Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Revival in 2023?

So now we stand on the verge of yet another year. What lies ahead for the Danish church in 2023? What lies ahead for Denmark?

If you’ve been following the past year’s prayer requests in the Pray For Denmark blog, you’ll notice one word that stands out.


We pray for revival, that God would renew his church in this small land. That he would draw believers closer, and that he would draw unbelievers to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. 

But let’s be clear about our definition of true revival. As pastor and Christian commentator Tim Challies recently wrote, true revival is “supernatural, unexpected, deeply desired work of the Holy Spirit in which God’s people hunger for his Word and long for his glory. It is accompanied by an unusual sense of the presence of God, a deep awareness of sin, an overwhelming joy at forgiveness, and a passion to reach the lost.”

And revivals happen, as Challies reminded us, “when God deems them good and necessary, not when humans do.”

So this is what we pray for in Denmark. Not a human-manufactured version leveraged by technique or entertainment, but God-breathed and orchestrated. In every country village church, in every big-city gathering. In the schools and youth groups. In the places where a half-dozen faithful old people still gather, and the gyms where junior high kids laugh. Among recent immigrants, and among those who trace their Danish heritage back a thousand years. From the summer camps to the candles lit to the hygge of warm living rooms. From the tip of Skagen to the hundreds of islands to the cobblestone streets of market cities.

In the year to come we pray for nothing less than revival in God’s country of Denmark. We pray for revival among all 5,882,261 souls who make this lovely place their home. 


Pray with us. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Christmas Challenge

Pray for the upcoming annual evangelistic outreach through the “Julens Udfordring” (“Christmas Challenge”) news publication. Filled with stories and articles, the special tabloid is designed to reach Christians but especially the unchurched in Denmark with the good news of Jesus—during a time of year when Danes are perhaps more open to hearing the gospel.

A few articles from this year’s edition: Why Christmas is Something Special. Bob Dylan Found the Answer in the Wind. A Father and Son Help in Ukraine. The Story of “O Holy Night.” And more…

Christians in churches, small groups, families, or just individually may order as many copies as they can, and distribution is up to them. Else Ruhe Ludvigsen started with 10 copies four years ago, and has passed along more and more copies each year. This year she’s hoping to give away 1,000 copies in her hometown of Rødekro.

“I go from mailbox to mailbox,” she said, “as I pray to the Lord that I will meet those who live in the houses. As many as possible should hear about Jesus, so they’ll each receive a Christmas newspaper, in order to read about the King of kings.”

So Else shares her joy each year, and she has big plans to reach even more homes with the gospel. “Christmas is about Jesus,” she said, “and people need to know! Jesus has a birthday, and it’s us who receive presents. For me, being a Christian isn’t about being religious, but about having a personal relationship with Jesus. I want to offer that to others through the Christmas paper. Next year I want to distribute 2,000 papers, not just in Rødekro, but also in Aabenraa.”

for this year’s “Julens Udfordring” outreach, that God will reach many with the good news, and that many would turn to Christ this Christmas season as a result. 

PRAY that Christians will find new and creative ways to distribute even more copies this year.

PRAY for revival in Denmark through the “Julens Udfordring” outreach.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

We all do Laundry

A new podcast in Denmark is tackling faith topics in a creative new way, bringing the conversation to a place where everyday Danes can learn and discuss more about what faith in Christ could mean in their lives.

It’s called “Laundry” (laundry.dk) and is produced by Camilla Engrob under the Youth for Christ umbrella. Through interviews, podcasts, music, art, and short films, it’s designed to work around the culturally Danish tendency to shy away from talk about spiritual things. 

“Sharing about faith in our society has largely been in the hands of a very few,” she said, “in very specific platforms: the pulpit, speeches, or theological books. I’ve had a growing desire to give a platform to other forms of expression.”

For Camilla, that means bringing in creative people and interesting interviews for her podcasts. After all, she said, “God is the greatest artist and creative creator—and we’re made in His image.”

Camilla herself is a trained graphic artist and architect, and has a background in book design. She’s especially excited to share people’s stories.

