Sunday, December 26, 2004

Aglow Denmark

Aglow is an inter-denominational charismatic women's organization envisioned as a network of caring women and dedicated to faith-building. Though international in scope, Aglow is rooted in local groups with focus on one-on-one ministry. Aglow Denmark came into being 25 years ago (anniversary jubilee in May 2005) and now has 23 chapters in the country. The larger chapters average in attendance from 40 to 50 women while smaller ones average from 20 to 35. There are also a few smaller "candlelight groups" that are more like home groups. According to Regula Moor, Aglow Denmark's Prayer Coordinator, a recent development has been the establishment of a Men's Aglow group, the first to be registered as such. The National President of Aglow Denmark is Inger Porsen. The great desire of the organization is to see growth in its outreach throughout Denmark. Says Regula Moor about Pray for Denmark, "How good it is to see the Lord burdens people far away for Denmark! We praise Him for your initiative and are very pleased to send you some of our long-term prayer requests. . . We thank everyone who is praying and believing with us" for the following requests:

PRAY that the Lord will enable Aglow Denmark to plant new chapters in all of the larger cities and towns of the country.

PRAY that Aglow will be able to reach greater numbers of non-Christian women.

PRAY that many younger Danish women will be attracted to and participate in the Aglow chapters.

PRAY that the Lord will raise up more Aglow worship leaders, musicians and singers with the goal of seeing them serve in freedom and with a strong spiritual anointing.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Det Kimer Nu Til Julefest

Danish churches are in the midst of Advent, looking forward to Christmas and festive celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ to His virgin mother, Mary, in the humble circumstances of Bethlehem. Early on Christmas Eve, December 24, the shops and stores will close and the bells in churches all over the country will peal out the special det kimer Christmas chimes.

I recall from my visit to Copenhagen at Christmas 1952 that the church sexton went up to the belfy to strike the bells with a mallet in a continuous fashion, instead of the usual form of ringing of the bell, thereby calling the people to the Christmas Eve services. Presumably, these unique Christmas bells will chime once again in 2004. Christmas traditions persist and continue to be observed by many Danes, though by and large Denmark has become a very secular country. It is said that only 5% to 8% of Danes attend services regularly, but the services on Christmas Eve are the most well attended of the year. Det Kimer Nu Til Julefest (The Christmas bells ring out once more) is one of the most popular Danish Christmas carols.

PRAY that the Spirit of God will brood over Denmark and move in power amongst pastors and congregations of all denominations to bring repentance, revival and renewal from one end of the kingdom to the other.

PRAY especially for the Christmas Eve services in churches throughout Denmark and that those in attendance will hear a clear proclamation of the Gospel. PRAY that they will recognize that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is truly our Immanuel (God with us), born at Bethlehem to ultimately die on the cross as the once-for-all, perfect sacrifice for the sin and sins of all mankind.

PRAY that struggling new church plants throughout Denmark will attract those who at Christmas are hungering to have a personal relationship with God.

PRAY that they will find that relationship, in the only way it can be found, that is, through personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

40 Målrettede Dage

BaptistKirkens Nyhedbrev (10-06-04) reports that Rick Warren's 40 Days of Purpose (in Danish, 40 Målrettede Dage) is coming to Denmark next spring. This 40-day spiritual journey will help believers find biblically-based answers to the most important question in life, that is, What on earth am I here for? The dates chosen for the campaign in Denmark are April 3 to May 15, 2005. Planning for this important-life-changing and growth-producing campaign for local churches is already underway. 40 Days of Purpose campaigns have been undertaken in churches worldwide. Ten thousand churches have adopted the 40-day program this fall alone. This Pray for Denmark weblog will keep you informed as planning continues for this significant spiritual adventure for Danish churches.

PRAY that many local churches of all denominations throughout Denmark will participate enthusiastically in the campaigns next spring.

PRAY for campaign leaders and the planning process and distribution of campaign materials.

PRAY that even now God, by His Holy Spirit, will begin to prepare the hearts of Danish believers for a fresh, life-changing understanding of His purposes for their lives.

