Monday, March 09, 2015

Taking Root in Living Rooms

Start praying right now for Danish believers whose lives will be changed at a landmark church planting conference April 24-25 called “Gro15.” It’s a yearly gathering of Danish church planters and church folk -- all passionate about seeing the church of Christ grow and mature throughout Denmark.

This year’s main speaker is London-based Al Gordon, global vice president for Alpha International. Gordon co-leads a team that oversees Alpha’s evangelistic outreach work in 169 countries worldwide. Matt Reynolds, pastor of Atlanta’s Grace Midtown Church, is also planning to attend.

And here’s something different: Each attendee will be hosted in a local home, where they’ll have a chance to talk through what they’re learning about evangelism and church planting in a local, living room context.

The conference is co-sponsored by Alpha Danmark, along with the Aarhus Valgmenighed church and Kirke Planter Net, a movement to encourage disciplemaking, church growth, and church plan
ting throughout Denmark. KPN started in 2009 and is now an independent movement.

PRAY for this organic, authentic Danish church planting and outreach strategy, that everyone attending will be moved to reach out beyond their local churches in the name of Christ.

PRAY for the speakers, Al Gordon and Matt Reynolds, as well as Danish pastors Peter Søndergaard and Keld Dahlmann, that God would touch them with just the right message for this time.

PRAY that God would continue to grow this exciting church planting movement, and that it would remain focused on Jesus in a spirit of truth and unity.

PRAY for the conference home groups, that real church growth would be planted in living rooms around the city of Aarhus.