Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pray for Denmark is on Facebook!

As we continue to pray for renewal and revival in Denmark, we're always looking for new ways to reach more people. New ways to connect with people who have a heart for seeing the good news of Jesus spread and grow, from Skagen to Copenhagen. That's the thinking behind our new page on Facebook. You'll find lead-ins to blog posts and other news, and receive regular notifications by "liking" us here. And as you do, please feel free to invite others to agree in prayer with what God is doing throughout that "yndigt (beautiful) land." Tak!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Evangelical Alliance Leader Calls for Unity

Newly elected as head of the Danish Evangelical Alliance, Thomas Bjerg Mikkelsen is calling Danish churches of different traditions to unite around their common roots — and the Savior. Mikkelsen, 35, comes to the influential leadership role after four years as general secretary of Indre Mission, the Lutheran renewal movement.

“Differences aside,” he told Domino (an online magazine for Danish free churches), “Lutherans, Baptists, and Pentecostals all value salvation in Christ and missions. We all share the Holy Spirit, and we’re all loved by Christ. So we need to see each other as brothers and sisters, even across cultural boundaries, confessions, and traditions. That’s why it’s also important that we can meet in a fellowship where we can pray together and be inspired by each other.”

PRAY that believers from different Bible-believing churches will unite for prayer, outreach, and revival across Denmark.

PRAY that longstanding differences will be put aside as God's Spirit moves across the land.

PRAY for Thomas, that he would rely on Christ for daily wisdom and courage.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Growing in Hillerød

Daniel Jacobsen, pastor of Calvary Chapel Hillerød (not far from Copenhagen), asks for prayer in what he calls their huge step of faith. “We’ve signed a lease for a room that is way bigger than what we need,” he tells PFD. Up to now, they’ve been meeting in homes every Sunday morning and Tuesday evening. Learn more about the fellowship here.

PRAY that God would send a flood of new people and seekers to this expanded ministry.

PRAY that God would honor their step of faith in Hillerød, and continue to expand their vision for outreach.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Prayer Night Copenhagen

Cover Photo 
Danish Christians from many backgrounds are now coming together for an hour a month at Kingos Church in Copenhagen to pray. “It’s something that crosses church and nationality boundaries,” says Henrik Munch Roager, one of the organizers. “We dream that Prayer Night may be a part of creating a wave of prayer in Copenhagen.” As more people notice their Facebook page (“Prayer Night Copenhagen”), other prayer groups around the country are coming to light, as well. You’ll find a video interview (English/Danish subtitles) of several participants here, also here, and here.
PRAY that God will encourage the growing number of Danes who are turning to him in these meetings, both in the free and state churches.

PRAY that God’s Spirit will move through the country in response to faithful prayer.