writings include The Shaping of Things to Come and The Forgotten Ways--Reactivating the Missional Church. A major perspective from his writings suggests that the older formulas for growth in the Body of Christ no longer work. His vision for the future includes growth of the church of Jesus Christ in the powerful ways that occurred in the outreach of the early church and its growth from perhaps only 25,000 believers in A.D. 100 to an estimated 20 million in A.D. 310.

The thrust of Hirsch's message is that the dormant potential of the church in our time can again be aroused to early church-like passion, prayer, and incarnational service. If that is what "missional" entails, let's use the term!

Through the sponsorship of SALT (the Skandinavisk Academi for Lederskab og Teologi), the Evangelical Alliance, and Emerging.DK, Dr. Alan Hirsch is coming to Denmark for a one-day session on the theme of the missional church. The conference takes place on Thursday, January 11, 2007 at a locale at Drejervej 15-17 in Copenhagen.

Conferences come and go with greater or lesser impact, but perhaps the input from this brief conference will help foster a new attitude and approach by Danish churches to revival, renewal, evangelism and church planting, or just acting like missionaries in their own communities.

that Alan Hirsch will be guided by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God in what he has to say to Danish pastors and Christian leaders about theory and practice for missional churches.

that this brief conference with Alan Hirsch will help ignite a greater understanding and vision in Danish believers of what the church was meant to be and do, using culture but not engulfed by it.

that conferences with overseas leaders such as this one with Alan Hirsch will not "talk down" to Danish pastors and Christian leaders or come across as having all the answers for Denmark, but rather will cause participants to listen for the Spirit's direction to make specific insights gained from the conference work effectively in the Danish cultural context.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Lord's Work in the Faroe Islands

Back in the 1950s, I was in Copenhagen with my family on our way back from our first term in the former Belgian Congo. While visiting relatives in Copenhagen, I had occasion to attend an assembly of the Christian Brethren, sometimes referred to as Plymouth Brethren. At the meeting, a young man who at the time was studying medicine at the University of Copenhagen gave an unforgettably impassioned and joyful testimony of how he had come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Two things especially impressed me about this young man. One was that he was overcome with emotion when trying to express the depth of his commitment to Christ, filled with praise for having found Him as Savior and Lord. The other was that he wasn't a Dane at all, but rather had come to the University from the Faroe Islands to study medicine. It was undoubtedly the first time I had ever heard of the Faroe Islands. All through these many years since, I have often thought of that impassioned testimony and wondered whatever had become of him, even though I did not even remember his name. I also have warm memories at this assembly of meeting a fine Christian brother, Mr. Paisley, owner of a language school in Copenhagen, and a Christian Brethren missionary and his wife from Scotland, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Adams. The Adamses invited me and my family to have "kaffee" with them at their apartment in Copenhagen and what a gracious time of fellowship that was. Mr. Adams, a wonderful man of God, was a great encouragement to us and our work in the Congo. Mr. Adams ministered in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and spoke his own brand of "Scandinavian" that he said allowed him to be understood in all three countries.

As the old hymn declares, "God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform." When I was in Denmark this past spring, I attended a Sunday service at the Baptist church in Viborg. There was a visitor there that morning, Heri Jacobsen, who was from the Faroe Islands. After the service I chatted with him and told him of my experience hearing the testimony of the young Faroese medical student so many years before in Copenhagen. I asked Heri if there was any chance that he might know the man of whom I spoke. Heri reflected a moment and then said, "I think I know the man you're talking about." Heri gave me an address for a Dr. Rodmundur i Lida in Torshavn, Faroe Islands. I later followed up with a letter to Dr. Lida in which I recounted that memorable meeting in Copenhagen.

What a joyful surprise it was shortly after to receive a wonderful letter from the now retired Dr. Lida, who, it turns out, had returned to the Faroe Islands after completing his medical studies and a brief residency in the United States, ultimately becoming the little country's chief surgeon.

The Faroes are a group of islands (among them Kalsoy, Kunoy, Vodoy, Eysturoy, Stremoy, Bordoy, Svinoy, Fugloy, Sandoy, and Suduroy) situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Iceland and Norway. The many bays, fjords, and mountains are a feature of the islands' rugged and treeless typography. The land does not support extensive agriculture, though there is a good bit of sheepherding because of the grasslands. A most important aspect of the economy is fishing. Access between the various islands in the past was limited to crossing open water, though now there is a well-developed infrastructure with connecting bridges and tunnels, some of them miles in length.

The Faroe Islands have had a long history with Denmark, but became an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark in 1948. The Faroese manage their own affairs, except for national defense and foreign affairs which are still represented by Denmark. The islands' population is less than 50,000 and the native islanders speak Faroese, a language akin to the Scandinavian languages. The Faroese have a culture all their own, though it has many commonalities with the cultures of Norway, Iceland, and Denmark. A majority of the inhabitants are Lutheran and part of the Danish Lutheran Folkekirke. Ten percent of the population gather with the assemblies of the Christian Brethren (known as Brødrasamkoman), reflecting a strong evangelistic missionary endeavor since the 1860s. There are two Bible translations available in the Faroese language. Many Faroese are involved in commercial fishing. Through the faithful witness of believers connected with the Brethren assemblies, many fishermen have over the years come to trust Christ as Savior and Lord.

Lutheran revival movement efforts are found in the islands. Indre Mission (Inner Mission) has a number of gathering places throughout the country called "mission houses" ( There is a Pinse (Pentecostal) church in Torshavn ( Christian broadcasting is represented by Radio Lindin ( I expect to include further information about the Lord's work in the Faroe Islands as I become better informed.

PRAY for the people of the Faroe Islands and the continued spread of the gospel of Christ among them through the efforts of the various evangelical churches and organizations.

PRAY for the leaders and activities of the Lutheran revival movement organization, Inner Mission (Indre Mission), centered in its network of mission houses throughout the islands.

PRAY for the elders and congregants of the assemblies of Christian Brethren, the largest of which appears to be Ebenezer Sankoman in Torshavn (, and for continued growth through aggressive evangelistic and Bible teaching ministries.

PRAY especially for the now retired Dr. Rodmundur i Lida who continues to minister the Word of God in the Faroes and in Denmark (he ministered last spring at Brønshøj Forsamling in Copenhagen --

PRAY for the leadership and ministries of Filadelfia Sankoman (Pentecostal church) in Torshavn.

PRAY for the the workers and extensive outreach of Radio Lindin, the non-denominational Christian radio station for the Faroe Islands, broadcasting the gospel from its studios in Torshavn.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Scandinavian Consultation for Church Planting

Our overriding concern for Denmark is in the areas of revival-renewal, evangelism, and planting of new churches. While we hope and pray for reformation and revival-renewal in older churches, it is an unfortunate fact that the older a church is the less able it seems to be to keep up with the times. Some Protestant churches in Denmark date back many centuries and sadly gather only a handful of worshipers. A great danger is that older churches may become relics of another day and time and fail to meet the challenges of the present. Antiquity offers no assurance of relevance. In fact, relying on a church's history can spell the death of evangelism. Theological considerations coupled with population shifts, increasing urbanization and new housing developments make the planting of new churches an urgent necessity. It is not often that an older church can easily adopt or adapt to new approaches to music and worship, new methods of outreach, or changing social conditions. Unfortunately, there are churches that take pride in not doing so.

