Monday, November 23, 2020

Faith in a time of Covid

What’s it like to be a dedicated Christian believer in Denmark? There’s of course no one answer. It varies from city to town, in different parts of the country. Many strong, Bible-believing fellowships have sprung up in recent years, existing churches have grown, and God’s Spirit is moving. But make no mistake: Many churches in Denmark are still small, and believers often feel isolated in a secular society.  Here’s how one Christian, “Thomas,” recently described his own experience, on a social media site. 

“We as Christians should be happy to live in Denmark. There are still some places where we hear the truth of Scripture, thanks to the churches and fellowships that still dare. (But) we who hold fast to God’s Word face opposition. Also here in Denmark, there are pastors who openly don’t believe in, for example, the virgin birth, or that Jesus died on the cross, and rose again on the third day.”

Thomas contrasted his freedom in Denmark to the harsh conditions believers sometimes face in other countries—places where Christians are persecuted or tortured. 

“But we know Jesus, wherever we find ourselves in the world,” he wrote. “We know we are on the winning team, though many must suffer for the truth—Jesus.”

PRAY for Danish believers in the time of Covid-19, that they would grow in their faith, despite discouragement or even opposition at work, or in their families, or in the community. 

PRAY for Danish churches of all sizes to grow, and for believers to stand on the truth of Scripture. 

PRAY that isolated believers in small fellowships would be encouraged, and that they would know they are being prayed for. 

PRAY for revival to sweep through Denmark as never before.