Friday, January 28, 2005


Founded in 1943, Youth for Christ International is an interdenominational para-church organization committed to the promotion of the Christian faith and a Christian lifestyle in a way that is attractive and relevant for the youth of the 131 different countries in which it is now working. The first full-time employee of YFC was Dr. Billy Graham, the renown evangelist. The activities of YFC have a spiritual as well as social focus but its overall thrust is that young people will come to know and trust Christ in a personal way and demonstrate the reality of their faith through a biblically-rooted lifestyle. YFC Denmark was established in 1974 and has been reaching youth throughout the country in many ways, including worship events, training of Danish Christian artists, short-term mission teams, interdenominational teenage and youth leaders conferences, evangelistic events, and by taking international bands and national speakers into schools and high schools. The work of YFC Denmark is done in cooperation with local churches, clubs, and local YFC groups. The organization has approximately 1650 members and leaders. As a member of of Dansk Ungdoms Fællrsrå (Danish Youth Council), YFC Denmark has contact with about 15,000 youth annually. The national offices of YFC Denmark are located in Århus. The National Director of YFC is Leif Johanson. Websites: and

PRAY for open doors to broaden the ministry of YFC Denmark throughout the country.

PRAY for continued attendance and growth of the YFC Mannafest concert events and YFC RockSolid Clubs and the transformation of Danish young peoples' lives as a result of these evangelistic and teaching activities.

PRAY that God will empower YFC Denmark to train an increasing number of qualified youth leaders.

PRAY that YFC Denmark will be able to impact the lives of 20,000 more young people through work in the schools, networking with local churches, and facilitating follow-up.

PRAY that YFC Denmark will continue to see an increase in the number partnerships it has with local churches throughout the country.

PRAY for wisdom in strategy and planning for National Director Leif Johanson and the national board that gives oversight to YFC Denmark's social and evangelistic outreach ministries.

Friday, January 14, 2005

"Frikirkenet" Has Become a Reality

Many of the frikirker (i.e., non-state churches), including Apostolic, Baptist, Pentecostal denominations, and a number of independent churches from throughout Denmark, have joined together recently to form their own media organization. One decision of Frikirkenet (Free Church Network), the name of the new organization, is publication of a monthly magazine called Domino, and the creation of an auxiliary website, For the most part the free churches have not received a great deal of notice in the Danish press. Frikirkenet media strategy will provide news releases concerning the free churches to the press and seek overall to make the work of the Lord even more visible in the country. Amongst themselves, the churches have not had especially effective inter-church communication and do not always have a good idea of what each other is doing. As one Copenhagen pastor, Calvary Chapel's Theis Brøgger, noted, "It's rare that we really hear about what God is doing through other churches, so this is a great idea." Poul Kirke has been named editor-in-chief of Frikirkenet with Svend Løbner as news editor and webmaster. Heidi Jensen has been designated editorial secretary and will be responsible for the publication of the new Frikirkenet magazine, Domino. Pray for Denmark salutes this new venture and calls on believers world-wide to support it with their prayers. May God use it for His glory and for the progress of the Gospel of Christ in every corner of the Danish kingdom.

PRAY that the media strategies initiated by Frikirkenet, especially the news magazine Domino, will contribute to the furtherance of unity amongst the various denominations and churches and keep the Danish public better informed about their work.

PRAY that the Lord will give great grace, skill and wisdom to Poul Kirke, Svend Løbner, and Heidi Jensen as they pursue their editorial and media responsibilities on behalf of Frikirkenet's participating churches.

PRAY that the founding of Frikirkenet will enhance rather than detract from the churches' crucial emphases on evangelism, revival/renewal, and church planting.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Danish Tsunami Victims

We have read reports in the Danish press indicating that there were seven Danes who died as a result of the recent East Asia earthquake and tsunami with 62 still feared missing. We understand that Copenhagen Police finalized these figures today.

PRAY for the families in Denmark of those who perished in the tsunami and are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

PRAY that Danish churches will be able to provide effective pastoral care for these families as well as for survivors and their families.

PRAY that survivors of the tsunami will realize how fragile is the cord of life and because of it come to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

PRAY that Danish churches will find effective means to show solidarity and convey practical help to fellow believers in the countries devastated by the tsunami that has been described by many as being of "biblical proportions."

PRAY for the health, safety and well-being of Danish missionaries as well as Danish members of humanitarian organizations who are assisting with relief and rehabilitation efforts in the affected countries.

PRAY that this disaster will prod Danish believers and churches as never before to see the need of and increase their efforts toward world evangelization.