Tuesday, September 16, 2014

They're Leaving Denmark

Young Danish college students have started a new term at the International Apostolic Bible College in Kolding. But they’re not staying in Denmark. Many are learning how to share their faith far beyond their little country.

Before you pray for these young believers, watch this short video (it’s in English) to get a feel for their adventurous, outgoing faith.

This year the Danish team plans to visit countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia from November 7 through December 15 to serve the poor through evangelism and work teams. They’ll work in slums, churches, and orphanages.

And the ripple effect continues. One IABC alum explained that he’s now married, working as a youth pastor, and arranging mission trips “so people can meet Jesus.” He caught the vision during an IABC mission trip. 

The Bible college, while primarily made up of Danish students, also attracts young people from throughout Europe and beyond. Although instructors are Danish, because of the school’s multinational approach, their teaching is in English.

Take a look here and here at some of their testimonies, and you will be encouraged by Danish young people who love Jesus and are seeking to serve him in their own land -- and around the world.

Why is this so important? Because when God brings revival to the Danish church, it will follow that believers become focused on reaching out in the name of Christ, from their neighborhoods to around the world. The purpose of God in reaching all people, everywhere will become a driving force. So let’s pray that these missions-minded students are the future of a Danish church that is healthy, growing, and outward-focused.

PRAY for this fall’s incoming class at the Bible college in Kolding, that God will move young hearts to reach out around the world.

PRAY that these young people will return to their homes strengthened and energized in their faith, that that they will have a huge impact on the global vision of their local churches.

PRAY for their protection and safety as they travel to Asia in a few weeks.

PRAY that God will raise up an outward-focused, missions-minded church in Denmark.