Tuesday, November 16, 2004

40 Målrettede Dage

BaptistKirkens Nyhedbrev (10-06-04) reports that Rick Warren's 40 Days of Purpose (in Danish, 40 Målrettede Dage) is coming to Denmark next spring. This 40-day spiritual journey will help believers find biblically-based answers to the most important question in life, that is, What on earth am I here for? The dates chosen for the campaign in Denmark are April 3 to May 15, 2005. Planning for this important-life-changing and growth-producing campaign for local churches is already underway. 40 Days of Purpose campaigns have been undertaken in churches worldwide. Ten thousand churches have adopted the 40-day program this fall alone. This Pray for Denmark weblog will keep you informed as planning continues for this significant spiritual adventure for Danish churches.

PRAY that many local churches of all denominations throughout Denmark will participate enthusiastically in the campaigns next spring.

PRAY for campaign leaders and the planning process and distribution of campaign materials.

PRAY that even now God, by His Holy Spirit, will begin to prepare the hearts of Danish believers for a fresh, life-changing understanding of His purposes for their lives.

PRAY that through the 40 Målrettede Dage local church campaigns many unbelievers in Denmark will come to a personal experience of faith and trust in Christ as Savior and Lord.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Vineyard Church in Roskilde Asks for Prayers

The Vineyard church plant in Roskilde, launched only two years ago by David and Solvej Allen, who serve together as a pastoral team. David still has to work full time at his secular job, and at some point they feel they will have to cut back on these secular involvements, though they need the finances to line up and confirm that as well. Solvej says that God has always been so faithful in providing for their financial needs and their whole family has never been "begging bread" through many years of following Christ. God has been gracious in sending two key couples to stand alongside the Allens, so that makes things a good deal easier for them. Though the average attendance is small, the new church plant is experiencing good growth (at least by Danish standards). The work is not easy and, as is to be expected, it has been subject to the severity of the Enemy's attacks. The pastors are so grateful for the prayer support that Pray for Denmark's viewers provide. In spite of opposition, the congregation has a real sense of joy and anticipation with new people, totally unchurched, coming to the Lord one by one. A number of the church's members are teenagers so a third cell group has been started to minister to this age group. The neutral meeting place at the Civic Center is not reminiscent of the traditional church edifice and that makes it not so scary for newcomers to attend. Twice a month the Vineyard believers go out into the community to do servant evangelism in an attempt to reach out to the Roskilde townsfolk. Click on "Roskilde" on the www.vineyard.dk website (in Danish).

PRAY that the Lord will open the way for David Allen to cut back on his secular employment so that he may ultimately be able to do full-time ministry, especially as the church grows.

PRAY for a mini-conference the Roskilde Vineyard church is having on Monday, November 22 with an American guest speaker. The mini-conference is utilizing several weirdly-titled topics that will likely attract New Agers who are often very seeking and open if the right terminology is used. The guest speaker, who has been like a mentor to David and Solvej, is as "sound as an apple" theologically so there is no need to worry about the content of the Bible-based messages. Solvej writes: "Such an outreach to the New Age community needs a lot of prayer covering to be effective, so thank you so much for praying!"

Pray for These Danish Churches

Pinsekirken i Silkeborg (Pentecostal), Nylandsvej 70, 8600-Silkeborg. Pastor Per Svendsen. www.pinsekirken-silkeborg.dk/

Bethania Tylstrup Kirke (Det Danske Missionsforbund), Luneborgvej 54-56, 9382-Tylstrup. Pastor Finn Kier-Hansen. www.bethaniakirken.dk/index.php/p/5/

Bornholms Baptistmenighed, (Baptist) Lille Torv 8, 3700-Rønne (island of Bornholm). Pastors Lone Møller-Hanson and Jesper Lundegaard. www.baptistkirkenbornholm.dk

Ketting Kirke (Dansk Folkekirken, State Church), Smedgade 36, Ketting, 6440-Augustenborg (island of Als). Pastor Dan Sørensen. English page: www.folkekirken.dk/stifter/hadersl/Sonderborg/ketting/15.htm (Note: this is the parish of Bill's maternal great-grandparents Moldt and the birthplace of his grandmother, Marie Catrine [nee Lassen] Nielsen, 21 September 1870).

Amagerbro Frikirke (Apostolic Church), Belgiensgade 3, 2300-København S. Pastor Bent Bjerring-Nielsen. www.amagerbrofrikirke.dk/index.htm

Vineyard Kirke i Aars (husgruppe [home group], new church plant), Contact: lars.midtgaard@vineyard.dk

Skt. Johannes Kirken (Metodistkirken i Danmark), Noresgade 38, 67-Esbjerg. Pastor Knud Bjarne Jørgensen.

PRAY that the pastors, members, and regular attenders in each of these churches will have a heart for evangelism and the sharing of their faith with others one-on-one; that they will be sensitive and responsive to the Spirit of God's work of renewal and revival; that they will promote and support the planting of new churches throughout Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland; and that they will extend their missionary vision to "the uttermost parts of the earth."

PRAY that everyone who comes in contact with these churches will be given a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ and that many will come to to a personal and life-changing experience of salvation through faith and trust in Christ's finished work of redemption on the cross at Calvary.