Saturday, October 04, 2014

How About That Danish Music?

You may have read about new young Danish worship leaders, and how Christians across the country are beginning to create genuinely Danish church music -- worship music that reaches Danish hearts. That’s a wonderfully healthy sign that God is stirring hearts.

To be sure, there’s also a good deal of international influence in Danish church growth and worship, places where songs from the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. are sung in English. The growing Hillsong fellowship in København is a prime example. And God is doing great things there.

But how about that Danish music? Here’s a wonderful project that’s collecting some of the best examples of today’s Danish worship music: Stille Stunder (“Quiet Moments”). They’re hoping to build up the Danish church across denominational lines:
1.     Through their YouTube channel, featuring music videos of leading Danish worship musicians. Latest add is a wonderful tune from Arvid Asmussen of Aarhus Valgmenighed.
2.     Through their Facebook page, which features behind-the-scenes looks at featured artists and videos. It’s in Danish, but you can get the idea.
3.     Through a working partnership with Brighter, a yearly renewal and discipleship conference for young people organized by the Skywalk Church in Randers. The conference is coming up October 15-18.

The most encouraging part about Stille Stunder is their Christ-centered, big picture view. They want to build up not only their own young church in Randers, but churches all over the country, in the name of Jesus. Please pray for them.

PRAY for this new generation of Danish musicians and worship leaders, that they will use their music to spotlight Jesus, and not themselves.

PRAY for the people behind Stille Stunder, that God would prosper this exciting new ministry and use it to bring many to Christ.

PRAY for Brighter, that young lives will be changed this year and that the Danish church will be strengthened as a result.

PRAY that God would use this music to revive his church in Denmark.