Friday, November 05, 2004

Pray for These Danish Churches

Pinsekirken i Silkeborg (Pentecostal), Nylandsvej 70, 8600-Silkeborg. Pastor Per Svendsen.

Bethania Tylstrup Kirke (Det Danske Missionsforbund), Luneborgvej 54-56, 9382-Tylstrup. Pastor Finn Kier-Hansen.

Bornholms Baptistmenighed, (Baptist) Lille Torv 8, 3700-Rønne (island of Bornholm). Pastors Lone Møller-Hanson and Jesper Lundegaard.

Ketting Kirke (Dansk Folkekirken, State Church), Smedgade 36, Ketting, 6440-Augustenborg (island of Als). Pastor Dan Sørensen. English page: (Note: this is the parish of Bill's maternal great-grandparents Moldt and the birthplace of his grandmother, Marie Catrine [nee Lassen] Nielsen, 21 September 1870).

Amagerbro Frikirke (Apostolic Church), Belgiensgade 3, 2300-København S. Pastor Bent Bjerring-Nielsen.

Vineyard Kirke i Aars (husgruppe [home group], new church plant), Contact:

Skt. Johannes Kirken (Metodistkirken i Danmark), Noresgade 38, 67-Esbjerg. Pastor Knud Bjarne Jørgensen.

PRAY that the pastors, members, and regular attenders in each of these churches will have a heart for evangelism and the sharing of their faith with others one-on-one; that they will be sensitive and responsive to the Spirit of God's work of renewal and revival; that they will promote and support the planting of new churches throughout Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland; and that they will extend their missionary vision to "the uttermost parts of the earth."

PRAY that everyone who comes in contact with these churches will be given a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ and that many will come to to a personal and life-changing experience of salvation through faith and trust in Christ's finished work of redemption on the cross at Calvary.

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