In line with our concerns for the church in Denmark, I have been delighted to hear of a Scandinavian Consultation for Church Planting that will take place in at Copenhagen's Culture Center on November 23. The event is sponsored by DAWN Scandinavia in cooperation with SALT (Scandinavian Academy of Leadership and Theology). This is the second such Consultation, the first having taken place in Malmø, Sweden, in January 2005, unfortunately with only a few Danish leaders in attendance. But with this year's Consultation scheduled in Copenhagen, the hope is that many Danish church leaders and church planters will participate. The purpose of the Consultation is to provide a gathering for church planters in the Scandinavian countries for the building of relationships and learning from each other.

The Conference is ecumenical in nature, so that representatives of state-sponsored as well as free churches will be in attendance. Church planters from Norway and Sweden will also be present. Danish leaders expected to participate include Claus Grønbæk, church planter and founder of a free Lutheran congregation in Copenhagen; Anders Michael Hansen, Dean of Copenhagen's Scandinavian Academy of Leadership and Theology (a theological seminary of cooperating free evangelical organizations, denominations, and churches), pastor of Århus Valgmenighed, and director of the European Church Planting Network; Hans Henrik Lund, leader of the Churches' Integration Service in Denmark working with ethnic churches throughout Denmark; Svend Løbner Madsen, who works with the organic church movement and is a part of the Network of Free Churches in Denmark; Flemming Mølhede, pastor of Copenhagen's Vineyard Church and leader of the Vineyard movement in Denmark; Birger Nygaard, theologian and missiologist, national director of Areopagos; and Andreas Wolf, leader of the European Research Network focusing on church planting in Europe. For further information about this important Consultation, contact Niels Christian Storgaard at

PRAY that those in attendance will acknowledge the necessity for the presence and leadership of the Holy Spirit in this important Consultation.

PRAY that concerns for church planting will be coupled with the vision for active evangelism through the country. As someone has well stated, "God has no grandchildren." Evangelism is needed in every generation.

PRAY that the presentations by seminar leaders will be informative and challenging and lead to fruitful discussions and interchange of participants experiences and strategies.

PRAY that this Consultation will result in a resurgence of Spirit-led church planting efforts throughout Denmark and an increase in the number of committed evangelical church planters.

Monday, October 09, 2006

YWAM and "Resurrect Denmark" Campaign

Michelle Geraty, who works with Youth with a Mission (YWAM in Denmark is called Ungdom Med Opgave) has informed us of plans for a campaign to affect Denmark through a 24/7 prayer network together with a nationwide series of evangelistic tours and follow-up discipleship ministries. The campaign is to be called "Resurrect Denmark."

Michelle writes, "We want to call forth praying, Great Commission-minded Christians to establish networks of prayer across the nation. Also, another part of this campaign is to train an army of young people." For this purpose, YWAM is planning to launch an Impact Discipleship Training School beginning January 14, 2007, focusing on prayer, evangelism, and discipleship. "We believe that passion for Jesus fuels passion for the lost. So, we are very excited about what God is going to do during the six-month school." For further information, visit the YWAM Denmark website: The mailing address is Randersvej 195 (Sjellebro), 8544--Morke, Denmark.

We'll add prayer requests to this website as the "Resurrect Denmark" campaign begins to take hold. We want do everything possible to help foster prayer support for this promising campaign.

PRAISE the Lord for this new and zealous YWAM-sponsored nationwide prayer and evangelism initiative in Denmark.

PRAY that the Ungdom Med Opgave leadership and workers will have the Spirit's direction and great wisdom and profound insight into Danish church history and evangelical culture in seeking the cooperation of local churches and other ministries for the "Resurrect Denmark" campaign.

that the framework of the campaign will from the first meet with a positive and enthusiastic response from Danish evangelical leaders and ministries all over Denmark, and that many Danish believers will become involved in the nationwide prayer network.

that there will be a large number of applicants for the Impact Discipleship Training School scheduled to begin at YWAM's Sjellebro campus this coming January.

that God will supply the personnel as well as financial and prayer support for an effective launching of the "Resurrect Denmark" campaign.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Encouraging Response from Funen

From time to time, we get especially encouraging responses from individuals who have viewed Pray for Denmark. Here is one we received recently from a pastor in northwest Funen (Fyn). He writes:

I am very delighted to hear about your ministry of encouraging people to pray for Denmark.

Our island, Funen, has for many decades been known as one of the 'dark spots' in Denmark in terms of active churchgoers.

But we believe and pray that God will change this. A year ago there was a lady from our church that took the initiative and started a prayer group of prayer-willing people in our region. Now we meet [with] 15-20 people from different denominations for prayer every month, and in-between we are connected in pairs, promising to pray for one another. We pray especially for one another to be faithful in the prayer items God has asked us to keep praying for. In our monthly prayer meetings we share what God has done and what to continue praying for. Many of us can witness to God's help in many situations.

I share this with you to say that what you do for the Lord is most valuable. Please keep on praying and pray also for our specific part of Denmark.

This is another indication of what we firmly believe: that the Spirit of God is quietly at work in many places throughout Denmark. How wonderful it is to know that Danish believers are being led of the Lord to form prayer groups such as the one in west Funen. In my own daily prayer remembrances, Funen is high on the list because I have dear relatives living in that region. While praying for reformation and revival in the established churchs, a special concern has been that the Lord would also lead someone to undertake an evangelistic ministry in southwest Funen, and especially around Assens and Faaborg. My own paternal grandmother came from Faaborg and I have relatives living in southwest Funen.

Brad and I are grateful when we receive encouragement from those who view Pray for Denmark. In this case, this dear pastor heard of us from praying friends Eric and Liv whom I met at the Vineyard Church in Copenhagen last spring. It is wonderful to see how God works. We are aware of the significant prayer ministry of the several revival movements within the Folkekirke, of Bedehus (, and of Dansk Oase's prayer network called Bedenetværk (, not to mention that of the various free church denominations. Aase Ellerbeck Larsen is one very special Danish lady I know of who has a wonderful ministry of encouraging fellow Danish believers to pray for revival. We can be sure of this one thing--God answers the prayers of His people. No church is ever without the need for the continuing reviving and renewing ministry of the Holy Spirit.

PRAISE God that He is raising up praying people and prayer networks all over Denmark of those who are desperately concerned for the spiritual needs of the country.

PRAY for those individuals of several denominations who are coming together monthly in west Funen as they agree together in prayer for each other and for their fellow countrymen.

PRAY for the Spirit's empowering of the pastor and his wife mentioned above as they minister in west Funen and for guidance in strengthening the believers in the churches they serve with dynamic growth and maturity and for vision and Spirit-led strategy for outreach in the area.

PRAY for a growing movement and networking of groups of believers who are committed to prayer for revival and renewal of local congregations of the Folkekirke (Danish state church) as well as of the free churches.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prayerwalk Revisited

In April 2005 Peet Bekker, a Christian brother from South Africa and a friend of Pray for Denmark came to Denmark for a prayerwalk at the northern tip of Jutland known as the Horn of Denmark. You may recall that he prayerwalked from Hirtshals on the west to Skagen at the tip of the Horn and then on to Fredrikshavn on the east.

