Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Church in Hillerød

The city of Hillerød, with a population of 30,570, has a history that can be traced back four centuries or more.  Hillerød is located in the heart of North Sjælland, approximately 23 miles northwest of Copenhagen.  One of its major attractions is Frederiksborg Castle whose foundations were laid in 1602 during the reign of King Christian IV. The ruins of an Augustinian Monastery, founded in 1175 may be seen just west of the city. 

It is in this historic city that a small group of believers has been meeting for several years in the home of Calvary Chapel pastor Daniel and Lisa Jacobsen. Though not numerous in number, but not despising the day of small things, the small but committed Calvary Chapel group felt led in September to expand its services to include a regular Sunday meeting and to constitute itself as a church.

Because of its small size, Daniel and Lisa have had to be self-supporting in secular jobs.  But Daniel has faithfully done week after week what Calvary Chapels all over the world do so well—teaching the Bible book-by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

It is amazing that though a native-born Dane, Daniel speaks English with a 99 percent pure American accent.  In fact, in 1996 as a boy age 15, he had first visited the United States with his parents.  A “chance” but surely God-directed encounter in a Southern California restaurant with a Danish lady and others from the Costa Mesa Calvary Chapel sitting around a table reading their Bibles was what the Lord used to put the desire in Daniel’s heart to start reading the Word.  Eva, the Danish lady, asked forthrightly, “Are you born again?”  Daniel’s father, though a believer, was rather startled by such a direct question not exactly in harmony with Danish dislike for such confrontation.  That encounter left a deep and lasting impression on Daniel.

The Jacobsen family attended and participated actively in Denmark in several free churches where the emphasis was not on the kind of deeper study of the Bible Daniel yearned for. He was very active in the local church and had led his first Bible study at age 16.  He had a hunger for the Word and pleaded with local church leaders for more emphasis on Bible study, only to receive the answer, “We tried that in the past and we’re not going to try that again!”  Eventually Daniel sensed God’s call to ministry. Ultimately, in answer to that felt call, he headed to the United States in 2000 where he spent two spiritually profitable years of study at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrietta, California.

Daniel met Lisa at a retreat in 2009 and they eventually married.  The Hillerød Calvary Chapel continues to meet in their home. There are other churches in Hillerød but none that take Daniel’s classic evangelical approach to expository Bible teaching.  More about the church can be found on its web page,  The site has recordings of Daniel’s weekly Bible teaching.  Even though the reader may not speak Danish, listening to his messages, as I have, will give an idea of Daniel’s warm teaching style.

PRAY that the Lord will reward the faithfulness of Daniel and the little flock of believers with an influx of world-weary Danes looking for the “something more” that only the Lord Jesus Christ can satisfy.

PRAY that as the church grows, and in His timing, the Lord would move the Calvary Chapel church to a larger and attractive meeting place.

PRAY that the financial needs of the church will be met so that as the Lord provides Daniel can spend more of his time in evangelism and the grounding of new believers in the Word of God.

PRAY that the Lord would soon call someone with musical gifts to be the worship leader for the new church. 

Posted by Bill Hunter

Monday, October 01, 2012

More “religion” in the preschools

Danish preschoolers are singing more Christian songs and hearing more Bible stories today than they did a decade ago, according to a report just released by University College Syddanmark in Kolding. But they’re also celebrating Ramadan more often.
The study, which looked at the programs in 128 South Jylland preschools, found that over three-fourths now incorporate songs with Christian content. Ten years ago, the figure was just over a third.

Meanwhile, the percentage of preschools celebrating the Islamic month of Ramadan more than tripled, from eight percent to 27 percent.

“We probably have not seen a large increase in Muslim teachers during the past decade,” research contributor Jørgen Boelskov told Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark’s daily religious news source. “But when educators feel there is religious activity on the part of parents, they respond by incorporating religion in their everyday programs.”

PRAY that these seeds planted in the hearts of Danish children would bear fruit when they hear the truth of the real Jesus.

PRAY that this apparent increase in spiritual interest would lead more families to investigate churches where the Gospel is preached.

PRAY that God would use the upswing in Islam to challenge and equip more Danish Christians to reach out and share their faith.

Posted by Bob

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Window of Opportunity?

More and more people from a state church background are seeking answers in Denmark’s free (non-state-sponsored) churches, according to a recent report in Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark’s daily religious news source. Pastors quoted in the report say that free churches offer a relevant worship experience and attempt to be both responsive and seeker-friendly.

“We hold fast to what we believe,” says Jakob Viftrup, a free church pastor in Kolding. “And I’m not seeing people stay away. Quite the contrary. People are searching for light during a time when it can be difficult to discover what’s right—and what’s wrong. Among other things, we’re experiencing a large incoming group who are leaving the folkekirke since the approval of same-sex marriage.”

