Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leadership Change at Roskilde Vineyard

The pastoral couple, Hasse and Gitte Falk Jakobsen, will be taking over Roskilde Vineyard’s overall pastoral leadership this week , i.e. May 1). When I heard that David and Solvej had come to believe it was God’s will that they turn over leadership to another pastoral couple, for some reason the first thought I had as successors was of Hasse and Gitte. I had met Hasse at the Copenhagen Vineyard where he had been involved with music ministries and leadership in the twelve years since its planting. With whatever gift of discernment the Lord has given me, I was impressed God was going to use him mightily in ministry. It is amazing how wonderfully well a transition can be made when God is in it and certainly He is in this one..

Hasse is no stranger to Roskilde Vineyard as he has on occasion led music and preached there. Now, the Lord has called Hasse and Gitte to move to Roskilde and to minister to this congregation. There are many challenges ahead, but God will use Hasse and Gitte’s ministry gifts to build on the foundation that David and Solvej have labored to lay these past several years. The pastoral couple will be formally installed to their new charge at the Sunday, May 3 service.

Church planting anywhere is a difficult and draining experience and no less in Denmark. As planters of the new Vineyard in Roskilde, David and Solvej have given of themselves joyfully and sacrificially and have expended their energies selflessly to pastor the new work. Both have had to maintain secular employment in order to plant and pastor the church. In a sense they have burned the candle at both ends and have experienced fatigue and some burnout maintaining such a schedule. It was frustrating for them to not be able to have the time for more extensive evangelism and outreach. Now, in the goodness of the Lord they have stepped back without stepping out as they together with another couple, Carsten and Monika Lund, continue to be a part of the church’s leadership team.

David and Solvej have lost none of their commitment to serve the Lord. They need rest and a diminished schedule for some months in order to retool for wherever He leads for future ministry. I believe they can effectively use their experience of church planting in another city in Denmark.

PRAISE God for David and Solvej Allen’s willingness to give of themselves so unstintingly to plant Roskilde Vineyard church.

PRAY for God’s anointing, empowerment, and wisdom on the lives and ministry of Hasse and Gitte as they relieve David and Solvej of overall responsibility and take up their work with Roskilde Vineyard.

that Hasse and Gitte’s three daughters will be able to make an easy transition to a new home and schools.

PRAY that the members and attenders at Roskilde Vineyard will enthusiastically support the new pastoral couple and together discover, join and utilize their spiritual gifts for ministry.

that God will provide needed rest for David and Solvej and in His timing make His will known clearly for their future ministry.