Saturday, May 07, 2022

The bus is ready!

It’s ready! Pray now for the ministry of the “Børnebussen,” the “Kids’ Bus.” It’s an outreach of Denmark’s Evangelical Free Church Children and Youth ministry—basically a mobile youth group room, complete with everything that many smaller churches and towns don’t have. 

The bus is stocked with games, a video screen, a kitchenette, restroom… and ministry leaders are looking to provide a venue for:

Kid’s festivals and outreach events. Bus ministry leaders are encouraging churches to build outreach around the bus, using it was a way to attract attention for special events. 

Children’s church. There’s plenty of room cleared away inside the bus for kids and young people to sit on couches and gather around a worship experience. 

A rolling kid’s room during church adult weekends. Why not use the bus for a kids’ gathering place while parents are enjoying their own retreat experience?

Club evenings. Bring in the bus with its resources as a way to anchor a fun event. The bus comes with everything from laser tag equipment and remote control cars to video games and of course Lego. 

In the end, it’s a tool for the church, a way of supporting ministry and encouraging (mostly youth) leaders to think creatively about outreach. Bus coordinators hope it will be used as a way for Danish believers to extend their outreach from the buildings and beyond. 

And this summer is the perfect time to see what God will do with this bus… all over Denmark. Let’s pray!

PRAY for the ministry of the Kids’ Bus—that churches will catch the vision of how to extend their reach beyond their small buildings.

PRAY that kids and their families will come to know the Lord through this creative support ministry.

PRAY that God will use this bus to spark revival in churches all over Denmark. 

Here’s a quick tour of the bus, waiting for youth groups and church groups of all sizes.

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Anonymous said...

What an innovative idea! I pray it will be used wonderfully by God.