Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jesus on the (Net) Radio

What started out as a modest Christian radio station in Aarhus has spread to reach all of Denmark in a format that includes Bible reading, teaching, contemporary Christian music, and lively young radio hosts.

Beyond the local Aarhus area, Kristen Netradio (www.kristennetradio.dk) now broadcasts its programs over the Internet, which means they’re potentially reaching anyone in Denmark with a web connection or a smartphone. KNR is a self-supporting group within the Inner Mission Lutheran renewal movement, staffed by an energetic crew of young believers, all focused on reaching out with the good news of Jesus to a generation that still has not found its way to faith. Or to a church.

And everyone on the volunteer staff is thrilled at the opportunity.

“In radio, we have a unique platform to reach people with the gospel,” said Morten Vibert, one of the volunteer radio hosts, “We can reach into people’s living rooms and show them the way God wants them to go.”

It all starts on “Munter Mandag,” (Monday Cheer) a morning show that blends contemporary Christian music with plenty of friendly talk, jokes, and a good dose of Bible reading -- a non-threatening introduction to God’s Word. The morning hosts throw in their unique blend of laughs, trivia, friendly banter, and a contest or two.

“It’s a different way to present the Christian message,” said Monday host Steffen Iversen. “We’re having a good time as we do the program.”

So yes, they’re all having a lot of fun, in an atmosphere that appeals to their young audience. At the same time, they’re dedicated to seeing lives changed through the unique power of music and the good news of Jesus Christ.

PRAY for this excited crew of young people, that their message of hope would reach into every corner and remote island of their country. Pray for Lars, Søren, Betina, Steffen, Nanna, Morten, and Andreas.

PRAY for funding, that KNR would continue to be able to grow and expand their programming.

PRAY for volunteers; the station always needs technical and programming help, as well as on-air talent. Pray for unity among the staff.

PRAY for wisdom and clear direction, that KNR would continue to follow Christ’s leading to reach the unreached across Denmark.

PRAY for revival to spread as a result of KNR broadcasts, and that many would hear, understand, and accept the message. Pray that even those who aren’t looking for God would come across KNR and hear the good news.