Before undertaking this special prayerwalk, Peet said, "I know that once I smelled the air, tasted the water, felt the wind and seen the people, I will have so much more compassion and be able to pray with all my heart. Walking in an area helps me to see the way God sees it and better understand the things to be prayed for. I will also be there in person to deliver God's messages of hope and inspiration to people that are in need of it right there and at that specific moment in time...I have an excitement in my heart for Denmark. I believe the Lord wants to bless this country. If these words stir your heart in any way, please pray for Denmark too."

It is more than a year since Peet completed his prayerwalk and if no discernible spiritual breakthroughs have followed upon the prayerwalk, we need to remind ourselves that God does not waste the efforts of His servants when He has led them by His Spirit. Though God may not yet have revealed His purpose, in time He will.

We believe that God is working in quiet ways in Denmark. There are numerous small indicators, among them Peet Bekker's prayerwalk, God's leading in getting online, and in raising up groups of believers throughout Denmark who are praying for revival. How and when that revival will occur, we do not know, however we are persuaded by faith that a new Reformation and revival will someday break out in Denmark and bring salvation and the infilling of the Spirit to individuals and churches all over the country. I pray every day for that to happen and I sense there are others joining with me in praying for for revival in Denmark.

One day, God will make it clear why he led a believer in South Africa with no known connections in Denmark to engage in a prayerwalk at the northern tip of Jutland, but we do know from the Word something about God's nature: He will never guide a believer in a capricious manner and He will one day reveal His purpose. A simple prayerwalk carried out in response to God's leading has inspired other believers to pray for a great movement of God's Spirit in Denmark.

An update on Peet Bekker: He has recently moved from South Africa to New Zealand. Because his ministry is not confined to Africa, he has changed the previous name AFROWALK to "Come Walk with Me." His website is now found at In an email message from Peet he wrote that, "I know I spoke and prayed some things in the spirit in Denmark which had to be given life, so to speak. You know ... when we speak God's will and God's Word over a place. the angels (and the demons) recognize it by the aroma of God's Word and presence. Going there and praying for those towns, people and Denmark moved things in the spirit-world which I am not seeking to find out, because maybe God will show me some day. But I know I had to go and things are moving." I like how Peet describes prayerwalks as "just 'intercession on the move.'" At age 44, it is still his dream to take part in the 20 km (12.4 miles) Olympic Walk event. He trains weekdays, spending many hours on the road and says, "When I train for the walks, I not only walk--I prayerwalk." What a special ministry this dear brother has whose one desire is to magnify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

PRAISE God for Peet Bekker and one man's willingness to quietly and without fanfare step out by faith last year on a prayer journey from Hirtshals to Skagen to Fredrikshavn.

PRAY that Peet Bekker's prayerwalk will serve as a model for other believers, whether from Denmark itself or from other countries, willing to ask God for direction in prayerwalking in various parts of Denmark.

PRAY that God's Spirit may move across the land of Denmark from east to west and north to south in ways that may only be discernible to the eyes of faith, bringing a new Reformation and spiritual revival to the Folkekirke as well as free churches.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tønder Festival, August 24-27

Tønder is a small city located close to the Danish-German border in southern Jutland. For more than 30 years, the town has played host to the gala Tønder Festival that presents a wide variety of traditional and modern folk music from all over Europe and elsewhere. The Festival has an international flavor. Besides Denmark, participating musical groups will be coming from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and the United States. There are paid, ticketed concerts on the official program, but also a lot of music to be heard in the streets for free.

Tønder (pronounced TUN-ner) Frikirke is well located in the very center of the city's downtown area. This weekend there will be countless numbers of passersby milling about the streets and thus providing a marvelous opportunity for evangelism. Though the church events are not listed as part of the official program, Pastor Rene Nielsen and the church's members are concerned to have a vibrant and welcoming Christian presence during the Festival by keeping the church doors open at crucial times and by providing good Christian music and coffee hours. On Friday, August 25 the church building will be open for music and coffee from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m., featuring Danish noted gospel singer Signe Walsøe. On Saturday, August 26 the church will be open from 3:30 to 11:00 p.m. and will feature a concert by a 30-voice Room4Joy gospel kor (gospel choir). The coffee times provide an opportunity to talk with people one on one and to make vailable informational booklets and tracts about the gospel and church's ministries. Faithful Pastor Rene and his wife Mette are warm and loving people. I met them and had delightful fellowship with them while on my trip to Denmark last spring. I got to see the church's facilities and admire its very attractive and inviting worship center (see an image of the church's exterior at Pastor Rene and I walked the streets around the church building itself that this weekend will be crowded with many hundreds of Festival-goers. I feel a great burden for Tønder Frikirke and for Pastor Nielsen and his family. They will greatly value our prayers on their behalf.

PRAY that the Holy Spirit will give Pastor Nielsen and the congregation of Tønder Frikirke direction and enormous wisdom for an attractive and winsome witness for Christ and the gospel during the Festival.

PRAY for many opportunities to meet and talk with Festival-goers and for wisdom and "holy boldness" in opening fruitful conversations on spiritual matters.

PRAY that the Spirit-anointed music and testimony of Signe Walsøe on Friday evening, and the Room4Joy gospelkor on Saturday evening, will attract overflow crowds of those readily able to discern when music is used to lift up and magnify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

PRAY that during the Festival there will be young people and young married couples from the Tønder/Møgeltønder area itself who will be attracted to the gospel and align themselves with the fellowship and ministry of Tønder Frikirke.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Den Danske Global Leadership Summit, September 29-30

Over the past 14 years, the Willow Creek Association has provided "outside-the-box" leadership ideas and challenges at regional Global Leadership Summits in more than 130 locations throughout the world, including Denmark. This year is no exception as many pastors and ministry leaders from all over Denmark will gather at Copenhagen's Kulturcenter for two days of intensive focus on transformational leadership, Friday and Saturday, September 29 and 30. Prominent speakers will focus on this year's Summit theme: "En leder ser ikke virklighheden som den er, men som de kan blive" (A leader sees reality not as it is, but how it might be). Church transformation committed to changing the world requires a transformed leader. As one pastor put it, "I don't believe the 21st century church is about bigger and better ... It's about who can serve the people effectively and efficiently." Many Danish pastors and ministry leaders validate the input they have received from previous Summits. Willow Creek Association is an American organization and the danger is in trying to slavishly impose American ideas on Danish culture and on the Danish churches. But, we believe that God's Spirit can and will use the various presentations as prods to Danish vision and creativity. The enormous task of putting this Summit together is in the hands of the Willow Creek Denmark Steering Committee and the effective day to day management of Coordinator Ruth Cilwik Andersen. I had the privilege of meeting Ruth and her family last spring and found her to be a godly woman and a graciously gifted and visionary Christian leader and executive. The Summit has its own brochure that for those interested may be downloaded at the following web address:

PRAY that all of the myriad details of planning and producing this year's Global Leadership Summit in Copenhagen will come together with no last-minute hitches in programming, all-important media technology, worship and drama teams, or financial arrangements and support.

PRAY that the spiritual purposes of the Summit will overshadow every session and maximally influence everyone attending so that the the person and redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ will be prominent and preeminent.

PRAY, as we did last year, that the Summit venue, Copenhagen's 800-seat Kulturcenter, will be filled to capacity with pastors and ministry leader coming expectantly to drink in fresh inspiration for ministry and to experience transforming renewal of their spiritual commitments and leadership vision.

