Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Denmark Networking Group has inaugurated a networking group for those who sense God’s call to minister the gospel to the Danish people. The group provides a way for members to share, interact, support and pray for each other.

Membership is by approval of the group moderator, who will consider the following factors in deciding whether to grant membership:

1. A candidate's commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

2. Whether the candidate agrees with the Statement of Faith of the World Evangelical Alliance ( or, in the United States, the National Association of Evangelicals ( 

3. Candidate's conviction that God is calling him or her to serve in Denmark.

4. Candidate's background, including Danish ancestry, knowledge of contemporary Christianity in Denmark, attendance at a reputable Bible College or seminary, experience in ministry, awareness of and respect for Danish immigration laws, etc.

Members are expected to display Christian love and respect, especially regarding controversial topics. Interactions are expected to remain confidential. The group is not for doctrinal discussion or for people who simply wish to emigrate to Denmark. Membership may be terminated at the moderator's discretion. 

If you would like to request membership, click on the following link:

PRAISE God for answered prayer!  The young couple mentioned in last month's post have found a sponsoring church and expect to leave for Scandinavia next month.  They value our continuing prayers on their behalf.

PRAY that the new group initiative announced above will provide helpful interaction between group members as they share information, provide mutual encouragement and prayer support and seek God's direction and timing to serve as ambassadors of Jesus Christ in Denmark.