Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår

Bill and Brad wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year as we work together with you, our viewers, to pray for spiritual revival in Denmark. We are American Christians with ancestral roots in Denmark. We are both very much aware of how much our own country is in need of a mighty, sweeping spiritual revival. But, we are attempting to be obedient in following through with what we believe the Lord laid on our hearts almost four years ago, that is, to pray for God’s Spirit to move with power in the ancestral homeland in revival, renewal, evangelism and church planting.

We are grateful for the response we have had and for the many believers in Denmark with whom we have had contact through Bill’s visit and through ongoing correspondence. Please covenant with us in 2009 to continue sharing the prayer vision on behalf the nearly six million Danes, most of whom do not know what it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

The focus of this website is prayer for Denmark. Our ministry is a personal effort and is not related to any mission organization, denomination or church, though both of us are members of strong evangelical churches in California. It appears from the many email messages we have been receiving from Africa and Asia that there is some misunderstanding about the nature of our ministry.
We are certainly not unaware of the Lord’s work in other areas of the world, but God has laid Denmark on our hearts specifically and we are determined to keep our prayer focus there. We have missionary friends around the world. Bill has himself spent some years as a missionary in the Congo and Madagascar in years gone by and appreciates the work being done by faithful pastors and workers in Africa and Asia who have seen this website. We do not solicit funds or disperse funds to any ministries, thus far even those in Denmark, because our mandate from the Lord is specifically to focus on prayer for our ancestral homeland. We support through prayer the efforts of all Bible-believing evangelicals in Denmark.

Please join with us throughout 2009 in concerted prayer and intercession for Denmark and for the evangelical pastors and people working tirelessly to bring the Gospel to bear on Danish life and culture. May the Lord Jesus Christ be honored and glorified as we work together with you in this prayer ministry.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Theological Education in Denmark

There is currently a dearth of pastors in the Danish free churches. Older pastors are retiring and a number of churches have been without pastors for some time. The overall, long-term outlook for an adequate number of pastoral replacements is apparently not too promising. It is cause for concern that young people are not committing to biblical/theological study and full-time ministry in numbers that would insure the needed and continuing flow of pastoral leadership to fill pulpit vacancies or to keep pace with the retirement of older pastors. This appears to be true of the older Danish denominations but may be less so of the more charismatic (Pentecostal) denominations.

Other than the two charismatic Bible colleges at Mariager and Kolding that have been previously mentioned in these postings, the free churches’ main framework for theological education is the Skandinavisk Akademi for Lederskab og Teologi, (SALT - Scandinavian Academy of Leadership and Theology), that offers church-based, seminary-level theological training for Denmark’s free churches. SALT, founded in 2000, comprises a network of several entities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, including, Hyllie Park Folkhögskola (Malmø), Baptistkirkens Teologiske Seminarium (Tølløse), Ørebro Missionsskola (Ørebro), Baptisternes Teologiske Seminarium in Norway, Pinsekirken København, Dansk Oase, the Apostolsk Kirke, and the Lutheran charismatic revival movement OASE. We understand the Danish program currently has about 30 students with two full-time and three half-time professors. Accreditation of aspects of the SALT Danmark program is through association with Sweden’s Örebro Missionskola. Every SALT student is required to have a church relationship and a pastoral mentor throughout his/her studies. The school has administrative and classroom facilities in Copenhagen, though courses are also held in other areas of the country. The website for SALT may be accessed at

Those desiring to enter the ministry of the Folkekirke (the Lutheran State Church) generally prepare for ordination at the Universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus that are not particularly noteworthy as centers of evangelicalism in Denmark. However, there are two independent Lutheran seminaries also training ministers for the Folkekirke that by contrast offer a curriculum based on a high view of the inspiration of the Scriptures. These are the Dansk Bibel-Institut in Copenhagen (also known as the Copenhagen Lutheran School of Theology), founded in 1972 and the Menighedsfakultetet in Aarhus, founded in 1967. The Dansk Bibel Institut website declares openly that the school holds to (1) the whole Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of God; that (2) Scripture's prophetic and apostolic testimony to Christ and the view of Scripture is that of Jesus and the apostles, and that (3) this testimony is expressed in the biblical writings themselves. Both schools are committed to classic Lutheran theology. That such Bible-affirming schools exist in Denmark is further reason to believe that God can and will yet bring revival to the Danish Folkekirke. A genuine and sustained revival of biblical faith in Denmark’s Lutheran churches would have profound implications in arresting the spiritually deadening secularization of Danish culture. For further information, relevant websites are
www.dbi.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=168 and www.teologi.dk/.

PRAY that Danish young people will respond to the call of God in increasing numbers for local church ministry with the full knowledge that such a commitment will undoubtedly involve a life of sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel.

PRAY that SALT and the other independent theological schools in Denmark will not be swayed by post-modern theology and pseudo-evangelicalism that have begun to seep into theological faculties in other countries.

PRAY that Danish evangelicals and their churches will see the importance of a trained ministry and unite to insure that the theological schools will serve as centers of unity rather than dissension.

PRAY that the Danish churches will see the need for providing adequate support for SALT and other independent theological schools.

PRAY that the theological schools will be able with greater financial support to establish stronger academic standards, achieve relevant academic accreditations, and recruit academically and spiritually competent faculty.
PRAY for those churches that are having difficulty finding and calling pastoral candidates.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New Prayer Initiative for Denmark

Much to my amazement, in surfing the web one day I came across the Bøn for Danmark webpage of Birgitte Steffensen-Thomasen (www.boenfordanmark.dk). That caught my attention immediately because Bøn for Danmark is the exact Danish equivalent of Pray for Denmark. Birgitte is a member of Karlslunde Strandkirken (www.strandkirken.dk/), located near Copenhagen, a new, nontraditional and dynamic Spirit-led congregation functioning within the Folkekirke, Denmark’s Lutheran state church. I have since been in correspondence with Brigitte about her webpage and her vision about prayer for her country. Here is the origin of her ideas and of her vision as she recounts it, edited a bit here and there for clarity:

[Birgitte writes], I got this vision for a year and a half ago when my family and I went skiing in Norway. While there, I felt I should pray for my country and I did. I prayed, I fought the Enemy, et cetera, and after some I felt fatigue from it. I knew I had obeyed, but it was clear to me that I did not break through in any area of my prayer. Then I felt God spoke to me over a period of time. To pray for salvation, revival, and the coming of the Kingdom of God is not to be done by just one person alone––it is a task for the whole church. When the prayer answer comes we will be part of it and receive it knowing we all had a part in praying for it. If not, we will stand by skeptically watching what those involved in the breakthrough prayed for. So Bøn for Danmark tries to encourage all churches and Christian fellowships in Denmark to participate, whether free or Folkekirke.