PRAY that this Summit will become one more piece in the Holy Spirit's activity toward radical reformation, revival, and renewal in the life of all of Denmark's churches, whether folkekirke or frikirke.

Monday, July 31, 2006

August Summer Conferences in Denmark

There are two summer conferences scheduled for the month of August, including the Scandinavian Calvary Chapel conference at Sorøro, Sjælland (August 3-6), and the Dansk Metodistkirken Sommerhøjskole at Solborgen ved Sejerbugten (August 5-12). Please refer to the 01 July posting below for prayer requests that continue to be relevant for these conferences. John Arnott's prayer is a fitting conclusion for all of the Danish summer conferences this year:
"Father, I want to be like You. I want my heart to be as big as Yours ... As far as revival is concerned, I ask You to find those who will be guileless and entrust them with the wonderful treasures of Your power and Your presence. Please don't hide from us because our hearts are divided. Make us one big family rejoicing in Your love."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Danish Summer Conferences - Week of July 23-29

Det Danske Missionsforbund (Danish Mission Covenant) churches are gathered at Kolding this week for their annual conference, while Vineyard Norden is meeting at Rimsforsa, Sweden. Danish churches of Vineyard Norden are located in Copenhagen, Roskilde, and the house church at Aars. Please use the list of prayer requests on the 01 July posting below that remain pertinent for this week's conferences.

"Revivals are a special moving of the Spirit of God. While it is important for us to pray for the kind of massive movement that takes place in a revival, we must remember that God alone can flame the fire that springs up to change a whole nation." - Larry Richards

Friday, July 14, 2006

Danish Summer Conferences - Week of 16-22 July

Those joining in prayer for Denmark are asked to continue to refer to the specific summer conferences prayer reminders in the 01 July posting below. This week's conferences include the Baptistkirkens Missionsstævne at Mariager and Indre Mission's Sommerbibelskole at Børkop Højskole. Pray for God's blessing and the Holy Spirit's guidance into truth and conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment. It is important to believe that a great spiritual awakening can occur in Denmark throughout the Folkekirke and the free churches.

"A church in the land without the Spirit is rather a curse than a blessing. If you have not the Spirit of God, Christian worker, remember that you stand in somebody else's way; you are a fruitless tree standing where a fruitful tree might grow." -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Danish Summer Conferences - Week of 8-15 July

Please continue to consult the previous posting (1 July 2006) for information on the four summer conferences meeting this week, including those of the Apostolsk Kirke, Pinse Kirke, Dansk Oase, and Nyt Liv. These are important conferences with many ramifications for reformation, revival, and renewal in Danish churches, both the Lutheran Folkekirke and the free churches. The prayer requests at the end of the 1 July posting will greatly assist in focusing prayer on behalf of this week's conferences.

"(I)t is a common factor of the revivals (, i.e. of the past) that they have been expressions of the sovereignty of God, explained only in terms of the power of the Holy Spirit to change people and communities. . . Two characteristics of Christian awakenings point to this sovereignty of God:
"An increased emphasis on prayer, as people have grown deeply discontent with the state of their unrevived churches.

"Deep repentance, involving both sorrow for sin and a determination to change." - Eerdmans Handbook to Christian Belief (1982), p. 371

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Danish Summer Conferences, Camps, and Bible Schools

Many church and revival movement conferences, camps and Bible schools will be meeting this summer throughout Denmark whether under tents, at resorts, in school buildings, or even in the open air. A sampling of them appears below, though the list is hardly complete. Because such summer activities are important for inter-church fellowship, for evangelistic contacts, and for believers' spiritual growth, they are surely deserving of our prayers.

July 2-8 - Oaselejr Sjællands Familielejr, a regional family camp that is part of Dansk Oase, is meeting the week prior to the national SommerOase 2006. Sjælland (Sealand) is the large island on which Copenhagen is situated. This Family Camp will be held at Odsherreds Efterskole, in Fårevejle Stationsby, northwest Sjælland. Speakers include overseas visitors as well as Danish pastors and leaders.

July 8-14 - The Apostolsk SommerCamp 2006, a gathering of believers aligned with the Dansk Apostolsk Church (Danish Apostolic Church) will be held on the campus of the denomination's Internationale Apostolsk Højskole in Kolding, Jutland. The theme of this year's conference is "Tro, virksom i kærlighed" (Belief, effectual in love). The headline speaker will be Dale Hewitt, pastor of the Apostolic Church in Perth, Australia. Several practical worshops on ministry-related topics are on the program schedule.

July 8-14 - The Pinsekirkernes (Pentecostal Churches) SommerCamp 2006 will meet on the expansive campus of the churches' Højskole (High School and Bible School) in Mariager, 36 miles north of Århus. This year's theme is "Drevet af en passion" (Driven by a passion).

July 8-15 - Dansk Oase, a charismatic-oriented organization within the national Lutheran Folkekirke, will hold its SommerOase 2006 conference at Rudehøj Efterskole in Odder, Central Jutland. The conference theme is "Reformation." A number of Danish church leaders will be featured speakers together with several pastors and Christian workers from other countries.

July 8-15 - Another Lutheran Folkekirke revival movement, known as Nyt Liv (New Life), will have its Sommerferie 2006 (Summer holidays) family camp at Djursland Efterskole, northweast of Århus with meetings and activities for children and youth as well as adults. The speaker will Mikkel Vigilius, Luthersk Mission Højskole, Hillerød. Svend Aage Paulsen of the Dansk Bibel Institut, Frederikssund, will conduct a seminar on apologetic topics. Renown singer Signe Walsøe will assist with the music.

July 16-22 - The Baptist churches' Missionsstævne (Missions Meeting/Conference) will once again take place at the Pinse Højskole in Mariager. A full and challenging program has been planned for adults, youth, and children. The theme chosen for this year's Missionsstævne is "Vejen" (The Way). The schedule displays an imposing array of speakers from Denmark and from other countries. One main speaker will be well-known author Philip Yancey, from the United States.

July 16-22 - Indre Mission's Sommerbibelskole 2006 will be held at Børkop Højskole, between Vejle and Fredericia on Jutland's east coast. Various course are to be offered by Danish instructors on the Book of Isaiah, chapters 40-66; on spiritual gifts; the Epistle to the Romans; central ethical themes from everyday life, from Romans 12:1, 2 and 13:1-10; and, the ministry of the church's diaconate. Indre Mission is the oldest of the Lutheran Folkekirke revival movements.

July 22-28 - Det Danske Missionsforbund (Danish Mission Covenant) will hold its multigenerational "Sommerkonference 2006) on the grounds of the campus of the Internationale Apostolsk HYøjskole in Kolding (south Jutland). The theme of this year's denominational conference is "Gud gir håb" (I believe this means, "God gives hope"). The well-designed conference program features as speakers the pastors of several of the denominmation's churches. There are activities planned as well for various age groups, from children to seniors.

July 23-29 - Vineyard Norden churches from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland will gather for a week of SommerCamp, this year at Liljehomen's School in Rimforsa, Sweden. The theme for the week is "Att vara en Jesu Fäjunge idag--vad betyder det?" (To Be a Disciple of Jesus today--what does that mean?" The visiting speakers will be Peter and Kathy Downs, national directors of Vineyard in Australia. A wide range of seminars will also be offered.