PRAY that through the 40 Målrettede Dage local church campaigns many unbelievers in Denmark will come to a personal experience of faith and trust in Christ as Savior and Lord.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Vineyard Church in Roskilde Asks for Prayers

The Vineyard church plant in Roskilde, launched only two years ago by David and Solvej Allen, who serve together as a pastoral team. David still has to work full time at his secular job, and at some point they feel they will have to cut back on these secular involvements, though they need the finances to line up and confirm that as well. Solvej says that God has always been so faithful in providing for their financial needs and their whole family has never been "begging bread" through many years of following Christ. God has been gracious in sending two key couples to stand alongside the Allens, so that makes things a good deal easier for them. Though the average attendance is small, the new church plant is experiencing good growth (at least by Danish standards). The work is not easy and, as is to be expected, it has been subject to the severity of the Enemy's attacks. The pastors are so grateful for the prayer support that Pray for Denmark's viewers provide. In spite of opposition, the congregation has a real sense of joy and anticipation with new people, totally unchurched, coming to the Lord one by one. A number of the church's members are teenagers so a third cell group has been started to minister to this age group. The neutral meeting place at the Civic Center is not reminiscent of the traditional church edifice and that makes it not so scary for newcomers to attend. Twice a month the Vineyard believers go out into the community to do servant evangelism in an attempt to reach out to the Roskilde townsfolk. Click on "Roskilde" on the website (in Danish).

PRAY that the Lord will open the way for David Allen to cut back on his secular employment so that he may ultimately be able to do full-time ministry, especially as the church grows.

PRAY for a mini-conference the Roskilde Vineyard church is having on Monday, November 22 with an American guest speaker. The mini-conference is utilizing several weirdly-titled topics that will likely attract New Agers who are often very seeking and open if the right terminology is used. The guest speaker, who has been like a mentor to David and Solvej, is as "sound as an apple" theologically so there is no need to worry about the content of the Bible-based messages. Solvej writes: "Such an outreach to the New Age community needs a lot of prayer covering to be effective, so thank you so much for praying!"

Pray for These Danish Churches

Pinsekirken i Silkeborg (Pentecostal), Nylandsvej 70, 8600-Silkeborg. Pastor Per Svendsen.

Bethania Tylstrup Kirke (Det Danske Missionsforbund), Luneborgvej 54-56, 9382-Tylstrup. Pastor Finn Kier-Hansen.

Bornholms Baptistmenighed, (Baptist) Lille Torv 8, 3700-Rønne (island of Bornholm). Pastors Lone Møller-Hanson and Jesper Lundegaard.

Ketting Kirke (Dansk Folkekirken, State Church), Smedgade 36, Ketting, 6440-Augustenborg (island of Als). Pastor Dan Sørensen. English page: (Note: this is the parish of Bill's maternal great-grandparents Moldt and the birthplace of his grandmother, Marie Catrine [nee Lassen] Nielsen, 21 September 1870).

Amagerbro Frikirke (Apostolic Church), Belgiensgade 3, 2300-København S. Pastor Bent Bjerring-Nielsen.

Vineyard Kirke i Aars (husgruppe [home group], new church plant), Contact:

Skt. Johannes Kirken (Metodistkirken i Danmark), Noresgade 38, 67-Esbjerg. Pastor Knud Bjarne Jørgensen.

PRAY that the pastors, members, and regular attenders in each of these churches will have a heart for evangelism and the sharing of their faith with others one-on-one; that they will be sensitive and responsive to the Spirit of God's work of renewal and revival; that they will promote and support the planting of new churches throughout Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland; and that they will extend their missionary vision to "the uttermost parts of the earth."