Why call it “Laundry”? Camilla says it’s because we all have it, but few want to talk about it, or even show it to others. 

“The idea grew over time,” she explained. “But three years ago it became clear to me that if I wanted things to be different, then I would need to do it myself. (So) ‘Laundry’ aims to focus on the Christian faith, and to make it natural to talk about God in the everyday. The starting point is the story about faith, hope, and love—the place where life is lived.”

PRAY for Camilla Engrob as she reaches into her culture with the truth of Jesus, for creativity and strength to present the claims of Christ in a winsome way. 

PRAY for listeners, that minds would be opened and hearts would be softened to consider the claims of Christ.

PRAY that many Danes of all ages would discover the podcast.

PRAY for revival in Denmark through creative approaches like “Laundry.”

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Young Danes in Israel

Here’s something a little different: Let’s pray for the young Danes who have just begun a special three-month Bible learning and discipleship course at the School of Discipleship (Discipelskolen) in Israel. It’s run by Danish believers at The Danish House (Det Danske Hus) in Poriya, near the Sea of Galilee.

The new course began last month, with some 20 new learners. Here’s what one of the students, Jacob, had to say: 

"Orientation is over, now, and we’ve had a nearly normal week. We’ve had the privilege to hear our own Jakob Ulriksen, who led us through the topic of “Glimpses from the Books of Moses.” We’re learning much more about the creation story, the Fall, and the formation of Israel—how God chose and used Israel in his greater plan of salvation. In addition, we have been exploring the Old Testament to see if we could find Jesus there. Spoiler alert: Jesus is in the Old Testament. The week was crowned with a Friday trip to Dan and Tel Hazor, where we saw some very exciting stones from the old days. We have been fortunate to welcome Hakon Christensen, who will be teaching the Book of Romans this week. We're looking forward to it."

Jacob and the rest of the students are not likely to forget this special hands-on learning time in the Holy Land. It’s a chance to walk where Jesus walked, to breathe biblical history, and to experience the truth of God’s Word in a unique setting.

This experience will change their lives!

PRAY for the 20 Danish students learning right now at The Danish House in Israel, that they would draw closer to the Lord during these three months. Pray for their protection as well.

PRAY that God would touch the Danish church through the experiences of these 20 students when they return to Denmark later this year. Pray that they would inspire others in new and fresh ways.

PRAY for the instructors and staff at The Danish House, that they would be especially blessed and inspired this term.

PRAY for the ministry of The Danish House, Det Danske Hus, that God would protect them and help it to flourish.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Expanding the tent

They’ve been gathering at a place called Hadsund every summer now for 50 years—young and old, families and small children. Hadsund Bible Camping is typically Danish, and organized and led by volunteers. 

There’s room for 60 small RVs and tents, so it’s somewhat smaller than many other family summer camps. But like most other camps, they set up a large main tent for gatherings, as well as a large outdoor eating table. For many Danish believers, this is how they reconnect every year.

“Some people come who aren’t used to being part of this kind of fellowship,” said Cecilie Christensen, who co-organized this year’s gathering. “And I hope there are more who have a chance to be a part. I always dream of bringing in more people from outside.”

She said the camp is “an obvious place to meet the church and hear about Jesus, because we have time to talk about things, and because we can get to know one another. I dream that someone will come each year who isn’t used to hearing about Jesus, and who isn’t used to this kind of fellowship.”

Some of the seniors who attended this year have been a part of the gathering ever since it was established 50 years ago. Others have married into the group, when children have grown up to establish their own families, and then brought more children along. Everyone tends to watch the children, by the way, so it’s a safe place for spiritual growth in a multi-generational atmosphere.

Let’s pray for the families who are meeting all across Denmark this summer in family camps, for the relationships and spiritual growth, as well as for a spirit of revival and healthy outreach—the kind that Cecilie Christiansen dreams about.

PRAY for the families of Hadsund Bible Camping, for growth and nearness to Christ across all generations.

PRAY for the kids of Hadsund, for lasting growth this summer and beyond.

PRAY that new families would be welcomed and drawn into the summer fellowship—especially families who don’t know Christ. 