August 3-6 - Scandinavian Calvary Chapels' 8th Annual Summer Conference will take place in Sorøro, Sjælland, only a 45-minute drive from Copenhagen. Guest speakers will be Pastors David Guzik and Mark Walsh of the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Siegen, Germany. Calvary Chapel ministry specializes in verse-by-verse biblical exposition and this year's conference them is "Kong David's Liv" (Life of King David) from 1 Samuel, chapters 14-18.

August 5-12 - The Dansk Metodistkirken (Danish Methodist Church) will hold its annual Sommerhøjskole at Solborgen ved Sejerbugten, near Holbæk (a short distance northwest of Copenhagen). The Sommerhøjskole theme is "Livsglæde og kristent fællesskab" (Christian fellowship/community and the joy of life?).

This could be merely a long and boring list of events. But, visitor to this website, think what could happen to Denmark if the Spirit of God were to revive the hearts of hundreds who will be involved in these conferences, camps, and Bible schools. The prayers of earnest and committed believers from all over the world, joined with those of Danish leaders and prayer warriors, could make the difference between business-as-usual and a genuine visitation by the Holy Spirit. God truly does hear and answer the prayers of His people. There are small but powerful evidences that God is working in Denmark. Let us join Him in His activity through our fervent prayers of intercession for these 2006 conferences, camps, and Bible schools. "Revive us, and we will call on Your name" (Psalm 80:18b, NIV).

PRAY that the Holy Spirit will inspire and unify the hearts and minds of every leader and speaker in each of these conferences, camps or Bible schools.

PRAY that every attender will come to these events expecting God to bless graciously and powerfully in meeting their individual needs. When they return to their families and congregations, may it be evident that "they have been with Jesus" (cf. Acts 4:13).

PRAY that this summer the Spirit of God will sweep over Denmark bringing repentance, genuine reform, renewal, and revival evidenced by changed lives and all-out commitment to Christ and the Gospel of grace.

PRAY for the musicians as they lead the people in praise and worship. When it comes, revival will surely be borne along on the wings of Spirit-led praise and Spirit-empowered singing. No revival ever comes without God's people breaking out in songs of high praise and worship.

PRAY that in every conference, camp, and Bible school there will be a fearless and dynamic presentation of the human need for salvation and a positive response by the unsaved to the Savior who so graciously through His once-for-all sacrifice made possible our salvation.

PRAY for a sense of ministry to pervade the actions and activities of the supporting staff at each of these conferences, camps, or Bible schools.

PRAY for God's protection from accidents and injuries and possible Satanic influences at each conference, camp, or Bible site.

PRAY that as a result of these summer conferences God will give such a spirit of unity and love for each other that the various denominations will be able to deal effectively with whatever problems, antagonisms, dissensions and spirit of competitiveness there may be between themselves and other denominations, local churches, and church members.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Encouragement for Pray for

The other day I received a most encouraging email from a lady who had viewed this website. This is what she wrote:

"Thank you for creating this website. Recently, a Bible study I host at my home decided to pick countries and research areas in which we can pray for the people and needs of the country. I picked Denmark because of my family background. My grandfather was born in Denmark and came to the US in his twenties. I have always had a curiosity about the country. I appreciate your heart for the people there and thank you for helping me see what our group can pray for."

This is not only an encouragement for us at Pray for, but also for believers in Denmark itself. When I was there a few weeks back, there were Danes who told me they never imagined there were people outside of Denmark who were praying for their country.

PRAY that many more believers, including but not limited to those with Danish ancestry,in countries world-wide will take up the challenge to pray for revival and renewal in Denmark.

PRAY that prayer groups and Bible study groups throughout the world will be led to make Denmark a focus of their intercession, praying especially for the thousands upon thousands of Danes who do not have a personal relationship by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

PRAY for and with committed believers in Denmark, such as Aase Larsen of Copenhagen and others like her, who are deeply concerned about the spiritual condition of their country and who are praying that the Spirit of God would bring revival and renewal beginning with the churches and their leaders.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Friluftsmissionen (Open Air Campaigners)

When I was in Copenhagen in April, I had the joy of having a lengthy dinner meeting with Tørben Østermark, the leader of the Danish branch ( of Open Air Campaigners International ( Tørben is a dear brother in Christ who is consumed with a vision for evangelism in Denmark and other Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

There is a noticeable rise in the secularization of Danish culture and with it a lessening of the traditional influence of the Folkekirke, Denmark's national Lutheran Church. As a general rule, the thrust of Open Air Campaigners International is non-denominational. However, the historic dominance of the Folkekirke in Danish culture since Reformation times has led Friluftsmissionen to focus its work with Lutheran churches and societies without, of course, compromising the well-known evangelistic stance of Open Air Campaigners.

Tørben and his fellow evangelists, Lars Kristensen and Hartvig Kloster, maintain a busy Bible teaching and evangelistic ministry through local congregations and church-related organizations, emphasizing sound biblical and evangelistic preaching and teaching in which they use such visual aids as sketchboard art and gospel magic. Much of the work continues Open Air Campaigners' special ministry of open air preaching, much of it during the summers.

On Sunday, June 4, Friluftsmissionen evangelists will be participating in an all-day gospel effort (Gospel Bakken) at Dyrehavsbakken in Klampenborg, on the east coast of Sjælland. Dyrehavsbakken has the distinction of being the world's oldest, intact, still-surviving amusement park. Another gospel effort (Jesperhus Gospel) will be held the next day, Monday, June 5, at Mors in northwest Jutland. Families will be vacationing at the Jesperhus holiday resort where there are famous gardens, a water park, a nature park, and a zoo. From July 10 to 21, Friluftsmissionen evangelists and a youth-oriented Sommerteam (Summer Team) will be bringing the gospel to children and youth at Gammelbro Camping, Årøsund, near Haderslev in South Jutland.

PRAY for Friluftsmissionen's many opportunities for evangelism during the summer months when there is an upsurge in tourism bringing people from all over the world to Denmark. The summers provide wonderful opportunities for direct evangelism. English is often the preferred language in such summer ministry.

PRAY that many will come to personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation as a result of Friluftsmissionen's work at Gospel Bakken, Jesperhus Gospel, and the Fremstød (Campaign) at Gammelbro Camping, and at other times and places throughout the summer months.

PRAY that there will be a good response by younger believers to the call to join Friluftsmissionen's Sommerteam (Summer Team) to assist in evangelistic work with children and young people during the Gammelbro Camping campaign, July 10-21.

PRAY that God will through His people supply the financial needs of Friluftsmissionen evangelists Østermark, Kristensen, and Kloster. (Philippians 4:19)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kristuskirken and First International Baptist Church

On my recent trip to Denmark, I had the privilege of attending two Sunday services at Copenhagen's growing First International Baptist Church where N. Erik Nielsen is the pastor. FIBC shares the facilities of Kristuskirken (Christ Church), the Danish language church whose pastor is Michael Jensen. I was able to attend one of Kristuskirken's Danish services as well and I was reminded of my first visit to the church in 1952. Vision and zeal for missions and evangelism have long characterized Kristuskirken that currently hosts five different language groups within its facilities including, besides Danish, services in English, Romanian, Yugoslavian, and Spanish.