PRAY that everyone who comes in contact with these churches will be given a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ and that many will come to to a personal and life-changing experience of salvation through faith and trust in Christ's finished work of redemption on the cross at Calvary.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Important Article by Theis Broegger

An article that offers enlightenment toward understanding the spiritual life of Denmark and the challenges it presents to evangelism, church renewal/revival, and church planting is available on the Calvary Chapel-Denmark website. Entitled "How's Faith Doing in Denmark?" readers of Pray for Denmark can view the article at:

PRAY that God will continue to use faithful pastors and committed, praying believers and churches to demonstrate to fellow-Danes the reality and necessity of personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

PRAISE that the Spirit of God is not now, and never has been, culture-bound and that He is at work in many places throughout Denmark today in quiet but powerful ways. Minorities are not powerless. Believers world-wide having Danish roots can minister effectively alongside Danish believers through concerted prayer on behalf of the ancestral homeland.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Dansk Europamission

Dansk Europamission is a missions organization that cuts across Danish denominational lines. Its mission is "to enable God's church to fulfill the Great Commission given by Christ and to show and promote solidarity with the suffering church worldwide." The primary thrust of its work is assisting churches and Christian organizations in Eastern Europe and most former Soviet states with projects in relief and development, Bible and literature translation and distribution, media mission, and evangelism and leadership training. The mission works in similar projects in the Muslim world and places a high premium on assistance to persecuted Christians and the defense of religious freedom. The General Secretary of Dansk Europamission is Henrik Ertner Rasmussen. For further information, visit the Dansk Europamission website:

PRAY that Dansk Europamission and General Secretary Rasmussen will have the continuing support and involvement of Danish pastors and churches.

PRAY that believers in the various Danish churches and denominations will be roused to face the reality that fellow-believers in the two-thirds world are suffering or even being persecuted, some to the point of being martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Vineyard Pastors Conference

The Copenhagen Vineyard Church will be hosting a pastors conference October 28-30. The conference will bring together pastoral leadership from Vineyard Norden, the association of Vineyard churches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. Hans Sundberg is the overseer for Vineyard Norden.

PRAY that this conference will be a time of spiritual refreshment and encouragement for all the Vineyard pastoral leaders as they converge from the various countries of the north to seek God's direction and equipping for ministry.

PRAY for a sense of God's presence and the unity of the Spirit throughout the conference.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Folkekirke Parish Councils

We understand that in the coming month of November the local parishes of the Folkekirke (Danish Lutheran State Church) throughout Denmark will be electing new parish council members. In some parishes voting by acquiescence has already occurred and the councils have been formed. However, in other parishes there will be different slates (tickets) requiring that voting must take place by ballot.

PRAY for the election of godly members to these parish councils who will back godly pastors in doing God's work in God's way.

PRAY for parish council members who have not yet come to saving faith or who have yet to have a personal encounter with Christ as the Living God, that through their involvement in parish ministries they may find true faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord (we do indeed believe that this can happen!).

Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Church Recognized in Ringsted

This Sunday, October 10, 2004, at 2:00 p.m., Baptistkirken i Ringsted (the Baptist Church at Ringsted) will be formally recognized as an autonomous local congregation. The speaker, representing Baptistkirken i Danmark (the Danish Baptist denomination), will be Torben Andersen. Ringsted is located in the middle of the island of Sjælland, southwest of Copenhagen. The new Ringsted church has previously been under the sponsorship of the Midtsjællands Baptistmenighed (Skee and Nyrup churches). The church's property, located at Roskildevej 192, 4100-Ringsted, was originally a motorcycle repair shop, now remodeled to serve as the church's meeting place. The pastor of the new church is Clark Helvey and the formand (church chairman) is Peter Klarskov. Pray for Denmark offers warm Christian greetings and congratulations to the pastor, lay leaders, and members of the Ringsted Baptist Church. For further information, see the church's homepage at

PRAISE God for the new Ringsted church and for the vision and hard work that have gone into its founding and development.

PRAY for the teaching and pastoral ministry of Pastor Clark Helvey and for wise and effective leadership by the church's lay leaders.

PRAY that the congregation may move forward in a vision for a Spirit-empowered movement of evangelism and revival/renewal in Ringsted and surrounding areas.