Some 325 free churches in Denmark represent a variety of denominational viewpoints, from Baptist to Pentecostal. But free church leaders quoted in the Dagblad all seem to agree that outside interest is up.

“I don’t have a number,” says Baptist leader Mogens Andersen, “but I have the impression that we’re experiencing an increased influx from the folkekirke (state church). There’s no doubt that free churches are providing a place for the spiritual nature (of life), and that’s what people are moved by.”

Meanwhile, Bishop Elisabeth Dons Christensen of the Ribe Diocese admits that the folkekirke may have neglected to preach some of the more “emotional” aspects of faith. So last year she employed an additional outreach pastor in her area of Sjælland, on the west coast of Denmark.

“As a church, we’ve preached a simple, pure gospel,” she says. “We’ll continue doing so. But perhaps we’ve underestimated the religious feelings of seekers. If we’re going to be the folkekirke, we need to reach out to people.”

PRAY that the Lord will continue to draw many more Danes to himself, and that they will find answers to their questions in the person of Jesus Christ alone.

PRAY for courage among Danish believers to recognize this window of opportunity as they reach out to co-workers, friends and relatives.

PRAY that the state church’s recent decision to endorse same-sex marriage would provide new opportunities for a Biblical, compassionate response from Danish evangelicals.

PRAY for revival, unity and growth among free churches—as well as in the state church.

-posted by Bob

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eight Years of Ministry

It is hard for us to believe, but has now been online for over eight years.  Brad Haugaard and Bill Hunter, both evangelical Christians with Danish ancestry, sensed the Lord's direction in initiating this prayer support ministry for Denmark. Though both of us are active members of strong evangelical churches, we are not sponsored by them and are not compensated monetarily for our efforts.  Indeed, is not sponsored by any church or denomination, or by any para-church or mission organization.  We have never had designs on setting up a church or ministry of our own in Denmark. This Internet blog is entirely self-supporting, that is, we do not solicit contributions, and do not attempt to generate funds for the expenses inherent in keeping it online.

We have tried and believe we have succeeded in these eight years to maintain a broad perspective on Danish evangelical churches, pastors and ministries. The commentary and prayer requests on PFD over the years demonstrate quite clearly that we have exercised concern for a wide variety of evangelical work in Denmark through the churches and organizations we have highlighted. With some we are in total agreement and with others perhaps not in every detail, but we have been and continue to be concerned that the Body of Christ in Denmark not be further fractured or splinterered.  Of course, we hold to certain basic and non-negotiable biblical and theological truths that distinguish conservative evangelicals from other churches and denominations even when there may be differing views on some issues.

We are always on the lookout for ways and means of getting the webblog before people, especially those with Danish ancestry living in other countries who know and love the Lord and who are willing to share our burden of prayer for heightened evangelism, revival/renewal, and church planting in the ancestral homeland. In the end, it is "not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord." We praise the Lord for giving us the vision for and are so grateful for the commendation and support of a number of people similarly burdened for the progress of the Gospel in a land with hundreds of church buildings but little evidence of spiritual power. We remain committed as ever to revival/renewal, evangelism, and church planting in Denmark

Brad and I take great pleasure in announcing the addition of a third member to our administrative team.  Robert “Bob” Elmer has recently joined us and will be working with Bill in writing posts that highlight the needs and challenges of evangelical work in
Denmark.  Bob not only has sterling Danish ancestry (his parents having immigrated to the United States from Denmark) but he has a better grasp of the Danish language than either Brad or Bill.  That will stand him in good stead as moves into the future.  What is more, he has a real heart for the Danish people and for the strengthening of the Lord’s work in Denmark. It may be that Bob will feel led in the future to share something of his background with readers of this webblog.

PRAY for the Lord's continuing blessing and direction for's unique ministry of prayer support for evangelical work and workers in Denmark.

PRAY for an increasing number of visitors to the website who will covenant with us to pray for a resurgence or reintroduction of evangelism, revival/renewal, and church planting in Denmark.

PRAY for Danish pastors and churches experiencing discouragement and needing the encouragement of those committed to praying earnestly for them and their ministries. Many of them are under-supported financially. The Danish free (non-Folkekirke) churches are small and struggling to find effective ways and means of reaching their local areas with the truth of the gospel of grace and salvation in Jesus Christ.

PRAY that the addition of new team member Bob Elmer will enhance and even invigorate the ministry and outreach of

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Johann Gerhardus Oncken and Evangelism in Denmark

The year 1839 marks the beginning of the Danish free church movement, when a clear biblical message of salvation was reintroduced to Denmark. While visiting in the country, Julius Köbner, himself a converted Danish Jew and co-worker of the German Baptist preacher Johann Gerhardus Oncken, met with several individuals of similar doctrinal convictions. Undoubtedly at Köbner’s request, Oncken came to evangelize in Denmark. That same year, 1839, Oncken baptized several people and planted a new church, the first non-state church in the country (Copenhagen’s still-existing Baptist Kristuskirken).

