Sunday, February 12, 2017

Praying for college students

Since 1823, Christians in the United States have set aside the last Thursday in February to pray for students in American colleges and universities. As students go, so goes a nation. So this is a good time to pray for students in Danish higher education, as well -- both in secular schools and in the small number of Christian institutions.

This time let’s focus on the Christian schools, some of which we’ve earlier featured in Pray For Denmark:

1.     Børkop Højskole, a leading Christian college affiliated with Denmark’s Indre Mission.
2.     Kolding Internationale Højskole, also known as the International Apostolic Bible College.
3.     The Luthersk Missions Højskole, founded on the revivals of the late nineteenth century. (And yes, that was a long time ago. We’re overdue for a new round of revival.)
4.     Mariager Højskole, the Danish Pentecostal Bible College.
5.     There’s also a movement toward opening a new Christian college in Copenhagen.

And that’s just a start. Students at these schools are looking for a Bible-based education, some for shorter terms, but all with an eye toward preparing to serve God in a secular society and world. They need our prayers. 

PRAY for each student attending these Christian colleges this term, that God would give them a renewed thirst for the truth in God’s Word. 

PRAY that God would draw students to a deeper spiritual walk, in class and out. 

PRAY for the faculty and staff in these schools, for wisdom and support as they reach out to the next generation. 

PRAY that God would send a fresh wave of revival through the students, that they would lead the nation toward God. 

REMEMBER to pray for revival in Denmark’s colleges and universities on Thursday, February 23.