“The idea is that every church in Denmark chooses two concerns for our country and then commit themselves to pray for them. That means that when you pray for those two concerns which means you have 25 churches involved you will cover 50 concerns in prayer!. We will stand together side by side and know that when I at home pray for those two concerns my church will be praying for them and I will sense I am not praying alone. I pray with all the others from my church for these concerns for our country and we are also praying with all the other churches involved.

“A lot of Christian give up praying for their country because they don’t know where to start or end, but the Bøn for Danmark plan is meant to be a help. Now I can send my little prayer to the Father along with all the others from my church and the other churches and it is really important that I pray with them too. Bøn for Danmark believes that there are enough Christians in Denmark to pray God’s Kingdom through, but two things are need: One, all of us need to be involved and not just the ‘super prayer-people' or some churches. Two, we need to know what we pray for. That is the vision and the idea behind getting each of the churches to pray for two areas of concern for the country.

“I do spread the vision around when I speak, and a few Christian groups are now involved plus my own church (Karlslunde Strandkirke
). I do believe that a lot of churches in coming years will join in our effort. I believe that the Bøn for Denmark concept is very powerful and could be spread abroad even.”

God is at work in Denmark in ways that sometimes are all but imperceptible to us. Birgitte’s idea is quite simple and has yet to really catch on. What impresses me is that God has laid this on her heart and she is following through with it. We should never despise the day of small things when God is in it. Let’s back her up in prayer for the success of this venture of faith and obedience. It pleases me that this is an initiative that comes straight from the heart of a godly, praying woman within the Danish Folkekirke. Praise the Lord!

PRAY that Birgitte’s prayer initiative, as outlined above, will soon catch on with many Folkekirke and free congregations throughout Denmark.

PRAY that the Lord will give Birgitte great wisdom in discovering strategies to help expand and promote her prayer initiative throughout the country.

PRAY that this may be a genuine breakthrough, yet another step toward revival, renewal, and evangelism in Denmark.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Church Planting in Denmark

Church planting in Denmark is a tough assignment in view of the entrenched and deepening secularism that eats the heart out of a nation’s sensitivity to the things of the spirit. Though I have mentioned them before, and not too long ago, I have been impressed by the work of church planters David and Solvej Allen in Roskilde (shown here on their 25th wedding anniversary). These two have been slogging it out for Christ for several years planting a new Vineyard church. As Solvej has written: “It is hard being ‘free church’ in a bogged down state church-focused and increasingly secularized country like Denmark.” There have been obstacles and discouragements along the way, but joys ands victories as well. It is especially difficult because the fledgling congregation cannot as yet remunerate a full-time ministry. So, both David and Solvej have had to take outside employment to make ends meet for themselves and their family. Because David’s employment has required a greater number of hours in the week, Solvej has had to take up the slack in helping shepherd the little flock that God is calling out of the world into His fellowship. David and Solvej deserve great honor and support for their determination to follow the will of God and to live like they have had to live for several years. A church planter sows the seed, but it is God who gives the increase. Truly, God has been at work in Roskilde and He has been using David and Solvej in a remarkable way.

The new church plant requires extensive pastoral ministry as many have come into the fellowship having tremendous needs and some even quite serious problems. It is no easy thing these days for people to come out of the world and to come clean for Jesus Christ. By loving them with unconditional love and making themselves available to them even at inconvenient times is a drain on this church planting couple’s spiritual and physical energies. Exponential growth has been seen in some of the “new broken people” but less visible growth in others.

One of the major tasks of a church planter is to help members of a congregation know their spiritual gifts and to challenge them to utilize them for the growth and progress of the whole body. A new church plant is no place for spectator believers. Spiritual advance becomes possible as everyone pitches in with prayerful and selfless exercise of his or her spiritual gifts.

Prayer support is essential in any church planting endeavor and this Roskilde church planting couple are appreciative of those in Denmark and elsewhere who continually hold them and the new congregation before the Lord in intercessory prayer. We urge Pray for Denmark.com readers to join with the intercessors. The prayers of many will assure David and Solvej that they are not going at it alone in Roskilde. .Here are some items to take before the Lord:

PRAY for health and strength for David and Solvej, for deliverance from discouragement, and for employment requiring fewer hours of David’s time. It is frustrating to have a gift for evangelism and not enough time to exercise the gift. Nothing would please this couple more than for David to be freed for full-time ministry.

PRAY that the new congregation will seize opportunities for open air evangelism. A recent experience with other churches in the town square indicated that townspeople will stop and listen. Sometimes older, tried-and-true evangelism methods still work in a sophisticated society.

PRAY for the “new broken people” who have come under David and Solvej’s care with various addictions, marital breakups, New Age involvements, unbelieving spouses, physical challenges, excursions into the demonic, suicide, depression, and the like. Solvej writes: “Working with broken people can get quite messy, but we trust that where the enemy has come in like a flood the Lord will raise up a standard of righteousness.”

PRAY that the good, spiritually strong couples in the church that until recently had not been involved in anything of a ministry nature will continue to step out with eagerness to exercise their much-needed spiritual gifts and leadership. They have a lot of potential as “soldiers fully armed and equipped,” as Solvej puts it, but only now beginning to step “into their spot in the row.”

PRAISE God for the progress made thus far at Roskilde Vineyard and His promise that “He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6, NIV)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bible Colleges Begin their Academic Year

Denmark has two major charismatic denominations, the Pinse Kirke (Pentecostal Church) Church and the Apostolsk Kirke (Apostolic Church). Each of these denominations maintains a two-year Bible college: Mariager Højskole (Danish Pentecostal Bible College) and International Apostolsk Højskole (International Apostolic Bible College). Qualified graduates of both schools are eligible to continue their studies toward the Bachelor in Ministry degree from Australia’s Harvest Bible College in a schedule of class taught in Denmark.

International Apostolic Bible College
(top image) is located in Kolding (pronounced CALL-ding), a city in southeast Jutland. The school’s campus, less than a mile from Kolding’s city center, is situated next to a small lake surrounded by a large and beautiful park, nor far from open countryside and forested areas. The school opens its academic year on September 21 with 80 new students. Principal Brent Christiansen heads the faculty that includes, Birthe Christiansen, Moise Olivier, Dominique Lachat, Birgit Tind, Ole Drejer, Steffen Bay, Linda Flament, Cecile Favre, Johnny Hansen, Thomas Christiansen, Manu Marcotto, and Dorte Viftrup.