English services were established at Kristuskirken over 20 years ago under the leadership of Pastor Ove Vang Jensen. In 2001, the English-speaking service became an independent and autonomous congregation taking the name First International Baptist Church of Copenhagen. FIBC continues to maintain close ties with Kristuskirken and uses its facilities for worship and fellowship activities. Erik Nielsen, a graduate of George Washington University and of Biola University's Talbot School of Theology, has served as pastor of FIBC since 2002, coming from a similar ministry in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was ordained to the gospel ministry at Whittier Hills Baptist Church, Whittier, California. He is a gifted musician who is having to function currently as both keyboardist and preacher. FIBC is a member of the Danish Baptist Union (Baptistkirken i Danmark) and of the International Baptist Convention.

FIBC gathers English-speaking Danes and expatriates from many countries who are working in businesses or are studying at Danish educational institutions in the Copenhagen metropolitan area. The congregation has a truly international flavor with English serving as the unifying language. When I visited the Sunday afternoon services at FIBC, there were regular attenders and visitors from many different countries. Internationals, many of whom are the product of extensive missionary work in their home countries, are making a tremendous contribution to Danish church life and in turn their experience in Denmark is helping them be better prepared as leaders upon return to their home lands.

Kristuskirken (Copenhagen's First Baptist Church) is Denmark's oldest free church (churches not part of the Folkekirke, the country's national church) and faces some of the same problems of older mainline churches elsewhere in the world. Its influence throughout Scandinavia is well-recognized and honored. To grow, older churches always need new vision and purpose and flexibility in meeting the challenges of cultural change. Especially needed is an influx of younger, committed believers who have the potential to move into the future with strong emphases on Spirit-directed evangelism and purposeful ministries. An older church cannot thrive and move forward with power merely on its past history but must press on vigorously to meet the challenges of proclaiming the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ in a changing world and culture.

PRAISE God for the more than a century and a half of Kristuskirken's history of unsverving loyalty to the gospel of Christ and for its unquestioned influence on all the free churches in Denmark.

PRAISE God for the vision of Pastor Emeritus Ove Vang Jensen and the congregation of Kristuskirken in establishing English-speaking work that has led to the formation of the independent and autonomous First International Baptist Church of Copenhagen.

PRAY for a strong evangelistic outreach by strategically placed FIBC and for the discovery of effective means of making its message and ministry known to English-speaking internationals in the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

PRAY that the Lord will bring to FIBC a much-needed keyboardist to relieve the pastor of his current dual roles of musician and preacher.

PRAY that FIBC's congregation will continue to grow numerically but also in knowledge and obedience to the Word of God, commitment to evangelism, and the training of leaders.

PRAY that the Lord will bless and encourage the ministry of Pastor Michael Jensen and give the congregation and leadership of Kristuskirken's Danish congregation a breakthrough in a vision for new avenues of evangelism and ministry.

PRAY for the development and growth of the Yugoslavian, Romanian, and Spanish-language ministries at Kristuskirken and wisdom on the part of those responsible for leading them.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Folkekirke Renewal Movements

There are several revival/renewal movements within or co-existing with the Folkekirke, Denmark's national Lutheran Church. The term "Folkekirke" means "people's church." The Folkekirke is deeply rooted in the Lutheran Reformation and is very much a part of Danish history and culture. Two of the revival/renewal movements, Indre Mission ( and Luthersk Missionsforening (, are 150 years old or more. Both were strongly influenced by Scandinavian revival currents of the 1800s. Newer revival/renewal movements include the Evangelisk Luthersk Missionsforening (, Dansk Oase (, and Nyt Liv ( All play a sort of gadfly role in that they consistently remind the Folkekirke that the Bible is God's inspired Word while at the same time urging the Church to adhere strictly to is own Lutheran confessions and doctrinal standards.

Dansk Oase, founded in 1989, has been strongly influenced by and supportive of charismatic renewal. One informant suggests that, "While the others do not deny that God bestows spiritual gifts on believers or that He heals, they question the acceptability of certain phenomena and especially the necessity of the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" in order to believe in and practice the gifts of the Spirit." The informant continues, stating that "The frictions between the old revival movements and Oase/Charismatics were stronger in the past than they are now. The new generation of leaders seems to have opened up to at least some elements of the renewal, in particular new worship songs which are used across the board but which originated within the international charismatic revival circles. The big divide is still in the theology and it also has direct bearing on the acceptability of certain phenomena" accepted by the charismatic/Pentecostal movement.

Much of the work of the revival/renewal movements takes place in local "mission houses," schools, or adherents' homes, and sometimes even in a local Folkekirke if the church is inspired or influenced by a particular renewal group. Several of the revival groups have very vital interests and involvement in overseas missions. The informant cited above states that some of the movements are stronger in certain areas of Denmark than in others. Some of the groups have a tendency towards isolating themselves from the Folkekirke and forming alternative churches. Luthersk Missionsforening has been more active in forming alternative congregations, but more recently some in Indre Mission have begun to follow LM's lead. We believe God would be pleased if these movements could find it in themselves to join hearts and hands without reservation to pray together for revival. We also sense that a major factor in the answer for Denmark's spiritual needs must come from genuine revival and renewal within the Folkekirke.

PRAISE God for revival movements within the Danish national Church that maintain a high regard for the Bible as the Word of God and call Danes to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ based on the salvation procured by His death and resurrection.

PRAISE God for the extensive outreach and influence the revival/renewal groups have in many local areas throughout Denmark, for their work of evangelism and Bible teaching for children, young people, and adults, and for their significant summer camping programs. Camping programs will be starting soon.

PRAY for the leadership of each of the renewal organizations on both national and local levels: Indre Mission, Luthersk Missionsforening, Evangelisk Luthersk Missionsforening, Nyt Liv, and Dansk Oase.

PRAY that the Spirit of God will sweep throughout the Folkekirke and Denmark bringing confession, cleansing and the empowerment of the indwelling Spirit to its bishops, clergy, and layfolk.

PRAY that the revival/renewal movements will forgo their historic differences and organizational loyalties to achieve cooperation and spiritual unity in prayer so that the Spirit of God is not hindered in His work of reviving and renewing the Folkekirke. Revival movements themselves need periodic revival and renewal or God will raise up new movements in their place. He does not leave Himself without a witness.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Celebrating the Risen Christ in Denmark

Regular church attendance by the majority of people in Denmark, as in all of increasingly secular Europe, is infrequent or even non-existent. Figures vary, but it has been estimated that on an average Sunday church attendance involves only five to eight percent of the Danish population. Church attendance is at its peak at Christmastime, though many Danes will also be attending Easter services this coming Sunday whether in the Dansk Folkekirke (Danish Lutheran State Church) or in the various free churches. Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are statutory holidays in the country. The scepticism induced by secularism tends to drown out the religious and spiritual significance of Resurrection Sunday. But, in spiritually alive, gospel-believing churches of all denominations Easter will again be celebrated in a festive manner. Great Easter music will be played, traditional Easter hymns will be sung, Scripture tests pertaining to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead will be read, and believing pastors will earnestly preach from them on the truth of the resurrection and its implications for Christian living. The most glorious aspect of this festive day would be if many Danes were to come to personal faith and trust in the Risen Christ and acknowledge Him as their Lord and Savior.

PRAY that the churches in Denmark will be filled to overflowing on Easter Sunday and that God Himself will by His Spirit preside over all that is said and done in every church and in every worship service.

