Friday, May 05, 2023

Because good questions deserve answers

They’re doing a quiet, scholarly work… testifying truth about the gospel on the college campus and all across Denmark. The “Center for Kristen Apologetik” (Center for Christian Apologetics) needs our prayers.

For volunteers with the CKA, it’s all about truth—in all God’s world. So they’re organizing public forums and webinars, training believers to share their faith, and sharing biblical perspectives with anyone who will listen. 

They’ve also pulled together a “dream team” speakers’ bureau of leading Danish Christian thinkers. These professors and students are ready to tackle a variety of questions, including: 

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? How do science and faith work together? What prevents us from sharing our faith? What about evolution? How reliable is the gospel? How do beauty and art point to a creator? What is a Christian worldview?

Good questions! So CKA staff and speakers are training the Danish church to provide answers. Pray that God would touch hearts and minds through this vital ministry.

PRAY for the center’s leader, Emil Børly Nielsen. For wisdom and vision to equip more Danish believers with truth from the scriptures.

PRAY for the CKA speakers bureau. These eight CKA experts are prepared to speak on how to share our faith in a winsome, intelligent way. 

PRAY that more Danish believers would catch the CKA vision and would be able to ably share the good news of Jesus in their workplaces and homes.

PRAY that God would continue to bless the work of the CKA!