The Danish Pentecostal Bible College (bottom image)
, already in session for its 2008-2009 academic year, is located farther north in a charming town in Mariager (pronounced MY –air) in east central Jutland, 36 miles (58 kilometers) north of Aarhus. The town is connected to the Baltic Sea via a deep saltwater inlet called Mariager Fjord. The Bible College is attractively situated on a large campus in perfect surroundings, close to Mariager Fjord. This year the school has enrolled 64 new students, its largest incoming class since 2000. Kent Jacobsen is the school’s principal. He heads a faculty composed of Peter Hove Sørensen, Bjarne Knudsen, Leif Petterson, Jakob Vagner, Rikke Lauritsen, Simon Linde, David Jakobsen, Peder Poulsen, and Solfried Bracher.

Bible Colleges such as these are important for the growth and development of charismatically-oriented free churches in Denmark. Unfortunately, because of lack of time during my trip to Denmark two years ago I did not had the privilege of spending time at the International Apostolic Bible College, other than to pass by its location in Kolding. As it turned out, I did manage to spend a bit of time and walk the campus at Mariager. As I have mentioned previously, I attended a Tuesday evening student-led worship service at Mariager which was an inspiring experience. Both schools nurture their students’ spiritual lives carefully in the Word and in dynamic worship experiences. Much emphasis is placed on the importance of prayer and on providing seasons of all-school prayer (see the Pray for Denmark posting for April 3, 2008 for further details about the prayer emphases at Mariager).

It is noteworthy that the campuses of both schools again this year were utilized by other free church denominations for their summer camps. Both Bible Colleges deserve our prayer support, especially that they may provide a continuing flow of pastors for the charismatic free churches and contribute hugely to revival, renewal, evangelism and church planting in Denmark and other countries.

PRAY for Principal Brent Christiansen at Kolding and Principal Kent Jacobsen at Mariager that the Lord will give them wise, Spirit-led leadership for their heavy responsibilities in overseeing the work of their respective schools.

PRAY for the faculty and staff at Kolding’s International Apostolic Bible College that they will handle the Word of God skillfully, with intellectual integrity, and with spiritual maturity in all their classes and in all of their contacts with students.

PRAY that the faculty and staff at Mariager’s Danish Pentecostal Bible College will be recipients of outstanding Spirit-endowed ability to satisfy the intellectual and spiritual needs of students both in the classroom and in one-on-one contacts.

PRAY that the hearts and minds of students will be open and receptive to the teaching they receive and that they will be obedient to what the Spirit of God lays on their hearts for the effective use of their spiritual gifts wherever the Lord may lead them.

PRAY for a spirit of unity and prayerfulness among administration, faculty and students to pervade both schools throughout the entire academic year and that the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be high and lifted up by these two learning and worshiping communities.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Southern Jutland’s Tønder Frikirke

Once again Pray for Denmark.com focuses on the ministry of the Frikirke (free church) in the southern Jutland town of Tønder (pronounced TON-ner), situated only a few kilometers from the border with Germany. The town’s population explodes when it hosts the Tønder Festival folk music event (www.tf.dk/pages/choose_language.php?), held annually since 1975, that has become one of Denmark’s largest festivals. The event is always scheduled for the last weekend of August, this year from August 28 to 31. There will be many musical groups involved coming from a number of countries. Last year’s attendance reached 23,000. The Festival utilizes 9-10 smaller indoor venues as well as a large tent that can accommodate as many as 2500 festival-goers.

Each year the Tønder Frikirke, located in the town’s central district, keeps the church building open and maintains a coffee service for tired festival-goers who are invited to drop in for coffee and conversation. Though not on the schedule as a formal part of the Festival itself, the church presents Christian musical events on Friday and Saturday evenings. This year the Friday night music will feature old-fashion gospel and country-blues musicians Mikael Olesen and Hans Juhani from Valmenighed church in Århus. Saturday evening’s event will showcase the dynamic Gospelkoret Room4Joy, a gospel choir from Grinsted’s Vestermarkskirken. The Festival weekend gives the Tønder congregation many opportunities for witnessing, a ministry that benefits festival-goers as well as church members.

The pastor of the Tønder church is René Nielsen, seconded by his wife Mette. The work has not been easy, but there are signs that the Lord is working. One of the challenges for this fall is to develop and implement the church's vision for relocation and building to effectively meet the ministry demands and needs of the new century.

My dear friend Pastor René tells me that several years ago the church held a monthly Children’s Festival on Saturdays with a number of child-focused activities, such as drama, theater, Bible stories, music, and the like. On one of Saturdays, an Iranian mother made an appearance with her children, but said she was otherwise too busy to attend church services. Last year at Tønder Festival time, Pastor René met her again and invited her to come and sit awhile in the open church. She did so and since then has been to almost every service and event at Tønder Frikirke. She is now in a home-group together with other Iranian ladies. This summer Pastor René took nine Iranian people to a nearby Bible Camp. He says, “We are in contact with many foreign people and it is a challenge for our church.”

PRAY as the Tønder Frikirke opens its doors to festival-goers and provides a warm welcome and friendly conversation during this year’s Tønder Festival, August 28-31.
PRAY that Frikirke members will be empowered by the Spirit of God to offer a winsome witness for Christ to festival-goers who choose to accept the church’s hospitality.

PRAY that the ministry of the Tønder church’s guest musicians, the Mikael Olesen-Hans Juhani duo and Gospelkoret Room4Joy, will attract many to the Friday and Saturday evening concerts by offering a Christian alternative to the secular music featured at the Tønder Festival. As Mikael Olesen says, "Thanks for praying--our wish for the evening is to bring some of God's character and presence and we need Him for that."

PRAY that God's wisdom, oversight and provision for the church in forging and implementing plans that would allow Tønder Frikirke room for growth and a more effective ministry to the community.

PRAISE God for giving the church a fruitful ministry to Iranian and other immigrants to Denmark who have settled in the Tønder area.

PRAY that God will encourage the church to move forward aggressively under Pastor Nielsen’s ministry and that townspeople will respond to the church’s outreach ministries and witness to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Danish Open Air Campaigners

Because of its emphasis on open-air evangelism, i.e. taking the gospel to where the people are, Friluftmissionen is one of my favorite ministries in Denmark. Friluftsmissionen is the Danish branch of an international organization called Open Air Campaigners [the Danish word friluft means outdoors or open air]. National branches of this evangelistic thrust are usually inter-denominational. However, given the religious situation in Denmark, Friluftsmissionen has until recently worked exclusively with Folkekirke and independent Lutheran churches. That is changing some as opportunities present themselves to work with some of free churches. Many of the free churches tend to be more aggressive in their evangelistic outreach. Friluftsmissionen has added an evangelistic presence amongst sympathetic Lutheran churches that is not usually a vigorous aspect of the Folkekirke modus operandi. It also allows Friliftsmissionen to sustain good working relationships with the various revival movements within the Folkekirke (state Lutheran church) and now with some of the free churches was well.