PRAY that the new church will not only "strengthen its stakes" in its local ministries but will also "lengthen its cords" (Isaiah 54:2) through a dynamic vision for new church planting and overseas missions.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Danish Local Churches

From time to time we will call attention to randomly selected local churches of various denominations in Denmark. Pray for the same things you would pray for your own local church in whatever country you may live. The concern of Pray for Denmark is for evangelism, for revival or renewal, and for the planting of new churches. What a difference it would make in Denmark if God's people and their pastors in hundreds of existing local churches were to concentrate their efforts in these areas. There has been spiritual revival in Denmark and throughout Scandinavia in years past and it can happen again. For information about these churches, click on their respective websites.

Abildgård Kirke, Frederikshavn (Dansk Folkekirke, Aalborg diocese), Johannes Kuhle, Birgitte Lauman, Henrik Raakjær Nielsen, pastors.

Frelsens Hær (Salvation Army), Helsingør Korps, Strandgade 60, Helsingør, Magdelena and Gert Pedersen, præstpar (pastoral couple). www.frelsens-hæ (click on Find Os-Kort) for map).

Baptistkirken, Nørresundby, Vestergade 73, 9400-Nørresundby. Klaus Abildgaard, pastor.

Roskilde Vineyard, meets at Kulturhuset, Helligkorsvej 5, Roskilde. Solvej and David Allen, præstpar (pastoral couple). or email

Apostolsk Kirke (Apostolic Church), Horsens, Vimmelskafted 8, 8700-Horsens. Georg Berthelsen, pastor.

Nazaræereens Kirke, (Church of the Nazarene), Greve. Solheget 2, 2670 Greve. Kaj Ove Bollerup, pastor.

Frikirken i Aabenraa, (Aabenraa Free Church), Haderslevvej 6, 6200-Aabenraa. Erik Andersen, pastor.

PRAY that the pastors, members, and regular attenders in each of these churches will have a heart for evangelism, that they will be sensitive and responsive to the Spirit of God's work of renewal and revival, and that they will promote and support the planting of new churches throughout Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

PRAY that everyone who comes in contact with these churches will be given a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ and that many will come to a personal experience of salvation through faith and trust in the finished work of Christ at Calvary.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende

Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende (KFS-DK) is the Danish branch of IFES, an international evangelical student organization. KFS-DK has contacts on a majority of high school campuses and several university campuses in Denmark. Its mission is to encourage and support the Christians in these schools. From October 9-13, KFS will be holding its annual high school conference, called "Disciples Gathering," in Grenå with 550 high school students expected to be in attendance. This year's theme is "Come Together," emphasizing the need for living with Jesus and being a part of the Christian fellowship. Unfortunately, the Bible teacher originally scheduled for this conference suffered a concussion which will prevent him from participating. However, a retired minister has agreed to step in and take the original speaker's place. Last year there were at least five students who surrendered themselves to Jesus during the high school conference. Thomas F. Moesgaard-Christensen, missions secretary for KFS-DK, has asked us to pray for the following:

PRAY that God may touch our lives and speak directly to us, and that it may lead to renewal in our hearts.

PRAY that people who do not know Jesus may meet Him at this conference.

PRAY that those Christian students bringing non-Christian friends who were expecting to hear the speaker originally scheduled may wisely and effectively deal with their friends' disappointment.

PRAISE God for the willingness of the retired minister to substitute for the speaker who had to cancel. PRAY for God's blessing as he prepares for the high school conference.

PRAY for one of the conference staff members who has had to deal with a stress-related illness. PRAY that she may recover quickly.

PRAY specifically for KFS-DK missions secretary Moesgaard-Christensen who will also be speaking twice at this conference. "I know I need prayers," he says. PRAY that the Lord will encouragement Thomas as he prepares for this important opportunity.

Mange Tak, Brigada!

BRIGADA TODAY is a 10,000 subscriber weekly email journal designed to inform Great Commission Christians about our great global quest and giving hope and help to those who need it most. BRIGADA seeks (1) to identify and promote helpful resources; (2) analyze and capsulize in laymen's terms the current trends in global mission; and (3) challenge and motivate evangelical Christians toward greater involvement in finishing the Task of global evangelism. Pray for Denmark is especially grateful to BRIGADA and others for giving publicity to the launching of this website. This week's issue of BRIGADA contains an item about this website:

PRAISE God for the publicity the ministry of Pray for has received from BRIGADA and others, thereby encouraging us in this endeavor to raise up prayer support for evangelism, church renewal/revival, and new church planting throughout Denmark.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Open Air Campaigners

(Friluftsmissionen Danmark is the Danish branch of Open Air Campaigners, committed to reaching out mainly to nonbelievers in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. They do open air meetings, outreaches at playgrounds, beaches, camp sites, festivals, and the like. Another important part of OAC ministry is teaching and inspiring the believers in various settings (for example, churches, Bible schools) to reach out to their friends, neighbors, family, colleges with the gospel of Jesus Christ. OAC evangelists also preach the gospel in children's clubs, summer camps, schools, and Christian meetings. Many creative visual aids are utilized to communicate the Good News to children, teenagers, young people and adults. In the words of OAC Denmark national director, Torben Østermark, "We want to give the biblical message about salvation through faith in the crucified and risen Jesus Christ to lost people in today's society." Learn more about the work of Open Air Campaigners on their website: or At present, OAC has two evangelists in Denmark and one in Latvia. Torben also adds: "We are very busy -- and there are lots of opportunities in Denmark and in the rest of our area."

PRAY with OAC for God's call to two or three additional evangelists within the next 1-2 years.

PRAY that God will send a part-time office worker to be added to the OAC Denmark staff to assist the volunteer helpers who currently do bits of the administrative work for the organization.

PRAY that Open Air Campaigners International will in the near future be able to expand its work of teaching and evangelism from the Danish branch to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Faroe
Islands (

PRAY for God's blessing on the work of Torben and Kirsten Østermark and Lars and Trine Kristensen in Denmark and Poul and Salvita Nielsen in Latvia.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Danes Need to Encounter the Living Christ

Researcher David Barrett is reported to have stated that Denmark is one of the three nations with populations exceeding one million in which evangelism is the least cost-effective. The other nations in this category are Japan and Switzerland. Danish Christians need great wisdom in discovering culture-sensitive, Spirit-empowered ways of presenting Christ as Savior and Lord to this land of jaded Christianity.

PRAY for effective strategies for evangelism in this country that is as needy as those countries in the 10-40 window. It has been estimated that 90% of Danes claim church membership but only 4% attend church regularly.

Specific intercession is requested by leaders of Calvary Chapel ministries as they envision evangelism, Bible teaching and church planting eforts in Denmark. These leaders are concerned that Jesus Christ be glorified and honored by those who commit to thorough, truthful teaching of God's Word--regardless of denomination.

PRAY for wisdom on behalf of servant-leaders like Daniel Jacobsen and Theis Broegger as they present themselves available to God and remain open to His will concerning Calvary Chapel ministry in Denmark. They desire the focus of everyone involved in this ministry be on the Lord Jesus Christ with the passion of everyone involved to see a revival in Denmark.

PRAY that everyone's burden will be to to see Danes of all ages brought into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

PRAY that God will grant to everyone involved grace to reflect His love and His grace to the Danish people.

PRAY that the website will continue to serve as a blessing to its visitors and as a place where new and God-appointed contacts are made.

PRAISE God for giving us His Word--sharper than any two-edged sword. PRAISE Him that the Word of God will not return to Him void!

PRAY that the Word will find its way into the hearts of people to accomplish what God intends for it to accomplish in Denmark and in every other nation of this sin-sick world.

There is a growing immigrant population in Denmark that offers new and different opportunities for evangelistic outreach.

PRAY for open doors to present the Gospel of the grace of God in Christ to Arab and Turkish Muslim immigrants in Denmark as well as to other but smaller ethnic minorities resident in the country.

Four Baptist congregations in East Denmark are joining together in planning a celebrative "fest," including sports, food, and an evening evangelistic emphasis, to be held on Saturday, October 2 at Grønhøjskolen in Tåstrup. This fest marks the beginning of what is hoped will be a fruitful collaboration between Allerøde Frikirke, Kristuskirken, City Church and Roskilde Baptistmenighed. The event begins at 2:00 p.m. and includes an evangelistic meeting to begin at 7:20 p.m. The speaker will be Per Eivind Stig of City Church.

PRAY for Pastor Stig, for a good response to the Gospel message and for seekers to come to faith in Christ.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Pray for the Alpha Outreach Program

PRAY for the new season of Alpha courses in Denmark. Plans are to promote a national Alpha advertising initiative in Denmark during the month of September. There are now over 190 Alpha courses running in the country. The national director for Alpha Danmark is Bess Serner Pederson. PRAY that many who attend the courses will as a result come to faith in Christ.

This Pray for Denmark website needs English-speaking correspondents from Danish free churches who can provide fresh, relevant prayer requests regarding evangelical ministries throughout the country. PRAY with Bill and Brad that the Lord will raise up correspondents who have a similar concern for revival in existing churches, evangelism that can contextualize the gospel to effectively communicate within Danish culture, and church planting that relies on the Word of God and the the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit for methods and strategies. Interested persons can use the contact email noted on this page.

PRAY for Remix, a new youth-oriented church planting effort by Adventist Christians in northwest Copenhagen. The name "Remix" is a term used by the music industry and was chosen signify the way lives are rearranged when God comes into hearts and lives of individuals. The goal of Remix is to communicate the Christian message in a personal and contemporary manner. Leaders indicate that teenagers are responsive to the message of the Gospel and the appeals made in this ministry. Because the greatest challenge is that of discipleship, Remix also runs a discipleship program called "Explorer Gold." Click here or further information.

Continue to PRAY for the LYS-kursus conference with Pastor Dale Burke (Senior Pastor, Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton, California) that will take place at the Arhus Baptistkirke on September 4. PRAY that Pastor Burke's emphasis on leadership will be helpful and encouraging to Danish pastors and church leaders.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Summer Camping Activities

JUNE 20, 2004 - This is the time to redouble efforts to PRAY for the various evangelical summer camping activities throughout Denmark. PRAY that the camps will not only provide recreation for youth, families, and singles, important as that may be, but that they will provide opportunities for evangelism and spiritual growth as well. PRAY that participants who have not yet come to faith in Jesus Christ will do so as a result of the spiritual emphasis in the many camps held throughout the summer.

PRAY for a positive result from the theological debate going on in Denmark these days. The unorthodox views of Thorkild Grosboell, pastor of the ELCD (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark) church at Taarbæk, have created quite a stir throughout the country's State Church. Grosboell has declared that he neither believes in God as the Creator of the world nor in the other tenets of the Apostles Creed. Grosboell's bishop suspended him from the pastoral office and later lifted the suspension and placed him under "strict supervision." Danish Lutheran pastors are divided on the issues, some supporting Grosboell and others critical of him. Some of the most critical comments have been those of the Bishop of Viborg, Karsten Nissen: "Grosboell's theological supposition is that nowadays it is not possible to speak of God because there is no living and present reality we can call God or a creating and preserving God, wherefore Jesus cannot be the Son of God, and the only words remaining of the [Apostles] Creed are those dealing with the earthly life of Jesus. We cannot speak of the Resurrection, neither of Jesus nor ours, in the way that the New Testament and the Creed understand it. On the other hand Grosboell thinks that 'the man from Nazareth' or 'the carpenter' is full of meaning to people of the present day, and that we only meet god (consequently spelt with a small g) in our neighbor." (Quote taken from Church News from Denmark, No. 3/6, June 2004). PRAY that the controversy over this pastor's apostasy will alert true believers within the ELCD to the dangers to the historic faith of this kind of theological drift. PRAY that Danish evangelicals will remain committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Word of God and the historic doctrines of the Christian faith.

PRAY that evangelicals will be able to reach Danish young people who are disenchanted with what so many consider the irrelevance of the State Church. The resulting spiritual vacuum in their lives has even caused some Danish young people to convert to Islam.

PRAY for the Danish Vineyard pastors who will be meeting with the Desert Vineyard supporting church in Lancaster, California this weekend (June 19-20) and during the coming week with other Vineyard pastors at a conference in Corona, California. They will be returning to Copenhagen on Friday, June 25. PRAY that these pastors will find good fellowship and spiritual refreshment in their contacts with churches and fellow pastors. PRAY for journeying mercies as they return to their posts in Denmark.

PRAY for preparations being made for the visit to Denmark of Dale Burke, senior pastor of the Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California. Pastor Burke is the successor in this church to the well-known Bible expositor Charles Swindoll. Pastor Burke will be the featured speaker at a LYS seminar to be held at the Baptist Church in Arhus on September 4. He is the author of Less is More Leadership: 8 Secrets on How to Lead and Still Have a Life. The seminar will promote effective and visionary pastoral leadership and a balanced joyful life in ministry. Further information on the seminar (in Danish) may be found on the LYS website:

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Church Planting in Denmark's Larger Cities

Pastor Flemming Mølhede of the Copenhagen Vineyard Church asks those who use this website to PRAY concerning a vision for church planting in Denmark's bigger cities. Many people are open to the Gospel and find their spiritual home in churches of the older denominations in the country. On the other hand, there are people who personally believe in God and are open to the Gospel message but for one reason or another feel alienated from the older churches. Though receptive to the content of the Gospel, they are often uncomfortable with the outer form and structure of the older denominations. There is a need in Denmark for new congregations that adhere to the Gospel but present the same message in a new format and structure. As the Vineyard Norden website ( puts it, "Older, more established churches are like treasure chests, filled with the wealth of experience and history - a wealth of faithful people who are good examples for Christ, a wealth of music and musicians, and often a broad wealth of ministries and material resources. At the same time, the need may arise for new inspiration, new life and renewal in the midst of this great wealth. . . . Vineyard churches are relatively new, and have, therefore, greater possibilities for testing and appropriating new forms for their meetings, new structures and new styles of music etc. There is much less need to take into account older and more established forms of worship. It is therefore easier to encourage and make room for new things, which the Lord wants to do in the church. A wealth of new life grows out of this environment, and can be a resource for more established churches." PRAY also that God will provide Vineyard (and other church planting ministries) with the necessary financial resources to plant churches and that He will raise up those who have needed spiritual gifts and strong leadership potential to serve as senior pastors in the envisioned churches.

The same applies in large part as well to another new evangelical ministry. Pray for Calvary Chapel church planters whose work is just beginning in Denmark. There are no Calvary Chapel churches in Denmark as yet. The closest church is in Malmø, Sweden. PRAY for wisdom on the part of such leaders as Daniel Jacobsen and Theis Broeger as they pray, strategize and plan for a solid foundation for Calvary Chapel work and also for a warm response from Danish seekers. Like Vineyard churches, Calvary Chapel ministers with more contemporary music and worship styles that may be more attractive to Danish young people who are not antagonistic to the Gospel but not likely participants in the older churches. PRAY for the Spirit's working at a Calvary Chapel - All-Scandinavia conference to be held at a location in Denmark from August 5-8.

PRAY for the Women's Conference, sponsored by Netværk for Kvinder i Tjeneste (Network for Women in Ministry), to be held in Copenhagen on May 8, 2004. The speaker will be Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Dr. Billy Graham. The theme of the day's conference is "Facing the Future with Jesus." It is Anne's conviction that "the Lord made it clear He is at work among the Christian women of Denmark!" PRAY with Network leaders that the women of Denmark will "receive a fresh touch from Jesus Christ, that will bring a whole new conviction of his presence in our lives into our consciousness, a conviction that will change us, as well as strengthen our faith and provide directional focus for our future lives." PRAY as well for women's ministries in evangelical churches throughout Denmark.