PRAY that the truth of the Word of God made clear by the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit may overrule and transform forms and liturgies so that those attending worship services this East Sunday will truly understand that Christ is risen and that He has an undeniable claim on their lives.

that many seekers, tired of the spiritual vacuum in their lives, will on this Easter Sunday be attracted to live churches where the service format, music, and biblical preaching will point them to the need for personal faith in and commitment to the Crucified and Risen Christ who alone has the power to save and to give eternal life.

PRAY that Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II, whose birthday this year will be celebrated on Easter Sunday, will effectively model Christian commitment and lifestyle for her people and nation.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pray North Baltic Women's Conference, May 12-14

I (Editor Bill) returned a week ago from a three-week trip to Denmark. It was a wonderful experience in which I met and received such a warm and gracious reception from many fine Danish pastors and laymen of several different denominations, churches, and organizations. Visitors to this Pray for website will see the fruit of this trip and its many contacts in the prayer requests that will be posted in the weeks ahead.

On Sunday, April 2, I attended three different church services in Copenhagen--at Bethlehemskirken, Kristuskirken, and Copenhagen Vineyard Christian Fellowship, all of which will be mentioned in depth on this page in the weeks to come. What a contrast in worship styles from church to church! Copenhagen's Vineyard is a relatively new church plant currently meeting in the facilities of the Apostolsk Kirke on Filippavej in the center of Copenhagen. I was warmly received by this live congregation composed largely of younger people. The church is pastored by two fine young pastors, Flemming Mølhede and Haase Falk Jakobsen. At the Vineyard's afternoon service, I met Liv and Erik Hansen and a friendship was quickly established with them as they ministered to me in prayer. The Hansens were involved in the founding of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in 1997 ( and continue to be very active in its ministry. They are committed prayer warriors with a passionate concern for revival and renewal in Denmark and the nations of the world.

Liv has asked especially that visitors to this Pray for website pray for her and her participation as one of the speakers at the Friday through Sunday, May 12-14, Pray North Baltic Women's Conference. This conferencewill take place at Eckernforde in Schleswig, Germany (historically, all of Schleswig was once part of Denmark and the northern part still is). It will be a weekend of worship and prayer on behalf of this northerly part of the European continent. The church at Eckernforde has had a significant 24/7 prayer ministry for over a year and has not ignored Denmark in its concerns. This will be Liv Hansen's first-time teaching opportunity at a conference on prayer. The featured speaker at this Eckernforde conference will be Inger Porsen of Women's Aglow Denmark. I met Inger at Kolding in Jutland and traveled with her to an Aglow meeting that was held in the Viborg Baptistkirken. Inger is a dynamic and capable leader who is having a great impact on evangelical women's ministries in Denmark. At the Aglow meeting in Viborg, I was the only male present and a bit self-conscious at that. But it was a most interesting experience during which I saw for the first time the use of multicolored flag-like banners that were waved joyfully by a number of these Christian ladies keeping time with the music during the time of singing and worship. It was a colorful addition to a service of praise and worship. It is simply amazing how believers find creative ways to express their joy in the Lord. For more about the Eckernforde Pray North Baltic Women's Conference, see the Conference website at

PRAY that the Eckernforde conference will be a time of refreshing when the Spirit of God draws participants together in genuine spiritual unity and believing prayer that will contribute to what we see as developing signs of revival and renewal in Denmark.

PRAY that Liv Hansen will be aware that her participation and message are covered with the prayers of many and that she will feel empowered by the Spirit in her presentation from the Word of God about the practice and simportance of prayer.

PRAY in the same way for Inger Porsen, that God will prepare her heart and messages to meet the needs of the conference participants who in turn will hopefully respond to what the Spirit of God directs Inger to say in her ministry from the Word.

PRAY for a deep and abiding work of God's Spirit in the life of every participant in this important women's conference and for a resulting positive effect on the Lord's work throughout Denmark.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Denmark's Youth

Editor Bill recently met a Christian lady at the Baptist Church in Viborg who has an agonizing concern for the future of Danish young people. She has asked that Pray for add this important part of the Danish population to our prayers for the country as a whole. Her concerns are well-taken. Danish youth are subjected from early years to ideas and philosophies in their educational experience and through the various media that have contributed to the secularization of the country, a lessening of the influence of the church, and a consequent loosening of moral standards. Besides educational and career goals, Danish youth seem greatly invested in pursuing the kind of happiness that so often translates to doing whatever you want whenever you want and with whomever you please. Casual sex is accepted as "everyone is doing it" and couples living together without a formal marital contract has common societal acceptance. Even adults are prone to counsel young people to get all the happiness they can and enjoy life to the full. "Don't worry about marriage, have all the sex partners you can find and enjoy yourself--that's what life is all about." Spiritual concerns take a back seat to such a philosophy and the result is a spiritual vacuum in the lives of so many young people. The number of smokers amongst adult Danes has dropped considerably, though very common amongst tobacco-using Danish youth who in spite of significant health dangers are using it in increasing numbers. Alcohol and drug use are found as well. There are so many fine and wonderful things about Denmark, but ultimately its future and the future of families lie in the hands of its young people. Not all the news is bad, however, as there are youth who are seeking after spiritual realities and seem to be turning away from the moral drift amongst their peers. Many of them are now seen in large numbers in many of the more vibrant Danish evangelical churches that have ministries that attract young people. One major attraction presented by such churches is their emphasis on contemporary Christian music.

PRAY that the church in Denmark will find effective ways to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a committed Christian lifestyle attractive and appealing to young people.

PRAY that Danish youth who have been raised by Christian parents will not stray from their Christian commitment and lifestyle but resist the temptations that society packages so attractively.

PRAY for the many fine youth ministers in Danish evangelical churches who serve as role models for an uncompromising biblical lifestyle while at the same time providing wholesome activities and vibrant youth-oriented worship.
(This posting has been written while Editor Bill is in Assens, Denmark)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Editor Bill Plans Mission Trip to Denmark

Bill Hunter, the editor of Pray for Denmark's prayer requests, leaves this week on a three-week visit to Denmark, March 14 to April 4. The purpose of this missions trip is to meet with Danish pastors and Christian leaders with whom we have had contact since Pray for went online two years ago. Bill desires nothing more than to have a quiet spiritual ministry of listening and learning from pastors and leaders, praying with them and encouraging them in their ministries. He hopes as a result of the visit and becoming better informed about evangelical work in Denmark that the Lord will enlarge his and Brad's vision for this website, hopefully making it an even more effective prayer support instrument. Bill's itinerary is expected to include contacts in such cities as Tønder, Sønderborg, Kolding, Viborg, Aalborg, Odense and Copenhagen. He is also looking forward to the opportunity to have some time for rest and relaxation with his Danish relatives.

PRAISE God that the He has opened the way for this visit to Denmark and PRAISE Him for the Christian friends who have so graciously helped to make it possible.

PRAY that the still incomplete details of Bill's travel schedule in Denmark will come together speedily once he arrives in the country.

PRAY that the Lord will prepare Bill's heart for a warm and effective one-on-one ministry of prayer and encouragement wherever he goes.

PRAY that Bill will be extraordinarily open and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in the contacts he makes throughout Denmark and that he will experience an unusual bonding in Christian love with the pastors and leaders he meets.

PRAY that as a result of his visit the Lord will enlarge Bill's and Brad's vision for the ministry of this Pray for website and show us how we can have an even more effective ministry.

