Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunrise Over Danmark

If you’ve been reading the “Pray for Denmark” blog during the past year or so, you may be getting the idea that God is up to something in Denmark. We have worked hard to bring you encouraging news of Danish believers who are reaching out, and of Danish churches that are growing. 

That’s not always easy in a Denmark where believers are in the clear minority, where the culture has grown indifferent or even hostile to faith. But maybe you’ve been encouraged by accounts of new free churches, or growing congregations associated with the Lutheran Oase movement, or a dedicated movement of praise musicians and leaders springing up among young believers. Young pastors are faithfully preaching God’s Word every week in cities such as Aalborg or Kolding, Odense or Roskilde. Larger, contemporary urban churches in Copenhagen are reaching the unreached, internationals, and Danes who had never before visited a church.

Is God at work? Is He doing something new?

It may be true that certain segments of the Danish church are growing and changing in a way never before seen. So we continue to join faithful Danish believers in many different denominations who continue to seek revival across their land. We pray for God’s Spirit to sweep across Sjaelland and Jylland this Resurrection Sunday, bringing new life to people who so desperately need Him. From the tip of Skagen to scattered islands of Møn or Bornholm, Lolland or Fyn… and everywhere in between.

There is an old Danish folksong: “I Østen Stiger Solen Op.” The Sun Rises in the East. And this Easter morning, many faithful Danish believers will gather at sunrise to watch the sun rise in the East. Perhaps they’ll huddle around a bonfire, or on a beach along the coast, as they remember together the promise of new life in the resurrected Lord, singing praises to the King.

As you celebrate Christ’s victory over death this year, celebrate with those faithful, as well. Celebrate His victory over death for all Danes -- for all who know Him, and for all who will come to know Him in the year to come. Watch the sun rising in the East, and think of it rising over this beloved little country.

And praise Him for what He is going to do, what He will do in Denmark.