Thursday, June 15, 2006

Encouragement for Pray for

The other day I received a most encouraging email from a lady who had viewed this website. This is what she wrote:

"Thank you for creating this website. Recently, a Bible study I host at my home decided to pick countries and research areas in which we can pray for the people and needs of the country. I picked Denmark because of my family background. My grandfather was born in Denmark and came to the US in his twenties. I have always had a curiosity about the country. I appreciate your heart for the people there and thank you for helping me see what our group can pray for."

This is not only an encouragement for us at Pray for, but also for believers in Denmark itself. When I was there a few weeks back, there were Danes who told me they never imagined there were people outside of Denmark who were praying for their country.

PRAY that many more believers, including but not limited to those with Danish ancestry,in countries world-wide will take up the challenge to pray for revival and renewal in Denmark.

PRAY that prayer groups and Bible study groups throughout the world will be led to make Denmark a focus of their intercession, praying especially for the thousands upon thousands of Danes who do not have a personal relationship by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

PRAY for and with committed believers in Denmark, such as Aase Larsen of Copenhagen and others like her, who are deeply concerned about the spiritual condition of their country and who are praying that the Spirit of God would bring revival and renewal beginning with the churches and their leaders.