Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Revival in 2023?

So now we stand on the verge of yet another year. What lies ahead for the Danish church in 2023? What lies ahead for Denmark?

If you’ve been following the past year’s prayer requests in the Pray For Denmark blog, you’ll notice one word that stands out.


We pray for revival, that God would renew his church in this small land. That he would draw believers closer, and that he would draw unbelievers to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. 

But let’s be clear about our definition of true revival. As pastor and Christian commentator Tim Challies recently wrote, true revival is “supernatural, unexpected, deeply desired work of the Holy Spirit in which God’s people hunger for his Word and long for his glory. It is accompanied by an unusual sense of the presence of God, a deep awareness of sin, an overwhelming joy at forgiveness, and a passion to reach the lost.”

And revivals happen, as Challies reminded us, “when God deems them good and necessary, not when humans do.”

So this is what we pray for in Denmark. Not a human-manufactured version leveraged by technique or entertainment, but God-breathed and orchestrated. In every country village church, in every big-city gathering. In the schools and youth groups. In the places where a half-dozen faithful old people still gather, and the gyms where junior high kids laugh. Among recent immigrants, and among those who trace their Danish heritage back a thousand years. From the summer camps to the candles lit to the hygge of warm living rooms. From the tip of Skagen to the hundreds of islands to the cobblestone streets of market cities.

In the year to come we pray for nothing less than revival in God’s country of Denmark. We pray for revival among all 5,882,261 souls who make this lovely place their home. 


Pray with us.