Saturday, October 09, 2021

Must-see new Danish videos!

To get a genuine feel for the heart of God in Denmark, take a look at a new testimonial video series, created by a Christian filmmakers from a ministry called Movingworks.

The videos are that good. And they’re designed to support the church in Denmark, since they present powerful, personal stories of people who have trusted Christ and have chosen to live for Him. Couples, families, people like you and me. Emotional stories, honest stories. Stories of people whose lives were changed by the God who saves. 

Movingworks says their focus is on reaching the most connected countries with the most need for Christ.

“Since our ministry began,” reads their website, “we’ve noticed something. Many of the most connected and media-engaged countries are the furthest from Christ.

“This reality might seem disheartening, but it’s actually a wonderful opportunity! God has given us unprecedented access to countries with great need, and we are responding by equipping His church in these cultures with real-life testimonies to encourage the saints and engage the lost.”

Certainly Denmark fits the model for a country that is media-engaged, yet far from the Lord. Movingworks has produced four short personal Danish testimonies so far, with another on the way. The videos are free to watch and distribute. 

Let’s start with a typical Danish couple, Tine and Anker, living in a very comfortable Danish neighborhood, living a very comfortable life. They enjoyed everything good, but God gave them a burden to reach Turkish immigrants—who did not live in their neighborhood. So they decided to move to another community where they might encounter and make friends with immigrants. Thus began a wonderful adventure.

“He left all the glory of Heaven and became a human here on earth, just like you and me,” said Anker in the video. “He left, and not just that, he humbled himself. He became a human and died for my sake. He left everything. Even his own life, he counted as nothing for my sake. So… compared to that, it is nothing that we moved from one house to another. We moved a few kilometers, but he has done everything for me.”

The video is just 8 minutes and 53 seconds long. But you will be touched and inspired by their testimonies and their love for the Lord. And don’t worry; it’s subtitled so you can follow along. Please, take just a few minutes and watch it here on YouTube.

We’ll introduce additional videos in future blogs. Meanwhile, 

PRAY for the new Danish videos from Movingworks, that more and more Danish Christians would see them and be inspired to reach out to those who need to know Jesus. 

PRAY that unbelievers would also see the video and come to know Christ through these powerful testimonies. 

PRAY for Tine and Anker, that God would continue to bless their ministry, and that more Danes would also become missionaries in their own country. 

PRAY that God would bring revival to Denmark through the ministry of Movingworks. 

PRAISE God for these incredible videos.