Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Danish Local Churches

From time to time we will call attention to randomly selected local churches of various denominations in Denmark. Pray for the same things you would pray for your own local church in whatever country you may live. The concern of Pray for Denmark is for evangelism, for revival or renewal, and for the planting of new churches. What a difference it would make in Denmark if God's people and their pastors in hundreds of existing local churches were to concentrate their efforts in these areas. There has been spiritual revival in Denmark and throughout Scandinavia in years past and it can happen again. For information about these churches, click on their respective websites.

Abildgård Kirke, Frederikshavn (Dansk Folkekirke, Aalborg diocese), Johannes Kuhle, Birgitte Lauman, Henrik Raakjær Nielsen, pastors. www.abildgaard-kirke.dk/

Frelsens Hær (Salvation Army), Helsingør Korps, Strandgade 60, Helsingør, Magdelena and Gert Pedersen, præstpar (pastoral couple). www.frelsens-hær.dk/ (click on Find Os-Kort) for map).

Baptistkirken, Nørresundby, Vestergade 73, 9400-Nørresundby. Klaus Abildgaard, pastor. www.baptistnsb.dk

Roskilde Vineyard, meets at Kulturhuset, Helligkorsvej 5, Roskilde. Solvej and David Allen, præstpar (pastoral couple). www.vineyard.dk/ or email david.allen@mail.dk

Apostolsk Kirke (Apostolic Church), Horsens, Vimmelskafted 8, 8700-Horsens. Georg Berthelsen, pastor. www.ak-horsens.dk

Nazaræereens Kirke, (Church of the Nazarene), Greve. Solheget 2, 2670 Greve. Kaj Ove Bollerup, pastor. www.nazarene.dk

Frikirken i Aabenraa, (Aabenraa Free Church), Haderslevvej 6, 6200-Aabenraa. Erik Andersen, pastor. www.frikirken-aabenraa.dk

PRAY that the pastors, members, and regular attenders in each of these churches will have a heart for evangelism, that they will be sensitive and responsive to the Spirit of God's work of renewal and revival, and that they will promote and support the planting of new churches throughout Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

PRAY that everyone who comes in contact with these churches will be given a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ and that many will come to a personal experience of salvation through faith and trust in the finished work of Christ at Calvary.

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