Sunday, May 09, 2021

Perfection and depression: Pray for Denmark!

"In Denmark," says the narrator of this nicely done video, "everybody wants to be perfect. It seems like nothing is ever good enough. For this reason, a lot of Danes suffer from stress or depression. Students also experience that even though Denmark is more spiritual today than ever, religion has become a very private subject, and it's difficult to talk about it with others. Here's a couple of ways you can pray for Denmark..."

Please watch this short, 1-minute video (link here), enjoy the pretty pictures, and keep praying for Denmark!

Pray also for the young people who look forward to attending Revive Europe, a 5-day event scheduled for this coming December that will feature Bible teaching and evangelism training, plus fellowship and prayer. Here's another video of a young Dane who is eagerly looking forward to the event. They need our prayer support!

Meanwhile, be sure to:

PRAY for young Christian students, especially those who feel alone in their faith.

PRAY that God would show Danish believers new ways of reaching their neighbors for Christ, no matter the circumstances. 

PRAY for Danish students who feel overwhelmed and pressured by society to succeed. 

PRAY for Christian college students like Sarah, that God would encourage them as they learn how to represent the Lord where they are. 

PRAY for revival in Denmark!