Saturday, July 16, 2016

Good News at Børkop

Last November we asked you to pray with us for the staff and students at Børkop Højskole, where leadership of this growing Bible college had just stepped down after bringing the school through turbulent times.

Who would lead the school and its students into the coming years?

Good news: Pastor and theologian Robert Bladt begins as the school’s new headmaster August 1, just in time for the new term. More good news: Attendance is up, and the school is on much better financial ground.

Bladt brings enthusiasm and fresh ideas to his new job, and believes Børkop can play a key role in training a new generation of church leadership.

“A Bible school should teach us to enter completely both into society and the church,” he says. He believes Børkop should be an environment where students can get to know God better through creative projects, through music, or even through adventure trips. It’s the kind of training Danish secular schools clearly cannot offer.

That’s a challenge. And that’s good news!

PRAY for Robert Bladt and his wife, for energy and enthusiasm as he begins his new work at the Bible college.

PRAY for the faculty, staff, and students at Børkop, that they would catch Bladt’s vision for the school.

PRAY that a fresh vision to reach the country for Christ would start at Børkop.

PRAY that God would bring revival to Denmark through Bible schools like Børkop.