PRAY for revival throughout Denmark, starting in tents and spreading throughout the country, throughout the year.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Pray for the Forest Church

One of Denmark’s leading praise song writers and performers will soon release a new album, inspired by his new outdoor ministry. 

Arvid Asmussen, who recently began serving as pastor and worship leader at the Oasekirke (Oasis Church) in Silkeborg, finds inspiration outdoors—what he calls “the big cathedral.” So the album is appropriately titled “Cathedral (Katedral).”

In addition to his daily duties as a pastor, Asmussen leads a monthly “Forest Church” alternative worship experience. He invites the entire family on a pilgrimage that typically features Bible reflections and communion, and likely a good deal of singing, as well. 

“I believe most people can come in contact with the feeling of being a part of something bigger when they’re out in nature—whatever their connection is to the church,” he said. “I hope the Forest Church can be a way for spiritually searching people to meet with God.”

Asmussen’s new album of nature- and psalm-inspired praise songs is scheduled to release in September, but he has already shared and performed much of the music at a praise gathering last April. 

Listen to some of Asmussen’s music here. (There are even a couple of songs in English!) 

PRAY for the monthly Forest Church—that unchurched Danes would meet their creator on these monthly praise outings, and that believers would draw closer to the Lord here, as well. 

PRAY for Pastor Arvid Asmussen as he inspires other believers to creatively praise God through music. 

PRAY for the ongoing ministry of the church in Silkeborg, that many would come to faith in Christ through this ministry.

Saturday, May 07, 2022

The bus is ready!

It’s ready! Pray now for the ministry of the “Børnebussen,” the “Kids’ Bus.” It’s an outreach of Denmark’s Evangelical Free Church Children and Youth ministry—basically a mobile youth group room, complete with everything that many smaller churches and towns don’t have. 

The bus is stocked with games, a video screen, a kitchenette, restroom… and ministry leaders are looking to provide a venue for:

Kid’s festivals and outreach events. Bus ministry leaders are encouraging churches to build outreach around the bus, using it was a way to attract attention for special events. 

Children’s church. There’s plenty of room cleared away inside the bus for kids and young people to sit on couches and gather around a worship experience. 

A rolling kid’s room during church adult weekends. Why not use the bus for a kids’ gathering place while parents are enjoying their own retreat experience?

Club evenings. Bring in the bus with its resources as a way to anchor a fun event. The bus comes with everything from laser tag equipment and remote control cars to video games and of course Lego. 

In the end, it’s a tool for the church, a way of supporting ministry and encouraging (mostly youth) leaders to think creatively about outreach. Bus coordinators hope it will be used as a way for Danish believers to extend their outreach from the buildings and beyond. 

And this summer is the perfect time to see what God will do with this bus… all over Denmark. Let’s pray!

PRAY for the ministry of the Kids’ Bus—that churches will catch the vision of how to extend their reach beyond their small buildings.

PRAY that kids and their families will come to know the Lord through this creative support ministry.

PRAY that God will use this bus to spark revival in churches all over Denmark. 

Here’s a quick tour of the bus, waiting for youth groups and church groups of all sizes.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Still the hope of the world

The world has suddenly become a much less safe place, and the future is uncertain. Danes face the conflict that must seem dangerously close to their borders. Are these the last days? Is Jesus coming again soon? What call does that place on Christians? Hans-Ole Bækgaard, the leader of Denmark’s Inner Mission renewal movement, believes the many signs we’re seeing are a call to repent and believe in Jesus as the savior of the world, before it’s too late. Here’s what he said in a recent video blog, translated from the Danish:

“Are these the last days?” asked Bækgaard. “We have just experienced a world-shaking pandemic that has brought unrest to the entire world. And even before we are free of it, a major international conflict takes over.

“The Bible’s description of end time signs have again come close, with warnings of wars, natural disasters, falling away, seductions, and lawlessness. The last days began with Christ’s ascension and are a mission field that lasts until Christ suddenly returns. 

“But we have been clearly told about the signs: ‘See to it that no one leads you astray.’ The signs are a call to repent and believe in Jesus as the Savior of the world, before it’s too late.

