Sunday, July 31, 2022

Expanding the tent

They’ve been gathering at a place called Hadsund every summer now for 50 years—young and old, families and small children. Hadsund Bible Camping is typically Danish, and organized and led by volunteers. 

There’s room for 60 small RVs and tents, so it’s somewhat smaller than many other family summer camps. But like most other camps, they set up a large main tent for gatherings, as well as a large outdoor eating table. For many Danish believers, this is how they reconnect every year.

“Some people come who aren’t used to being part of this kind of fellowship,” said Cecilie Christensen, who co-organized this year’s gathering. “And I hope there are more who have a chance to be a part. I always dream of bringing in more people from outside.”

She said the camp is “an obvious place to meet the church and hear about Jesus, because we have time to talk about things, and because we can get to know one another. I dream that someone will come each year who isn’t used to hearing about Jesus, and who isn’t used to this kind of fellowship.”

Some of the seniors who attended this year have been a part of the gathering ever since it was established 50 years ago. Others have married into the group, when children have grown up to establish their own families, and then brought more children along. Everyone tends to watch the children, by the way, so it’s a safe place for spiritual growth in a multi-generational atmosphere.

Let’s pray for the families who are meeting all across Denmark this summer in family camps, for the relationships and spiritual growth, as well as for a spirit of revival and healthy outreach—the kind that Cecilie Christiansen dreams about.

PRAY for the families of Hadsund Bible Camping, for growth and nearness to Christ across all generations.

PRAY for the kids of Hadsund, for lasting growth this summer and beyond.

PRAY that new families would be welcomed and drawn into the summer fellowship—especially families who don’t know Christ. 

PRAY for revival throughout Denmark, starting in tents and spreading throughout the country, throughout the year.