Sunday, October 31, 2004

Important Article by Theis Broegger

An article that offers enlightenment toward understanding the spiritual life of Denmark and the challenges it presents to evangelism, church renewal/revival, and church planting is available on the Calvary Chapel-Denmark website. Entitled "How's Faith Doing in Denmark?" readers of Pray for Denmark can view the article at:

PRAY that God will continue to use faithful pastors and committed, praying believers and churches to demonstrate to fellow-Danes the reality and necessity of personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

PRAISE that the Spirit of God is not now, and never has been, culture-bound and that He is at work in many places throughout Denmark today in quiet but powerful ways. Minorities are not powerless. Believers world-wide having Danish roots can minister effectively alongside Danish believers through concerted prayer on behalf of the ancestral homeland.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Dansk Europamission

Dansk Europamission is a missions organization that cuts across Danish denominational lines. Its mission is "to enable God's church to fulfill the Great Commission given by Christ and to show and promote solidarity with the suffering church worldwide." The primary thrust of its work is assisting churches and Christian organizations in Eastern Europe and most former Soviet states with projects in relief and development, Bible and literature translation and distribution, media mission, and evangelism and leadership training. The mission works in similar projects in the Muslim world and places a high premium on assistance to persecuted Christians and the defense of religious freedom. The General Secretary of Dansk Europamission is Henrik Ertner Rasmussen. For further information, visit the Dansk Europamission website:

PRAY that Dansk Europamission and General Secretary Rasmussen will have the continuing support and involvement of Danish pastors and churches.

PRAY that believers in the various Danish churches and denominations will be roused to face the reality that fellow-believers in the two-thirds world are suffering or even being persecuted, some to the point of being martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Vineyard Pastors Conference

The Copenhagen Vineyard Church will be hosting a pastors conference October 28-30. The conference will bring together pastoral leadership from Vineyard Norden, the association of Vineyard churches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. Hans Sundberg is the overseer for Vineyard Norden.

PRAY that this conference will be a time of spiritual refreshment and encouragement for all the Vineyard pastoral leaders as they converge from the various countries of the north to seek God's direction and equipping for ministry.

PRAY for a sense of God's presence and the unity of the Spirit throughout the conference.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Folkekirke Parish Councils

We understand that in the coming month of November the local parishes of the Folkekirke (Danish Lutheran State Church) throughout Denmark will be electing new parish council members. In some parishes voting by acquiescence has already occurred and the councils have been formed. However, in other parishes there will be different slates (tickets) requiring that voting must take place by ballot.

PRAY for the election of godly members to these parish councils who will back godly pastors in doing God's work in God's way.

PRAY for parish council members who have not yet come to saving faith or who have yet to have a personal encounter with Christ as the Living God, that through their involvement in parish ministries they may find true faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord (we do indeed believe that this can happen!).

Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Church Recognized in Ringsted

This Sunday, October 10, 2004, at 2:00 p.m., Baptistkirken i Ringsted (the Baptist Church at Ringsted) will be formally recognized as an autonomous local congregation. The speaker, representing Baptistkirken i Danmark (the Danish Baptist denomination), will be Torben Andersen. Ringsted is located in the middle of the island of Sjælland, southwest of Copenhagen. The new Ringsted church has previously been under the sponsorship of the Midtsjællands Baptistmenighed (Skee and Nyrup churches). The church's property, located at Roskildevej 192, 4100-Ringsted, was originally a motorcycle repair shop, now remodeled to serve as the church's meeting place. The pastor of the new church is Clark Helvey and the formand (church chairman) is Peter Klarskov. Pray for Denmark offers warm Christian greetings and congratulations to the pastor, lay leaders, and members of the Ringsted Baptist Church. For further information, see the church's homepage at

PRAISE God for the new Ringsted church and for the vision and hard work that have gone into its founding and development.

PRAY for the teaching and pastoral ministry of Pastor Clark Helvey and for wise and effective leadership by the church's lay leaders.

PRAY that the congregation may move forward in a vision for a Spirit-empowered movement of evangelism and revival/renewal in Ringsted and surrounding areas.

PRAY that the new church will not only "strengthen its stakes" in its local ministries but will also "lengthen its cords" (Isaiah 54:2) through a dynamic vision for new church planting and overseas missions.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Danish Local Churches

From time to time we will call attention to randomly selected local churches of various denominations in Denmark. Pray for the same things you would pray for your own local church in whatever country you may live. The concern of Pray for Denmark is for evangelism, for revival or renewal, and for the planting of new churches. What a difference it would make in Denmark if God's people and their pastors in hundreds of existing local churches were to concentrate their efforts in these areas. There has been spiritual revival in Denmark and throughout Scandinavia in years past and it can happen again. For information about these churches, click on their respective websites.

Abildgård Kirke, Frederikshavn (Dansk Folkekirke, Aalborg diocese), Johannes Kuhle, Birgitte Lauman, Henrik Raakjær Nielsen, pastors.

Frelsens Hær (Salvation Army), Helsingør Korps, Strandgade 60, Helsingør, Magdelena and Gert Pedersen, præstpar (pastoral couple). www.frelsens-hæ (click on Find Os-Kort) for map).

Baptistkirken, Nørresundby, Vestergade 73, 9400-Nørresundby. Klaus Abildgaard, pastor.

Roskilde Vineyard, meets at Kulturhuset, Helligkorsvej 5, Roskilde. Solvej and David Allen, præstpar (pastoral couple). or email

Apostolsk Kirke (Apostolic Church), Horsens, Vimmelskafted 8, 8700-Horsens. Georg Berthelsen, pastor.

Nazaræereens Kirke, (Church of the Nazarene), Greve. Solheget 2, 2670 Greve. Kaj Ove Bollerup, pastor.

Frikirken i Aabenraa, (Aabenraa Free Church), Haderslevvej 6, 6200-Aabenraa. Erik Andersen, pastor.

PRAY that the pastors, members, and regular attenders in each of these churches will have a heart for evangelism, that they will be sensitive and responsive to the Spirit of God's work of renewal and revival, and that they will promote and support the planting of new churches throughout Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

PRAY that everyone who comes in contact with these churches will be given a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ and that many will come to a personal experience of salvation through faith and trust in the finished work of Christ at Calvary.