Torben Østermark, the national director of Friluftsmissionen and a good friend of Pray for Denmark.com, recently contributed a paragraph for Open Air Campaigners International 2008 Update. It is a worthwhile assessment giving a glimpse of an aspect of Friluftsmissionen ministry:

“Every summer we are a team of about 20 people doing two-week outreach at the biggest camp site in Denmark. The camp site is owned by a Christian couple who want us there to share the good news about Jesus amongst children and youth. One of the activities is a youth café every night, where we talk and witness and drink coffee. At midnight we preach a short message. There was a message this summer which was very encouraging. One of the young guys, who visited us several times in previous years, became a Christian during the last year. He gave his testimony: ‘Some of you know me. I lived my life far away from God, but I became a Christian, because Jesus changed my life.’ It was wonderful to hear it. And the others listened very carefully. We are looking forward to next year. We hope and pray that some of them will receive Christ during the next year.”

Friluftsmissionen’s website may be accessed at
http://www.friluftsmissionen.dk/. Though mainly in Danish, parts of the website are also in English. Friluftsmissionen is a unique evangelistic and faith ministry in Denmark that deserves to have its support base enlarged. The organization’s address is Kirkegade 14, Hvidovre, Denmark 2650.

PRAY for wisdom in Torben’s leadership of Friluftsmissionen and for his and fellow evangelists’ seizing of new opportunities for direct, aggressive evangelism throughout Denmark.

PRAY that Friluftsmissionen will be able to effectively model means and methods of evangelism to prepare Lutheran-related believers to reach uncommitted Danes with the gospel of Christ.

for attentive and responsive English language listeners at open air evangelistic efforts during the summer months when there are thousands of visitors traveling in Denmark, many of whom come through Copenhagen.

PRAY for increased financial support for Friluftsmissionen’s workers. As a faith ministry, each of the evangelists and their families are dependent for support upon God’s provision through the generosity of His people in Denmark and elsewhere.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Danish Summer Conferences and Summer Camps

Summer is when the Danish Free Church denominations, Lutheran revival movements and parachurch organizations gather in conferences and summer camps. The following is a list of such conferences and camps. No claim is made that the list is comprehensive and some may have inadvertently been overlooked. The list is fairly representative of a great deal of summer activity among Danish believers.

Pinse Kirke, July 12-18, at Pinse Højskole, Mariager
Theme: “Når livet leves–sammen”

Apostolsk Kirke, July 12-18, at International Apostolsk Højskole, Kolding
Theme: “Dit liv–Dit ansvar”

Baptistkirken I Danmark, July 20-26, at Pinse Højskole, Mariager
Theme: “Hvem siger I jeg er?” (Whom do you say I am?)

Det Danske Missionsforbundet, July 26-August 1, at International
Apostolsk Højskole, Kolding
Theme: “Glæde” (Gladness)

Syvende Dags Adventistkirken Årsmøde 2008, September 12-12 Nærum Hovedgade, Nærump
No theme indicated.

Nazaræerens Sommerlejr Church of the Nazarene), July 4-11,Tømmerup Efterskole (near Kalundborg)
www.nazarene.dk/ and http://grevefrikirke.dk/Sommerlejr.pdf
No theme indicated.

Vineyard Norden (includes Denmark) Summer Camp 2008, July 27-August 2, Risøya Folkhøyskole on Sørlandet, Norway
Theme: “Doing Healing”

Metodistkirken, Familiespejderlejr 2008, July 16-22, Solborgen
No theme indicated.

Luthersk Missionsforening, Bibelcamping 2008, various camps in July, Haderslev Næs
No theme indicated.
Bibelcamping 2008, various camps in July/August, Virksund
Theme: “Ichthys” (Fish Sign)

Indre Mission, Bibelcamping 2008, different dates and sites throughout the country, May to September.
Themes not indicated.

Calvary Chapel Danmark, Sommerkonferencen 2008, July 30-August 3, Lejrstedet “Kilden,” near Roskilde
Theme: “Through the Book of Daniel”

Nyt Liv–Forbund for evangelization i Danmark), Familiestræf. July 12-19, Fellerup, Nordjursland
Theme: Kristus–Guds Hemmelighed” (Christ–God’s Secret, Colossians)

Evangelisk Luthersk Missionsforening, Bibelcamping 2008, July 11-20. Bækkely, Bornholm
http://www.elm.dk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=83%3 ABC+2008&Itemid=57
Theme: “Jesus–Liv” (Jesus–Alive)

Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende (InterVarsity), Studenterkonference 2008, July 7-12, Grejsdalen Ungdomsskole, Vejle
“Den Skjulte Skat,” (The Hidden Treasure, 2 Cor. 4:7)

Oase Sjælland, July 6-12, Odsherred Efterskole
Theme: “Brændte vores hjerter ik’?” (Did not our hearts burn within us?)

Oase National, SommerOase, July 12-19, odded
“Tro for I morgen” (Faith for tomorrow)

PRAY for a fresh touch of the grace of God upon His people as the Holy Spirit ministers in these camps and conferences. The Danish free churches need God’s encouragement and empowerment as never before.

PRAY that many young men especially will sense the definite call of God during these “times of refreshing” and commit themselves to preparation for full-time ministry for Jesus Christ. The need for pastors in Danish free churches is at near crisis level and some churches have been without a pastor for months and others for several years. We believe God can and will raise up gifted laypersons to carry on the work but wise, well-trained, Spirit-filled pastoral leadership and shepherding is essential for future growth.

PRAY that conferees and campers will be revived in their spirits and make decisions about their life and walk with Jesus Christ that will be life-long in effect and pervade every aspect of their lives, their choices, their marriages, and their vocations.

PRAY for the speakers in the various conferences and camps to be used in a new and unusual way this year to encourage discouraged, faltering pastors and leaders and to reach the hearts of believers of all ages who are lukewarm and increasingly drawn toward the things of the world.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Copenhagen Vineyard Praise

For several years, Copenhagen Vineyard rented the facilities of the Apostolsk Kirke (Apostolic Church) but it became evident that larger space was required because of Vineyard’s growth. When I visited the church two years ago, I asked Pastor Flemming Mølhede what he saw as the church’s most pressing need. He replied that the church was bursting at the seams and needed larger facilities of its own. Flemming also felt it was essential that the church remain in the same area of Copenhagen in which it has been ministering. Ever since that conversation with Flemming, I have prayed with the church and its leaders for the Lord’s provision of a new and larger facility. Ever faithful, the Lord has answered the prayers of His people. All praise to God for what He has done.