Oncken's theology and message has been described as conservative, Calvinistic (Reformed), and evangelistic. He was a zealous, fearless evangelist who through passionate preaching and evangelistic efforts laid the foundation for evangelism and the planting of free churches in Denmark. The following quote gives clear indication of the substance and evangelistic thrust of Oncken’s preaching:

“The two great truths which from the day of our conversion to the day we enter into heaven the Lord teaches those who shall be saved are in reference to ourselves that we are poor, lost, helpless sinners, who, if left to themselves, must perish for ever, and in reference to God, that out of boundless compassion He has sent His only begotten Son into the world to atone for the guilt of all who should believe in Him, and then in this glorious Savior more—infinitely more—has been brought back to all who believe in Him, than ever was lost by Adam's transgression and our own sin.”

Sound biblical doctrine and evangelistic passion go hand in hand, and the spread of the Gospel of Christ requires utter passion for the Good News. Yet there are too few today with Oncken’s fiery passion. And just as in America and the rest of Europe, Danish churches are susceptible to the kind of doctrinal fads which lack the sound biblical foundation that brought the free church movement to the country 173 years ago and transformed the lives of so many under Oncken’s Spirit-empowered preaching. If God did it once, He can do it again.
PRAY that passionate Bible-based evangelism will arise in Denmark to bring many to repentance and faith in Christ and thereby shake the very foundations of Danish life and culture.
PRAY that God will raise up an increasing number of gifted evangelists in Denmark with a biblically-based passion for the Gospel that was so evident in Oncken’s preaching.
PRAY that Danish believers increasingly will recognize their part in the spread of the Good News whenever they give testimony to others of their personal experience of God's saving grace and the hope they have in Christ (1 Peter 3:15).

Monday, May 07, 2012

2012 Danish Summer Camps and Conferences

Danish summer ministries are set to begin the last week in May and continue on into August. Danes love to get away in the summer months. As in previous summers, there will be many camps and convocations sponsored by the free church denominations as well as numerous Bibelcamps sponsored by the several Folkekirke revival movements. Though Satan appears to have a hold on Denmark, “greater is He that is in you, than he (Satan) that is in the world” (1 John 4:4, KJV).

The country stands in awesome need of a stirring of the Holy Spirit in a genuine revival that would turn this small but influential nation into a spiritual powerhouse affecting all of Scandinavia and ultimately all of Europe. The Holy Spirit stands ready to ignite revival this summer as committed believers gather in Christian camps and conferences. The key is fidelity to the Bible, God's inspired Word.

Though assuredly we do not have information on all of the country's Christian camps and conferences, the list below provides a fair and hopefully accurate sampling of opportunities available this summer. Further information can be found on the indicated webpages. It should be noted that many of the activities listed have special programs for children and teenagers and some for seniors.


Pinsekirker Sommer-Camp (Pentecostal) at Mariager, July 14-20.
Information available at

Baptist Missionsstævne at Mariager, July 29-Aug 4. wwwsommerstæ

Apostolskkirkens sommercamping, July 14—19, at Kolding www.stæ

Vineyard Copenhagen and Roskilde (Vineyard Norden Summer Camp 2012) at Nyhem, Mullsjö, Sweden, July 15-21.

Metodistkirkens Landsmøde 2012, May 25-28 at Idræts-efterskole, Lægården, Holstebro.

Nazaræeren Kirkens Sommerlejr, July 6-13 at Tømmerup Efterskole, July 6-13.

Danske Missionsforbundet Sommerkonference 2012, July 24-30,  to be held in conjunction with the Baptist Missionsstævne (as above) at Mariager.

Calvary Chapel Scandinavia Conference 2012 at Ekebyholm (30 minutes outside Stockholm, Sweden), August 1-5.

Kristuskirken (Reformed Baptist), Bjeringbro is hosting a highly recommended Reformation Resurrection Bible Conference 2012 to be held at Skroedstrup Boarding School in Mariager, July 10-13.  The keynote speaker will be Phil Johnson, associated with the ministry of Dr. John MacArthur at Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California.  The theme of the conference is “True and False Gospels,” a topic of great importance to Danish evangelicals.


IM (Kirkelig Forening for den Indre Mission) will have numerous camping programs, including Bibelcamping, Teencamping and Seniorcamping events during the summer throughout Denmark,  including Haderup, Lystruphave; Valby, Sønderborg, Bornholm, Tullebølle, Hadsund, Fårevejle, Hurup, Sæby, and Allingåbro.

