Sunday, November 20, 2016

Taming the tongue for revival

What will it take to see revival in the Danish church? Part of the answer, writes journalist Mirjam Røgeskov, may include watching the tongue. (James 1:26)

“Think about it with me,” she wrote recently in Udfordringen, a Danish Christian online news service. “Why do you need to say something negative about another church? (If you do,) you’ve just been a part of creating division, because you’ve spoken words that bring down a part of Christ’s Body.”

Røgeskov recently returned from the “Awakening Scandinavia” conference in Stockholm, part of a continent-wide movement to encourage revival and introduce Europeans to Christ.  She spent time with Christians from three very different Danish churches -- independent (“Valgmenighed”) Lutheran, Adventist, and Vineyard.

“We didn’t agree on everything,” she wrote, “but we knew we were together to worship Jesus, to get to know him better, and to see revival in Denmark and Scandinavia. If we can just keep it simple and true, that’s the way to unity and revival.”

PRAY for believers from many Christ-honoring churches in Denmark to seek unity and to know that it’s all about Jesus.

PRAY that Danish believers would not compete with or disparage other believers, but that they would come together in a new and fresh way.

PRAY that God would send revival to this little land, and that all would see that it’s not from human efforts, but from the Spirit of the living God.

PRAY for truth to pervade the coming revival, that Jesus would be made known in spirit and truth.