At the beginning of this month, Copenhagen Vineyard began holding services at its attractive new building located at Nyvej 7, 1851 Fredriksberg C, near the Fredriksberg Shopping Center and close-by to a Metro station. The property, purchased earlier in the year from another congregation, was renovated by Vineyard Church volunteers who worked hard and long to ready the building for occupancy. The first service, one of worship, prayer and thanksgiving, was held on Saturday, May 3. The first week in the new location, May 3-10, the church engaged in a 24/7 cycle of prayer leading up to the Global Day of Prayer on Sunday, May 11.

Copenhagen Vineyard Church was planted in 1997 through the efforts of a small team of workers. Since then it has become a church of 380 attendees, truly astounding growth for a new church plant in Denmark. For eight years, beginning in May, 2000, Vineyard had rented the facilities of Copenhagen’s Apostolsk Kirke (Apostolic Church) at Filippavej 3 in Fredriksberg. How good and gracious the Lord is in providing Vineyard’s new location and His answer to prayer that it would be able to continue its ministry in the Frederiksberg district of metropolitan Copenhagen.

Besides a regular schedule of Sunday services, a significant part of the ministry is the 25 small groups that meet throughout Copenhagen, including one that is English-speaking. A large part of the church’s ministry is to younger people and they form the largest segment of regular attendees. Besides its ministry to children, youth, adults, and seniors, the church is also engaged in several significant social and evangelistic ministries involving homeless people, prostitutes, and drug addicts.

For further details in Danish and English, view Copenhagen Vineyard’s website at
http://kbh.vineyard.dkj/forside/. The section in English may be found at http://kbh.vineyard.dk/english/.

PRAISE God for answered prayer in His provision of a new and larger property and space for Copenhagen’s Vineyard ministries.

PRAY for vision and great wisdom on the part of the church’s leadership, including lead pastor Flemming Mølhede; pastors Hasse Falk Jakobsen, Helle Rønne Samuelsen, and Thomas Lorenzen; pastoral assistants Søren Bladt and Christian Nissen; and intern Maria Lundbak Hinge, and others. They need the enlightenment of the Word and empowerment of the Holy Spirit in all the church attempts to do in its varied ministries.

PRAY for many opportunities for the exercise of spiritual gifts through lay ministry both within the church and outside its walls by such dedicated people as Erik and Liv Hansen and others.

PRAY for an evangelistic burden in which Christ will be exalted and many brought to faith in Him through the various age group, social, and outreach ministries of the church.

PRAY for the testimony of the many young people who have been attracted to Vineyard’s ministry, that they will mature in their understanding and application of God’s Word with growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ expressed in their daily lives and walk.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Global Day of Prayer, May 11, 2008

Christians in 170 countries of the world, including Denmark, http://www.globaldayofprayer.dk/hvor.html, will gather in various venues on Pentecost Sunday, May 11, to join together in united prayer. Wherever they gather next Sunday, there will be one thing uniting Christians from all nations: a Prayer for the World that will be prayed by millions from where the sun rises in the East to where it sets in the West. Pray for Denmark.com is happy to commend this global prayer effort. We ask viewers of this webpage to join in this expression of believers' unity in Christ and to pray this prayer with them.

"They lifted their voices with one accord ..." (Acts 4:24)
Almighty God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Together with believers all over the world,
We gather today to glorify Your Name.
You are the Creator of heaven and earth.
There is no one like You, holy and righteous in all Your ways.
We submit to Your authority as the King of the universe.
We pray with one voice to enthrone You in our hearts
and to honour You before the world.

Response: Lord God, You alone are worthy of our praise and adoration.

Our Father in heaven,
Thank You for loving the world so greatly.
You gave Your only Son, Jesus Christ,
to die on the cross for our sins
so that we could be reconciled to You.
We are grateful to call You Father and to be called Your children.
Nothing can separate us from Your love.

Response: Thank You Father, for adopting us into Your
family because of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You alone are worthy to open the scrolls of history,
for You were slain and have redeemed us to the Father by Your blood.
We confess that You are Head of the Church
and Lord of all heaven and earth.
May people from every tribe and language become Your followers
so that Your blessing brings transformation among all peoples.
Let Your kingdom be established in every nation of the world
so that governments will rule with righteousness and justice.
And may Your Name be great, from the rising of the sun to its setting.

Response: Jesus Christ, You are the Saviour of the world
and the Lord of all.

Father of mercy and grace,
We acknowledge that we have sinned
and that our world is gripped by the power of sin.
Our hearts are grieved by injustice, hatred and violence.
We are shamed by oppression, racism and bloodshed in our land.
We mourn all loss of life in murder, war and terrorism.
Our homes are broken and our churches are divided by rebellion and pride.
Our lives are polluted by selfishness, greed, idolatry and sexual sin.
We have grieved Your heart and brought shame to Your Name.
Have mercy on us as we repent with all our hearts.

Response: God of mercy, forgive our sins.
Pour out Your grace and heal our land.

Spirit of the living God,
Apart from You, we can do nothing.
Transform Your Church into the image of Jesus Christ.
Release Your power to bring healing to the sick,
freedom to the oppressed and comfort to those who mourn.
Pour Your love into our hearts and fill us with compassion
to answer the call of the homeless and the hungry
and to enfold orphans, widows and the elderly in Your care.
Give us wisdom and insight for the complex problems we face today.
Help us to use the resources of the earth for the well-being of all.

Response: Holy Spirit, we need Your comfort and guidance.
Transform our hearts.
Lord Jesus Christ,
Because You were dead, but are now risen,
and the Father has given You a Name above all names,
You will defeat all powers of evil.
Tear down strongholds and ideologies that resist the knowledge of God.
Remove the veil of darkness that covers the peoples.
Restrain the evil that promotes violence and death.
Bring deliverance from demonic oppression.
Break the hold of slavery, tyranny and disease.
Fill us with courage to preach Your word fearlessly,
and to intercede for the lost faithfully.

Response: Almighty God, deliver us from evil.

King of Glory,
Come and finish Your work in our cities, our peoples and our nations.
We lift our voices in unison with believers from Africa and Asia,
from the Middle East and Europe, from North and South America,
and from Australia and the Pacific Islands—together we cry:

Response: Lift up your heads, O you gates!
Be lifted up ancient doors
so that the King of glory may come in!

