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Denmark is home to a vibrant evangelical Christian witness and a number of evangelical churches, yet compared to the overall population of the country, evangelicals are a small minority. We believe that these churches and workers need the prayer that we hope and pray will be engendered by this website.

For the glory of God, we believe wholeheartedly that Danes in our time have the right to hear and understand the Word of God and the claims of the crucified, dead, and resurrected Christ, who as God in human flesh came "to seek and to save the lost."

Evangelical, but non-denominational
This is an informal ministry. We intend our perspective to be evangelical but non-denominational. Our hope is that Pray for Denmark will be a means of calling evangelical believers of Danish ancestry in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere to pray for the progress of evangelistic efforts in their Danish homeland.

Our definition of "evangelical" is rather broad but largely encompasses those churches affiliated with the World Evangelical Alliance, but does not exclude those that may not be.

We invite evangelical believers and churches all over the world who have an interest in Denmark to utilize the resources at this website to pray for Denmark’s evangelical community. May God bless in unusual ways as His people unite to pray.

How did Pray for Denmark originate?
This website is the product of the vision of two American evangelical Christians of Danish ancestry. Bill Hunter is a retired pastor, missionary, and an emeritus professor from Biola University in La Mirada, California, and Brad Haugaard is a writer who has been employed in the computer industry.

The two met at church in Southern California, where Bill approached Brad with the idea of a web-based prayer ministry for Denmark. Robert (Bob) Elmer joined them in 2012, more recently as the site/blog editor. He brings a background in journalism and writing to the project, along with a deep respect and burden for the Danish people.

Their Danish ties
Bill's parents came from Denmark, his mother from Sparkær village in Viborg Amt and his father from Copenhagen. Bob' s father is also from the Danish capital, his mother from the island of Møn. Though raised in the States, he grew up in a Danish-speaking home. Brad's ancestors on his father's side came from Denmark several generations ago.

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Aavm Fellowship

Cross and Church

Danish Church

Beach Bonfire

Top: Worship at fellowships like Aarhus Valgmenighed includes modern praise music, attracting a growing number of families and young people. Second and third: Most Danish towns feature a distinctly styled village church. Unfortunately, attendance is often quite low. Fourth: During the summer, Danish Christians sometimes like to bring their worship gatherings outdoors.

Below: Founding editor Bill Hunter's parents were from Denmark. His maternal grandparents, Niels and Marie Catarina Nielsen of Sparkær, Viborg Amt.

Bill's Grandparents


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