LM (Luthersk Missionsforening) has scheduled several Bibelcamping events in July at both Haderslev-Næs and Virksund.

ELM (Evangelisk Luthersk Missionsforening), meets for its Bibelcamping 2010 at Bækkely i Snogebæk, Bornholm, July 16-25. 269-bibelcamping2012-13-22Jul.html

NYT LIV (Forbund for Evangelisation i Danmark) will hold its Bibellejr 2010 at Fjellerup, July 10-17.
OASE (Dansk Oase) has scheduled its SommerOase 2012 family camp at Odder, July 14-21.


FriluftsmissionenBeyond the list above are many parachurch organizations with greatly stepped-up activity during the summer, among them Friluftsmissionen (Danish Open Air Campaigners) led by our good friend Torben Østermark). Torben reports that the Jesperhus Gospel event will take place on Pentecost Day (May 28) and Sommerevangelisering at Gammelbro Camping in Sønderjylland, July 9-20. For further information on these and other Friluftsmissionen activities, see the ministry’s webpage at

Such parachurch organizations as Youth with a Mission, Operation Mobilization, and Youth for Christ also offer practical ministry opportunities during the summer months whether in Denmark itself or in other nations

PRAY that in a new and unusual way the Spirit of God will grab hold of the hearts and minds of the organizers, speakers, seminar leaders, counselors, and hundreds of attendees at these important summer activities as they present and hear the pure Word of God without error-prone post-modern trappings.

PRAY that the truth of the Word of God will be presented in an attractive and passionate manner in every venue and that there will be a holy hush as hearts are stirred and challenged to lifechanging decisions for Christ.

PRAY that sessions will be marked by a revival atmosphere of confession and repentance that would (1) fan into flame a resurgence of commitment to the Bible as the divinely inspired and infallible Word of God and (2)  lead to a great wave of biblical evangelism and the planting of true-to-the Gospel churches throughout Denmark

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Denmark Networking Group has inaugurated a networking group for those who sense God’s call to minister the gospel to the Danish people. The group provides a way for members to share, interact, support and pray for each other.

Membership is by approval of the group moderator, who will consider the following factors in deciding whether to grant membership:

1. A candidate's commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

2. Whether the candidate agrees with the Statement of Faith of the World Evangelical Alliance ( or, in the United States, the National Association of Evangelicals ( 

3. Candidate's conviction that God is calling him or her to serve in Denmark.

4. Candidate's background, including Danish ancestry, knowledge of contemporary Christianity in Denmark, attendance at a reputable Bible College or seminary, experience in ministry, awareness of and respect for Danish immigration laws, etc.

Members are expected to display Christian love and respect, especially regarding controversial topics. Interactions are expected to remain confidential. The group is not for doctrinal discussion or for people who simply wish to emigrate to Denmark. Membership may be terminated at the moderator's discretion. 

If you would like to request membership, click on the following link:

PRAISE God for answered prayer!  The young couple mentioned in last month's post have found a sponsoring church and expect to leave for Scandinavia next month.  They value our continuing prayers on their behalf.

PRAY that the new group initiative announced above will provide helpful interaction between group members as they share information, provide mutual encouragement and prayer support and seek God's direction and timing to serve as ambassadors of Jesus Christ in Denmark.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sponsor Needed

Some fine young friends of ours have felt God’s call to minister in Denmark. They have completed their training and are further preparing themselves toward that end. Recently, they were commissioned by their local church for overseas ministry in Denmark. Their hope is to be able to take up residence in the country this year, as God leads. They write: “Please continue to pray for a sponsoring church in Denmark. We feel that having this puzzle piece in place would make for a smoother transition, but we want to continually submit these plans to the Lord.”

Denmark has tightened immigration and residence requirements in recent months. For this fine Christian couple to have a place of ministry in Denmark, they will need an existing church or Christian organization to agree to sponsor them for their residence and work. As Pray for Denmark has noted previously, free churches in the country have been experiencing difficulty filling vacant pastoral positions. Older pastors are retiring and an insufficient number of young people appear to be interested in or seeking the Lord’s direction in training for the ministry. We believe therefore that vibrant, well-trained, and biblically and spiritually sound workers from other countries could help immeasurably to pick up the slack. We believe our friendscould give a great boost to the Lord's work in Denmark.

PRAY that an established Danish church or Christian organization would welcome the opportunity to sponsor our friends mentioned above and would welcome the opportunity to partner with them in their efforts in church planting and evangelism.

PRAY that all visa and immigration processes will flow smoothly for this committed family and that the Lord would make it clear to them where they should engage in language study once they have established residence in Denmark.

PRAY that in the larger context Danish believers themselves will actively seek God’s will and respond to His call for training and ultimately for pastoral ministry so that free church churches will not be faced with long-term pastoral vacancies.