As Your deeds increase throughout the earth,
and as Your blessings abound to all the nations,
they will seek You, asking, “Who is this King of glory?”
Together we will answer:

He is the Lord Almighty!
Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

Come fill the earth with Your glory as the waters cover the sea.
The Spirit and the Bride say:

Response: Amen! Come Lord Jesus!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First International Baptist Church, Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s First International Baptist Church is led by Pastor N. Erik Nielsen, a Dane born in Indonesia who received his training for the ministry primarily in the United States. The church was a relatively young church plant that has now been firmly established as a self-governing congregation. Previously, the host church (historic Kristuskirken, Denmark’s first Baptist congregation) had held English services but had not organized a separate congregation. The two churches continue to share the same facilities. Members and regular attenders of FIBC come from all over Metropolitan Copenhagen and outlying areas. Since last year, there are even families from Sweden in regular attendance at the Sunday services.

On any given Sunday, the FIBC congregation averages around 130, including children. When I attended services two years ago, I found the congregation to be truly international and the fellowship between people from many different countries warm and inviting. The pastor and his family (wife Kim and five handsome boys) are obviously greatly appreciated and Pastor Nielsen’s ministry of the Word is having a salutary effect on many lives. There is an evangelistic emphasis to the ministry and there have been several (nine in recent times) who have taken the first step of obedience in the Christian life through believers' baptism. Capable laypersons assist in various aspects of the ministry. Great emphasis is placed on small mid-week group meetings held in various parts of Copenhagen

Besides his preaching and teaching ministry, Pastor Nielsen is a well-trained musician and pianist. On the occasion of attendance at the services, I noted that he had a large responsibility for the music, making it difficult to care efficiently for other aspects of the service. He told me then that he really needed someone to assist with the music and I have prayed regularly that the Lord would fulfill that need. In the summer that same year, the Lord answered our prayers when a college student intern assisted with the worship and music. More recently a person employed by the United Nations has become the church’s worship coordinator, often leading the worship services. That freed the pastor to start a choir ministry for Christmas and Easter cantatas that ever since has become an outreach event drawing a number of people to attend the church regularly. This year again there the Christmas and Easter services were very well-attended.

As in any international church, there are challenges. Many members and regular attenders are only temporarily employed in Denmark. It is not always easy to find replacements for key leaders when they complete their employment in Denmark and must move on to other countries and assignments.

The host church, the Danish-language Kristuskirken, continues its ministry under the leadership of Pastor Ove Vang Jensen who was called out of retirement to serve while the church is without a pastor. There is a shortage of possible pastoral candidates among the Free churches in general and the Baptist churches in particular so the interim has extended beyond the church’s expectations. In addition to the Danish and English-speaking congregations, Kristuskirken is also host to Spanish-speaking services conducted by Digna Fernandez, and Roumanian services conducted by Julia Bajna.

www.kristuskirken.dk/ and www.fibc.dk/. Kristuskirken is located at Baggesensgade, 2200 Copenhagan N.

PRAY for the spiritual health and growth of Kristuskirken and for encouragement through interim Pastor Ove Vang Jensen’s faithful ministry. Pastor Jensen is a former pastor of the church.

PRAY that the Lord will speedily raise up a Danish-speaking pastoral candidate for Kristuskirken to succeed interim Pastor Jensen who was called out of retirement to take up leadership of this important church of the Danish Baptist Union. The interim has now extended to 18 months and the need is most urgent for the calling of a new pastor. Our prayer support is crucial and much appreciated.

PRAISE God for the fruitful outreach events that have come about under Pastor N. Erik Nielsen’s ministry with Copenhagen’s First International Baptist Church and especially for the believers baptisms in recent months.

PRAY, as key leaders and volunteers at FIBC must leave Denmark for other places and assignments, that God will raise up replacements who possess needed spiritual gifting for the health and growth of the church body..

PRAY that FIBC and Kristuskirken’s Danish, Spanish and Roumanian ministries will flourish with renewed emphasis on evangelism and revival.

PRAY for a number of Free churches and Baptist churches in Denmark that are currently without pastors. The available pool of candidates is extremely limited and the need is critical.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Prayer Emphases at Mariager Højskole

Pray for Denmark.com has a new and valued friend. In the past several months I have had contact with Jakob Vagner who is a teacher of Bible and theology at Mariager Højskole (Danish Pentecostal Bible School). Jakob asked if we could give some information about prayer emphases at Mariager Højskole. This is of interest to me because we are more and more realizing the need to publicize the prayer efforts of Danish believers, churches and Christian organizations.

This webpage hopefully raises prayer support from outside Denmark, but we are thrilled always to know that there are many believers, churches and organizations within Denmark itself that gather together regularly to pray. We want by all means to encourage such efforts. There is nothing more important to the evangelization and spiritual life of a nation than the fervent prayers of God’s own people. Spiritual revivals are always bathed in prayer.

Students at Mariager Højskole are encouraged in many ways to be prayer warriors. Students, faculty and staff set aside a full week of prayer twice every year. Jakob writes: “This year we will have one week of prayer for Denmark in the summer–and then one week of more quiet prayer retreat in October. In August ( in typical Danish dating, week 32), we will be around 40 adults and young people focusing on intercession for Denmark, for revival in our personal lives and throughout the nation. We have three gatherings each day with a bit of Bible teaching and then we pray for each other and for our country. In October’s week of prayer, it will be about 30 people getting together for Bible meditations, quiet prayer, symbolic acts, and so on, in which the emphasis is more personal. In both settings we work in small groups as well as with the group as a whole praying together. . .When we get together for the weeks of prayer we pray for many different things, but more than anything else we pray for Danes to be saved and for churches to grow.”

Students at Mariager Højskole meet each school day for morning worship. Then, on Tuesday evenings throughout the school year there is a ministry service where great emphasis is placed on leaders praying with students concerning important problems and decisions about their ongoing spiritual life and walk with Christ. I attended one such Tuesday evening meeting while in Mariager two years ago and was greatly impressed with the intensity of praise and worship and dynamic teaching during the service, and of an unhurried and sometimes quite emotional after-meeting with faculty and staff counseling and praying with individual students. As in all Bible training institutions, I suspect too that at Mariager Højskole there are groups of committed students who gather together for informal prayer times.

In a later posting, I intend to give more specific information about Mariager Højskole as well as other Bible and theological training facilities and programs in Denmark.

PRAY that faculty, staff and students at Mariager Højskole will be encouraged to engage in sustained prayer and intercession on behalf of secularist Denmark and the hundreds of thousands of Danes who do not know what it is to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

PRAY for Jakob Vagner, for an effective ministry of teaching at Mariager Højskole, for his and other faculty members’ influence on students’ spiritual life and walk, and for the salvation of Jakob’s unsaved sister.