PRAY for the Lord's protection and mercies during Bill's travels and for health and stamina for what assuredly will be a rather strenuous three-week schedule.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Prayer Initiatives in Denmark

It would be foolish to think that the only prayer effort on behalf of Denmark is through this Pray for website. We believe God has laid Denmark on our hearts, but we recognize that we are not alone in our prayer ministry. There are many believers throughout Denmark itself and in all of the various evangelical local churches and such Folkekirke (State Church) renewal movements as Oase and Indre Mission that are committed to fervent prayer for their spiritually needy homeland. One focused nation-wide effort is called Bedehus (prayer house, place for prayer), a prayer initiative started by a group of Danish Christian leaders, including Kurt Christensen (Nexø), Bent Christiansen (Kolding), Allan Funk Hansen (Herning), Lene Knudsen (Brøderslev), Lars Bo Olesen (Herning), Palle Schær (Oase), Ruth Cilwik Anderson (Willow Creek Denmark), Inger Porsen (Women's Aglow Denmark), Jurgen Galonska (Blahøj), and John Mester (Malmø). Bedehus ( has put together an around the clock 365 24/7 prayer network of individuals and prayer groups located throughout the country. There is also an Internet initiative called Bedeemner ( that solicits prayer requests that are posted on its website and makes sure these requests are prayed for systematically. Many of these requests are quite personal and touching and reflect personal needs and concerns about world events. For example, this plaintive request in English came from a 15-year old girl worried by recent events affecting Denmark in which she wrote:
"What are we going to do? Is this the end? Is our 11 September yet to come? Is the 3rd world war just around the corner? Will we die? I fear a war between Danes and Muslims. Will FN and NATO stand up for us, or are we lost because of a stupid newspaper? Will we survive? What about us children? Are we going to die too? They've scared us. They've burned our embassy and all we could do was evacuate the people inside the building. Will this madness ever end, or will we live in fear for the rest of our lives? Please God, help us. Save us from the storm--don't let them tear us apart" (lightly edited for clarity).

An advertisement for a 2005 prayer seminar in Denmark stated, "It is not only up to politicians to do something about God's purpose for a nation, but is is also up to the Body of Christ in the country to take responsibility and seek God in prayer on behalf of the nation." J. Sidlow Baxter wrote forcefully, "Men may spurn our appeals, reject our message, oppose our arguments, despise our persons, but they are helpless against our prayers." There is no denying the truth that "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16b, NIV).

PRAISE God for the upsurge in interest for prayer and intercession amongst Danish believers through the founding of Bedehus Denmark and other prayer initiatives.

PRAY for the prayer efforts within the Danish Folkekirke (Lutheran State Church) by such renewal groups as Danske Oase and Indre Mission.

PRAY that whole cities and towns will feel the full force and effect of the prayers of individual believers as well as the organized prayer groups now meeting throughout Denmark.

PRAY that those submitting prayer requests to the website, such as the 15-year old girl mentioned above, will be strengthened spiritually as they see that God truly does answer prayer and meet needs, and that those who have yet to come to faith will openly acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Denmark and the Muhammad Cartoons

These are not the best of times for Denmark, a small country that little deserves the hubbub and threats resulting from a Danish newspaper's publication of cartoons with uncomplimentary characterizations of Islam's prophet Muhammad. Though publication of the cartoons may not have been the most intelligent of decisions on the part of the newspaper, it seems unfortunate and unfair that radical Islam should blame the entire Danish nation for these cartoons. Committed Christians throughout the world should pray earnestly during this stressful time for this small country of fewer than six million people. It may be that the situation will turn out to be an eye-opener for a notably calm, peaceful and tolerant country that almost overnight has become the object of scorn and threats. We fear the situation is being used by radical elements of Islam for their own nefarious purposes. We are reminded that Denmark, whether wisely or unwisely, has in recent years generously allowed extensive immigration of Muslims. Its current Muslim population is more than three times that of the number of members of Danish evangelical free church denominations (170,000 Muslims compared to approximately 50,000 free church adherents). It is a fact of history that God can use difficult times like these to awaken people to their spiritual need even as the worst of times can bring out the best in God's people.

PRAY for wisdom on the part of the Danish government as it attempts to weather the political turmoil and possible economic fallout from this crisis.

PRAY that the Spirit of God will brood over the land and revive the church in Denmark, using the current tensions to prod the Danish people to a life-changing awakening of personal faith in Jesus Christ that will turn the country away from the devastating effects of entrenched secularism.

PRAY that Danish believers with a genuine personal faith in Jesus Christ and an unyielding commitment to Him will find kind and effective ways to demonstrate the truth of the Gospel and the love of God in everyday contacts with their Muslim neighbors.

PRAY that there would be an increased interest in Christ on the part of moderate Muslims who look at the idiocy perpetrated by their radical brethren in the name of Islam and wonder about their religion.

PRAISE God that history is not--as some may think--proceeding willy-nilly and purposelessly into the future. Rather, as predicted in the Bible, it is moving inexorably toward the end times and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and glory. Maranatha--even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Baptist Churches in Denmark

The Baptist Union of Denmark ( had its beginnings in the work of Julius Købner and Johann Gerhard Oncken. These German Baptist pastors, who are considered to be the founders of Baptist work throughout continental Europe, visited Denmark in 1839 and made contact with some believers who were drawn to Baptistic beliefs and polity. Oncken baptized them and a church (Kristuskirken) was then organized in Copenhagen, the first "free" or non-state [Lutheran] church in Denmark. In the next few years, churches were formed in other areas of the country and these came together in 1849 under the banner of the Danish Baptist Union (Baptistkirken i Danmark or Baptistsamfund). The Baptist churches have not been without struggles and problems throughout their history and changes have come about organizationally and doctrinally. In the latest figures available, there are now approximately 5500 Danish Baptists gathered in 52 local churches. Though perhaps small in number by comparison with other countries, Baptists currently comprise the largest of the Danish free church denominations. The Baptist Union supports a very significant involvement of missionary outreach in the African nation of Burundi. Its influence in Denmark through the years has been far greater than its numbers would suggest. As with all free church denominations in Denmark, many of the churches of the Baptist Union are small and some are struggling. Denominations and churches, whether in Denmark or in other countries with a long history over many generations are in constant need of revival and renewal. There are vital Danish Baptist pastors and churches that are engaged in searching for new ways of reaching their fellow citizens in a country that like the rest of Europe is fast moving away from its roots in Christian culture. Danish Baptists greatly need and deserve our prayers and intercession for a renewed vision for aggressive evangelism and commitment to the planting of new churches.

PRAY for Jan Kornholt, General Secretary of the Danish Baptist Union, as he leads with spiritual oversight, vision and counsel for pastors and churches.

PRAY that older and larger Baptist churches in Denmark's key cities will give even greater priority in their outreach and financial support on behalf of evangelism and the planting of new churches.

PRAY that pastors in smaller churches who may be discouraged and under-supported will persevere in their calling and begin to see greater fruit from their faithful service for Christ.

PRAY that Danish Baptists will militate against compromise with the nation's overwhelming secularism and that the Holy Spirit will help them discover the most effective ways to reach Danes individually and impact Danish culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

PRAY that God would move among pastors and churches in a powerful, penetrating, and unifying spiritual revival greater than Danish Baptists have ever known at any time during their 157-year history