Sunday, June 20, 2004

Summer Camping Activities

JUNE 20, 2004 - This is the time to redouble efforts to PRAY for the various evangelical summer camping activities throughout Denmark. PRAY that the camps will not only provide recreation for youth, families, and singles, important as that may be, but that they will provide opportunities for evangelism and spiritual growth as well. PRAY that participants who have not yet come to faith in Jesus Christ will do so as a result of the spiritual emphasis in the many camps held throughout the summer.

PRAY for a positive result from the theological debate going on in Denmark these days. The unorthodox views of Thorkild Grosboell, pastor of the ELCD (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark) church at Taarbæk, have created quite a stir throughout the country's State Church. Grosboell has declared that he neither believes in God as the Creator of the world nor in the other tenets of the Apostles Creed. Grosboell's bishop suspended him from the pastoral office and later lifted the suspension and placed him under "strict supervision." Danish Lutheran pastors are divided on the issues, some supporting Grosboell and others critical of him. Some of the most critical comments have been those of the Bishop of Viborg, Karsten Nissen: "Grosboell's theological supposition is that nowadays it is not possible to speak of God because there is no living and present reality we can call God or a creating and preserving God, wherefore Jesus cannot be the Son of God, and the only words remaining of the [Apostles] Creed are those dealing with the earthly life of Jesus. We cannot speak of the Resurrection, neither of Jesus nor ours, in the way that the New Testament and the Creed understand it. On the other hand Grosboell thinks that 'the man from Nazareth' or 'the carpenter' is full of meaning to people of the present day, and that we only meet god (consequently spelt with a small g) in our neighbor." (Quote taken from Church News from Denmark, No. 3/6, June 2004). PRAY that the controversy over this pastor's apostasy will alert true believers within the ELCD to the dangers to the historic faith of this kind of theological drift. PRAY that Danish evangelicals will remain committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Word of God and the historic doctrines of the Christian faith.

PRAY that evangelicals will be able to reach Danish young people who are disenchanted with what so many consider the irrelevance of the State Church. The resulting spiritual vacuum in their lives has even caused some Danish young people to convert to Islam.

PRAY for the Danish Vineyard pastors who will be meeting with the Desert Vineyard supporting church in Lancaster, California this weekend (June 19-20) and during the coming week with other Vineyard pastors at a conference in Corona, California. They will be returning to Copenhagen on Friday, June 25. PRAY that these pastors will find good fellowship and spiritual refreshment in their contacts with churches and fellow pastors. PRAY for journeying mercies as they return to their posts in Denmark.

PRAY for preparations being made for the visit to Denmark of Dale Burke, senior pastor of the Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California. Pastor Burke is the successor in this church to the well-known Bible expositor Charles Swindoll. Pastor Burke will be the featured speaker at a LYS seminar to be held at the Baptist Church in Arhus on September 4. He is the author of Less is More Leadership: 8 Secrets on How to Lead and Still Have a Life. The seminar will promote effective and visionary pastoral leadership and a balanced joyful life in ministry. Further information on the seminar (in Danish) may be found on the LYS website: