Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Open Air Campaigners

(Friluftsmissionen Danmark is the Danish branch of Open Air Campaigners, committed to reaching out mainly to nonbelievers in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. They do open air meetings, outreaches at playgrounds, beaches, camp sites, festivals, and the like. Another important part of OAC ministry is teaching and inspiring the believers in various settings (for example, churches, Bible schools) to reach out to their friends, neighbors, family, colleges with the gospel of Jesus Christ. OAC evangelists also preach the gospel in children's clubs, summer camps, schools, and Christian meetings. Many creative visual aids are utilized to communicate the Good News to children, teenagers, young people and adults. In the words of OAC Denmark national director, Torben Østermark, "We want to give the biblical message about salvation through faith in the crucified and risen Jesus Christ to lost people in today's society." Learn more about the work of Open Air Campaigners on their website: www.friluftsmissionen.dk or www.oac.dk. At present, OAC has two evangelists in Denmark and one in Latvia. Torben also adds: "We are very busy -- and there are lots of opportunities in Denmark and in the rest of our area."

PRAY with OAC for God's call to two or three additional evangelists within the next 1-2 years.

PRAY that God will send a part-time office worker to be added to the OAC Denmark staff to assist the volunteer helpers who currently do bits of the administrative work for the organization.

PRAY that Open Air Campaigners International will in the near future be able to expand its work of teaching and evangelism from the Danish branch to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Faroe
Islands (www.oaci.org).

PRAY for God's blessing on the work of Torben and Kirsten Østermark and Lars and Trine Kristensen in Denmark and Poul and Salvita Nielsen in Latvia.

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