Saturday, June 06, 2009

Danish Bible Camps and Conferences in 2009

Throughout the summer months from June to the first week or so of September there will be many Bible camps and denominational annual conferences of virtually every evangelical group in Denmark. They may be of only a single day’s duration but many are in week-long session. Some of the denominations have critical issues to debate and act upon.

In previous years, I have attempted to list as many camps and conferences as I was able to provide information about as to dates and locations. I won’t do that this year, but since these are significant gatherings of churches, denominations, and parachurch and Lutheran revival organizations it is important that throughout the summer months readers of this webpage take it upon themselves to pray earnestly for them.

Danes love the out-of-doors so that while these are recreational events they are more so opportunities for the Spirit of God to work in believers’ lives in settings removed from their home areas and home churches. With evangelicals a minority in the country, the fellowship aspect of these summer activities is vitally important and spiritually invigorating. However, for those churches and organizations primed to stress evangelism and faith commitment it is very likely there will be young people and adults who will come to trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord this very summer.

PRAY that the Holy Spirit will empower each one of these camps and/or conferences where the name of Jesus Christ is lifted up and His Word is honored, taught and preached.

PRAY that the leaders and the speakers will be guided by the Spirit to give teaching from the Word of God that speaks to campers’ personal and corporate issues and needs.

PRAY that every camper and attendee of the camps and conferences will have an open heart and mind to not only hear the Word of God but also to act upon what they hear.

PRAY that evangelism and spiritual nurture will impact the lives of those who may have come only for the recreational and social aspects of the camps and conferences.

PRAY that nagging issues brought forward in the annual meetings scheduled during the Danish denominational camps will be marked by unity of the Spirit and an attitude of sweet reasonableness in all of the discussions and business sessions.