PRAY that what students learn and experience of intercessory prayer during their time at Mariager Højskole will be transformed into an ongoing and vibrant prayer life in their future ministries, wherever the Lord may lead them.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Påske (Easter) 2008


Several years ago, attention was drawn to the Danish Folkekirke pastor in Tårbæk who declared unabashedly, “I do not believe in the physical God, in the afterlife, in the resurrection, and in the Virgin Mary.” He also wrote, “We do not believe in God or in God as Creator of Heaven and earth, or as Almighty, consequently nor in Jesus as his Son nor the virginity of his mother, nor in his Second Coming and the resurrection from the dead.” Such statements contravene what Protestant orthodoxy and historic Christianity have believed and taught over the centuries. The deity of Christ and the resurrection of the dead unquestionably are nonnegotiable tenets of Easter faith.

Though there are probably few Danish pastors who would go so far in their unbelief, in some respects the Tårbæk pastor’s atheism is understandable given the effects of secularism that has all but engulfed Danish life and culture. One member of the pastor’s church, epitomizing in a single sentence the view of much of Danish life and culture, declared, “Danes, we don’t talk too much about God, and Christianity is not a big force here.”

Fortunately, the larger percentage of Folkekirke pastors do believe in the resurrection as an actual historical event. Indre Mission and other Folkekirke revival entities have been vocal in their protests against the Tårbæk pastor’s views. Thankfully, numerous Danish pastors and theological professors who are orthodox in their beliefs have reacted with great fury to such stark unbelief. The not altogether surprising fact is that the Tårbæk pastor was allowed to retain his post in the town’s1200 member parish.

Easter is another of the times in the church calendar when Danes are more likely to gravitate to church services. So it would not be surprising to find Folkekirke churches (the State Church) and other Danish churches better attended during Holy Week and Easter than the usual five percent or less average weekly attendance.

While 85 percent of Danes are nominally Christian and members of the Folkekirke, it is not irrelevant to ask whether the average Danish citizen believes in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We note that one Danish source reported fewer than one in five Danes strongly affirms belief in the resurrection while more than half emphatically reject that the event ever occurred.

Danes are reputed to be the happiest people on earth, but without a firm belief in historic Christianity there is a terrible vacuum in spiritual understanding and commitment. Is it any wonder that we believe Denmark needs a massive wave of prayer for revival and a new Reformation to offset the secularism which is so infects Danish life and culture. In a very real sense, Denmark is ripe for re-evangelization. The Lutheran revival movements and the evangelical free churches seem poised to pray toward that end. Furthermore, the more than 150 churches established by “New Danes” (immigrants from Africa and other areas of the world), many of whom are strongly evangelical and evangelistic in their understanding of Christianity, may prove to be the opening wedge in Denmark’s return to the faith. These very alive churches are demonstrating something that has been lacking in many Danish churches.

As for the resurrection, we thank God for the faithful believers in Denmark, whether in the Folkekirke or in the evangelical free churches, however small their number, who hold unwaveringly to the nonnegotiable truths of the Word of God in spite of bumping up again and again against the country’s deadening secular culture. With irrefutable logic, they agree with the crystal clear assessment of the Apostle Paul when he wrote: “If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised. For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost. If only in this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men (1 Corinthians 15:13-19, NIV).


PRAISE God for those Danes who have been willing to affirm the nonnegotiables of the Christian faith, among them the events of the Easter miracle–Christ’s deity, atoning death, burial, and bodily resurrection.

PRAY that during Holy Week and Easter the Holy Spirit will impress upon Danish pastors and churches the necessity of the resurrection as the crowning reality of Christ’s finished work of redemption.

PRAY for a resurgence of vital historic Christian faith in Denmark against such enemies as secularism, theological declension, lukewarm Christian life and practice, and aggressive non-Christian religions. “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Romans 12, 2, NIV).

“God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but
what is still more wonderful: He makes saints out of sinners."

Danish philosopher Søren Kiekegaard

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bedehus Danmark

“Mit hus skal kaldes et bedehus for alle folkeslagene” (Esaias 56, 7)
“My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7, NIV)

Do Danish believers pray for the things that also concern this webpage? The answer is an immediate and straightforward affirmative. In fact, Bedehus (House of Prayer) is a strong and growing prayer movement throughout Denmark, one that has been strongly aided by the ministry of its website (
www.bedehus.com/) and its outreach to every corner of the nation.

The ministry of Bedehus Danmark is overseen by a Visionsgruppe (Vision Group) composed of Ruth Cilwik Andersen, Mariager; Kurt Christensen, Nexø; Bent Christiansen, Apostolsk Højskole, Kolding; Jürgen Galonska, Betania Kirkecenter, Blahøj; Peter Holmsgård; Åse Ellerbek Larsen; Lars Bo Olesen, Kristent Center, Herning; Inger Porsen, Aglow International, Danmark; and Claus Aagård, Græsted Frikirke. I know personally and appreciate greatly the life and testimony of three members of the Visionsgruppe.

Bedehus prayer groups are led by local coordinators. There are at least 43 scheduled prayer groups listed on the Bedehus website. They meet monthly and cross denominational lines, though at present the “full gospel” (Pinse, Apostolsk) and charismatic churches appear to be most in evidence. It is to be hoped that other free church denominations as well as many churches of the Folkekirke will ultimately align with this tremendous prayer effort. I believe that to reach the heart and soul of the Danish people, revival must come to the Danish State Church (Folkekirke).

When they meet, these groups always pray in general for all who are in high places (1 Tim. 2:1-2), for all the people, for believers, for their communities, for Israel and the nations, and for Bedehus Danmark itself. In addition, the Bedehus website posts various lists of specific prayer concerns to help guide the prayer groups in their ministry.

Even those who do not read Danish would be impressed by browsing the website to see the breadth of prayer concerns Bedehus has not only for Denmark but also for the work for Christ throughout the world.

The history of revivals demonstrates quite clearly that revival comes as God’s response to fervently praying believers. It does not begin in unbelievers but in the hearts and commitments of God’s own people. Without volumes of believing, intercessory prayer, revival will never come to Denmark. That’s why I strongly support such prayer movements as Bedehus Danmark. We call on our readers to back with our prayers those Danish believers who are faithfully storming the gates of heaven with believing prayer. May God bring genuine spiritual revival to Denmark. Jesus said, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” (Matthew 21:22).

PRAY that every member of every Bedehus prayer group will be able to pray, “Lord, send a revival, and let it begin in me!” Revival begins first of all in the hearts and lives of those most concerned for revival.

PRAY that God by His Holy Spirit would ignite the ministry of Bedehus prayer groups with great power and extravagant faith that like a spreading flame would in turn stir the hearts and lives of Danish believers, pastors and leaders all over the country.

