Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende

Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende (KFS-DK) is the Danish branch of IFES, an international evangelical student organization. KFS-DK has contacts on a majority of high school campuses and several university campuses in Denmark. Its mission is to encourage and support the Christians in these schools. From October 9-13, KFS will be holding its annual high school conference, called "Disciples Gathering," in Grenå with 550 high school students expected to be in attendance. This year's theme is "Come Together," emphasizing the need for living with Jesus and being a part of the Christian fellowship. Unfortunately, the Bible teacher originally scheduled for this conference suffered a concussion which will prevent him from participating. However, a retired minister has agreed to step in and take the original speaker's place. Last year there were at least five students who surrendered themselves to Jesus during the high school conference. Thomas F. Moesgaard-Christensen, missions secretary for KFS-DK, has asked us to pray for the following:

PRAY that God may touch our lives and speak directly to us, and that it may lead to renewal in our hearts.

PRAY that people who do not know Jesus may meet Him at this conference.

PRAY that those Christian students bringing non-Christian friends who were expecting to hear the speaker originally scheduled may wisely and effectively deal with their friends' disappointment.

PRAISE God for the willingness of the retired minister to substitute for the speaker who had to cancel. PRAY for God's blessing as he prepares for the high school conference.

PRAY for one of the conference staff members who has had to deal with a stress-related illness. PRAY that she may recover quickly.

PRAY specifically for KFS-DK missions secretary Moesgaard-Christensen who will also be speaking twice at this conference. "I know I need prayers," he says. PRAY that the Lord will encouragement Thomas as he prepares for this important opportunity.

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