PRAY for Christian camping in Denmark during the coming summer months. Danes love the outdoors in the summer and love camping, preferably by open water. PRAY for the leadership and workers as they pray and plan for their camps this summer. PRAY too for effective evangelism among campers for Christian growth in those who already have come to faith in Christ. We will try to mention specific camps as we receive the information.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Revival in Denmark

1. PRAY for revival in Denmark. It appears that there are many among the Danish people who are longing and seeking for something real in their lives. "They are spiritually open for almost everything, and they are spiritually seekers." Many are looking every which way to find something that will fill the spiritual vacuum in their hearts. PRAY that the Spirit of God will direct these many seekers to the truth of the Word of God, to the scriptural plan of salvation based on the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the need to identify with churches that preach the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. PRAY that with the showing of the film, The Passion of the Christ, that has its debut in Danish movie theaters on Friday, April 2, many Danes will be confronted personally with the question, "What will you do with Jesus, who is called the Christ?" PRAY that they will seek further information from pastors and members of the various Danish evangelical churches and ministries. PRAY that churches and pastors will also be prepared to meet those who may come to them after having seen this wonderful film of the last twelve agonizing hours in the life of Jesus Christ.

3. PRAISE GOD for the various prayer initiatives being raised up throughout Denmark, for example the vision of Bedehus, for the evangelization of Denmark. PRAY for the National Day of Prayer in Denmark, also scheduled for Friday, April 2.

4. PRAY for Pastor John Lorenzen and Vestermarkskirken (in Grinsted, Ribe, Denmark). This growing church, affiliated with the Missionsforbundet i Danmark (Mission Covenant Church in Denmark), has its current church building up for sale in anticipation of building a new and larger facility that will more adequately house the church's many ministries to Danes and ten different ethnic groups in the area. PRAY especially that the Lord will bring a buyer for the sale of the current building. In spite of all the congregation's efforts, nothing has yet developed toward an actual sale. Work has started on the new location with two of the three phases completed. The sale of the current building is the critical factor if the third phase and completion of the project is to be realized. Pastor Lorenzen wishes believers all over to join Vestermarkskirken in praising and thanking God for all the blessings He showered upon this church.

5. PRAY for Danish evangelical pastors and leaders. Pastor Lorenzen has written that "there is a greater love among the different churches and the leaders [in Denmark]. We are cooperating and we pray together. I am part of a leadership where different church leaders and pastors have the vision of 24 hour prayer, every day the whole year (24/7/365). . . We know that God has an awesome plan and purpose for our life, our land, and his church in this land. Our vision is to be a part of his big plan and to see it fulfilled" . . . The last five years we have seen that many of the seekers are beginning to go to church. Before it was not accepted to go to church and to declare that Jesus is the Lord. That situation has definitely changed. Today many people say that they are seeking God and Jesus. We believe that God is doing something great in Denmark these days."

6. PRAY that believers of the various evangelical churches throughout Denmark may move ahead in unity by avoiding competitiveness in their ministries and outreach. PRAY that the Danish people watching the efforts of churches and pastors will be able to say, "Behold how they love one another" and be attracted to this kind of fellowship. PRAY that the work of evangelicals throughout Denmark will be kept from doctrinal error and excesses as well as from disruptive efforts of cults and non-believers.

7. PRAY for the Danish State Church (Lutheran) to be revived in faith and practice. The Danish Indre Mission (Inner Mission) is an evangelistic and revival movement within the State Church that has existed for many years. PRAY for a renewal of commitment, hope and enthusiasm among Inner Mission leaders and its mission of promoting biblical evangelism within the State Church.

8. PRAISE GOD for the 75 years of work in the Republic of Burundi, Africa by missionaries of the Dansk Baptistkirker (Danish Baptist Churches). PRAY for the work begun by these missionaries and carried on by many faithful African pastors and Christian workers in spite of political upheavals and turmoil. PRAY for the progress of the Gospel of Christ in Burundi.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

What We're Here For

This is a new Web log devoted to prayer for the country of Denmark. Bill Hunter is the editor and I, Brad Haugaard, am his technical assistant. Bill and I both are Americans of Danish descent, though Bill's name doesn't reveal it, but that is because he was adopted as a child.

Both Bill and I have a heart for the spiritual condition of our ancestral home. The Christianity of Denmark, like that of most of Europe, seems to a great extent lifeless, though there are sparks that we would like to see blown again into life through our - and, we hope - your prayers.

We hope to have a more attractive Web design shortly, but we wanted to get this up and running as soon as possible.