Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Great Problem

It’s a good problem to have, and one not many Danish churches have yet experienced. But at Aalborg Citykirke, Sunday services have been so well-attended, the only alternative was to move to two identical services -- one at 10:30, and the other at 6:30 Sunday evening.

Multiple services began March 5. And for the time being, church leaders feel this is the best solution for the building where they’ve been meeting for the past 43 years. (Citykirken turns 91 this year.) Ultimately, they’d like to find a larger facility.

“Our dream building would have at least 500 seats,” says lead pastor Dan Jacobi, “plenty of room for all our other weekly activities. I’m sure we’ll find it someday, but until then we need to find other solutions to make room for everyone.”

Citykirken had been averaging 300 in attendance every week. Outside of Sunday services, the church organizes youth outreaches, Alpha outreach to those curious about Christianity, a café ministry, and more.

PRAY for the ministry of Aalborg Citykirke, that God would bless them in their move to two services.

PRAY for the continued growth of the church, in numbers and in discipleship.

PRAY that many more would come to know Christ through Aalborg Citykirke.

PRAY for the leadership of the church, for wisdom as they face new challenges.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Surprise in Aarhus

Will anyone show up if you try to start a new church in today’s skeptical, secular, sophisticated Denmark?

Surprise! They did.

In fact, leaders of the new Vineyard church in Aarhus said they were “completely blown away” when 120 first-time visitors arrived for their inaugural worship gathering March 19. Even more encouraging is that a large portion of those visitors had been invited by family and friends, and had rarely -- if ever -- attended church before.

“Our biggest hope and dream is to be the church for those who aren’t used to going to church,” explains Simon Walsøe, who recently moved to the city with his wife Anne to help organize the new outreach. “I think most Danes believe that they need to have their lives completely in order before they can go to church. That they have to know exactly what they believe, and live up to certain rules or morals. But for us, church is actually the opposite -- where all are welcome, a place where we’re all in process together.”

Simon and Anne have planned two followup services, for March 26 and April 2. From there they aim to establish small groups that will meet regularly throughout the city, and then re-gather every three or four weeks as a larger group. After the summer they hope they’ll all be ready to meet for weekly worship.

“We believe Jesus is here with us in this fellowship,” says Simon, “and that it is him who transforms a person’s life. At Aarhus Vineyard there is room for everyone.”

PRAY for the new Aarhus Vineyard fellowship, that God will especially draw unchurched and unsaved people to explore faith in Jesus Christ.

PRAY for the April 2 large gathering, that many more will attend and that they will be drawn to faith and fellowship in small groups through the summer.

PRAY for Simon and Anne Walsøe, that God would bless their church-planting ministry in this needy city.

PRAY for revival to spread throughout Aarhus through this new church … and many others.