PRAY for the calling out of local coordinators for the formation of many more Bedehus prayer groups in Denmark in areas in which they are still lacking, especially through expansion of Oase and other Danish Lutheran revival movements in Folkekirke parishes and churches.

PRAY that God will direct and empower the members of Bedehus’ Visionsgruppe as they prepare themes and materials for the use of the Bedehus prayer groups. This month’s prayer list was written by Åse Ellerbek Larsen with a focus on “Et kald til omvendelse” (“The call to Conversion”).

that God will indeed bring revival to His Church in Denmark and in its wake the coming to faith of many thousands of unbelieving Danes.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

YWAM Establishes a New Base in Svendborg

The older Youth with a Mission (Ungdom med Opgave) base in Denmark is at Sjellebro in Jutland. Recently, Mirjam and Frank Lauridsen have established a new base in Svendborg on the southern coast of the island of Fyn (Funen). The Lauridsens are well-prepared for this undertaking having worked in YWAM for many years with campaigns and ministry in Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark. The new base is called Elleruphus (Mercy House) and shares buildings with a Christian rehab center the Lauridsens started last year.

Elleruphus is a social work ministry whose purpose is to help people with various needs, including abusers of drugs, alcohol, gambling, et cetera, as well as single women and teens dealing with various sorts of social problems. The thrust of this ministry is reaching out to these needy people with the gospel of Christ.

Last August, the base started its first school, called NETS (Neighborhood Center, Evangelism, Training and Small groups). Mirjam has responsibility for this school and has the assistance of a new staff member, Trine. The nine-month school began with a twelve-week teaching program incorporating many essential leadership principles in evangelism and church planting, and then has shifted to a practical outreach in Svendborg for a six-month period. Specific neighborhoods of the city are targeted with the gospel message shared through one on one evangelism, and acts of mercy with the intent of helping to establish Elleruphus where those coming to faith in Christ can be discipled. NETS will have the help of believers from Svendborg’s churches in this outreach ministry. Enrollment is small, but this may be of strategic importance in launching the new ministry as it will give greater opportunities for one on one mentoring. As a second level YWAM school, NETS students must have completed a DTS before beginning the program.

YWAM’s recruiting outreach is largely based on its unique system of Discipleship Training Schools (commonly referred to as DTS) found in YWAM bases worldwide. The Sjellebro base has had a number of such schools in past years and will continue to schedule them. The new Svendborg base has also begun its first DTS, which in fact began on Sunday, January 27. The teaching phase is of three-months duration and will be followed by practical experience in a two-month mission in another country. The passion of this DTS is “to know God and make Him known. We want to see people be transformed and equipped to live a 24/7 life for God, and get the tools to start new initiatives in their own local areas when they go home, that reaches out and meets people where they are.”

There are nearly 18,000 YWAM workers worldwide who are engaged in numerous forms of mercy evangelism and church planting efforts. Many of these workers are young people thrust into difficult ministry situations and often under-supported. For further information about YWAM work in Denmark, browse the website at http://ywam.dk/.

PRAY that the Lord will give Frank and Mirjam great wisdom and ability in their administration and spiritual leadership of the Svendborg base and its various outreach efforts.

PRAY that the Lord will keep them focused on the Father’s will and direction, and themselves and their children in good health and strength for an arduous ministry.

PRAY that Satan will be prevented from sowing discord and creating interpersonal conflicts among staff and students that would interfere with a positive, life-changing spiritual impact on each NETS and DTS student.

PRAISE the Lord for new staff member Trine and for the fellowship and assistance of believers from the churches in Svendborg in launching this new venture.

PRAY that NETS and DTS students whom God has led to the Svendborg base will profit intellectually and spiritually from the learning and mentoring opportunities given them.

PRAY that God will provide for the material needs of the Lauridsens and Trine and for operating funds for these faith-based ministries through the support of His people in Denmark and in other countries

PRAY for the new challenges for Ungdom med Opgave that must be faced with the integration of the efforts of the Sjellebro and Svendborg bases through their communication, joint planning, leadership, and programs.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fårevejle Menighed--Oddsherred Church Plant

In the November 13, 2007 posting, I mentioned that no free church exists in West Sjaelland’s Oddsherred Commune. Subsequently, I heard from an authoritative source that I was misinformed and that there is indeed a relatively new church plant in Fårevejle. I am delighted to correct the error and to give a further bit of information about Fårevejle Frimenighed.

Oddsherred is found in West Sjælland about 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Copenhagen. The region is characterized by steep cliffs, white and silky sand dunes, and forestland. The town of Fårevejle is situated at the coastline. There are more than a dozen Folkekirke parishes in Oddsherred commune, including Fårevejle.

Fårevejle Frimenighed is an evangelical Lutheran free church having the same doctrinal confession as the Folkekirke. However, the church is not affiliated with the Folkekirke (Denmark's state church). The church participates in the Dansk Oase Netværk, the Lutheran charismatic revival movement’s network of churches and local fellowships.

The church believes that the Bible is indeed the Word of God and has something to say to everyone in busy, contemporary everyday life. The evangelical flavor of Fårevejle Frimenighed is expressed in its vision statement, “mennesker må få et personligt møde med Gud, lære Jesus at kende og få lyst til at leve deres hverdag sammen med ham” (everyone must have a personal encounter with God, get to know Jesus and have a desire to live their everyday lives together with him).

The pastor and congregational leader of the church is Pastor Jørgen Lund together with Pastor Aksel Lausten and lay leaders Flemming Møller, Dorrit Dirchsen, and Jacob Kofod. The church’s webpage may be accessed at
www.faarevejle-frimenighed.dk/. The current membership of Fårevejle Menighed has reached 25, with about 70 regular attenders.

The church does not as yet have a permanent location and has met at times in a local school building. Some activities are conducted in adherents' homes. Even without a building of its own, the church has a number of active ministries, including children’s church, youth, singles, gospel choir, the elderly, and the like. The worship format includes more contemporary, rhythmic music led by a five-instrument praise band.

PRAISE GOD for the planting of a free church at Fårevejle in Oddsherred Commune.

PRAY that the pastors and lay leaders of Fårevejle Frimenighed will keep evangelism a high priority and that they will find strategic ways to promote the gospel throughout the area.

PRAY for growth in numbers of members and regular attenders and for perennial revival and spiritual maturity in those who come to faith in Christ.

PRAY that in His timing the Lord will provide a permanent location for Fårevejle Frimenighed.

PRAY that ways will be found for the new church to minister effectively to the large number of visitors and vacationers who come to Oddsherred during the summer months.