Saturday, February 02, 2019

Shout-out for revival!

Danish believers are praying for revival in their land! Take a look at what Lars Heiberg writes in the Facebook page called “Christian Testimony in Denmark.” 

You’ll recognize a clear spiritual hunger in his message:

“Shout-out for national prayer!

Because I’m experiencing an attack on the Danish church, I believe it could be a very good idea to get our prayer life going.

A nationwide prayer, covering our land 24/7.

The thought would be that our focus would turn to God, to intervene in Denmark’s situation.

1.     Ask that God’s church would be cleansed, so we will become useful for God’s service and filling.
2.     Pray that Danes would recognize sin in their lives, so there would be a turning from that sin.
3.     Pray that we would follow the Holy Spirit’s leading for our land, just like the Israelites did in the wilderness.
4.     Pray that the right decisions would be made in positions of leadership.
5.     Pray that people would experience a hunger to know and follow Jesus.

Let us storm Heaven, so that God would hear our tenacious prayers, according to the promise of the widow and the unjust judge. See Luke 18:1-8.

Perhaps someone could set up a schedule, where a person can sign up for days, and eventually for (prayer) hours, and set up a prayer schedule in Denmark.

Let’s unite in the shared goal of answered prayer for Denmark!

Please share.

So we will share! And now the replies to Lars Heiberg’s post show what Danish believers are thinking:

“I’ve had the same thing on my heart!”
“Let’s pray for a spiritual breakthrough in our land.”

Please join in these fervent prayers with our Danish brothers and sisters.