“We react differently to these situations, just as we have during the Corona crisis. Let’s talk with one another about it. Allow space for concern, one-on-one and in our fellowship. Let us embrace one another, and especially those to whom the war is nearest. 

“As Christians we believe that world events are in the hands of God. Therefore we must pray to him—for peace, for his forbearance, for justice, that we would not lose hope, and that more people would turn to him.

“Christ is still the hope of the world,” he concluded, “and he is near to us! Pray for peace and justice.”


PRAY for the Danish church, as they face the prospect of welcoming refugees from the fighting. Pray for unity and a new hope, despite what’s happening in the world.

PRAY that many would turn to Christ during this trying time. 

PRAY for peace.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Back to the street!

Masks, no masks. Vaccinations, no vaccinations. Shutdowns, restrictions, illness... The people of Denmark have been riding this roller coaster for the past couple of years, and the fatigue is showing—also in the lives of street evangelists Bo and Mona Henriksen, and those volunteer with them to share the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of several cities across Denmark. 

If the names sound familiar, it may be because we featured Bo and Mona and their ministry back in 2017. You can read more about them here. But in a recent email update, Bo shared candidly the very real challenges of the past year: a year filled with challenges, setbacks, and even doubts.

Paradoxically, it has also been a year of victories. The Henriksens have prayed with several people to follow Christ, and they’ve been able to start a home fellowship of Bulgarian immigrants who are growing in their faith. As Bo put it, “we have seen big miracles on the street.”

So Bo shares an optimistic vision for the coming year. He and Mona are ready to see what God will do again on the streets. “Isn’t it also in difficult situations like these,” says Bo, “that God has promised to be God?”

Indeed. And with that in mind, he shares from Paul’s letter to the Corinthian believers that “We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.” (2 Corinthians 4:7-10)

That’s exactly right, Bo and Mona!

PRAY for renewed vision on the streets of Denmark, that those who share Christ will meet with ready hearts. 

PRAY for Bo and Mona and their co-workers, for encouragement, protection, and renewed strength.

PRAY that God would work in creative new ways to reach people with his grace. Our God is a creative God, in no way limited by circumstances!

PRAY for revival on the streets and in the cities of Denmark!

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Out of reach? Not at all.

His entire early life was defined by rejection, chaos, and violence.  As Martin Bentsen explained, he was blamed for his mother’s suicide attempts, expelled from the third grade, institutionalized, and jailed. Fueled by anger and rage, his life had clearly dead-ended behind bars. Few could sink lower than Martin. 

“I was beyond reach and would end up spending my life in prison,” he said. “That’s what the psychologist said.” 

And he might have—until he started reading a book whose author set him on a course so radical no one could believe it was really him.

“Even the doctor said, the psychologist inside the prison said, ‘How can you transform so much in such a short time? It’s impossible.’ And I said, ‘I don’t know that either. You’ll have to ask God, because he’s the one who did it.’ ”

Apparently the psychologist, the social workers, and the jailers didn’t know about the power of Jesus Christ to transform—or what might happen when he read the Bible. “This miracle happened in my life,” he explained. “God’s Word is alive. I had been transformed from the inside.” 

This is the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to save and redeem, even for those who seem so far beyond the reach of hope and redemption. You may have to watch his incredible video testimonial more than once to let the truth and power sink in. The story may remind you of another dramatic turnaround. (Read Acts 9 about Paul’s experience.)

Today Martin is thanking God for inner peace and purpose, and much more. Not to give the story away, but today, he is eager to share his story with anyone in Denmark who will listen. He talks about the power of Christ to turn even the darkest stories to light, the deepest failures into victory. He’s not only out of prison, but married and serving as a pastor and speaker. 

Let’s pray for Martin Bentsen and his powerful testimony! Watch it here.

PRAY that God will touch many hearts with life-changing good news through Martin’s story.

PRAY for protection and blessing for Martin and his family. Not everyone will appreciate his message, of course. 

PRAY for those who will hear his story, that they will be open to knowing Christ, as well. Pray for spiritual breakthroughs. 

PRAY for revival in Martin’s church and throughout Denmark as a result of this wonderful testimony.