Saturday, March 28, 2020

During the pandemic

We are all home, practicing social distancing, washing our hands, avoiding public places. The coronavirus is obviously a serious worldwide threat. But believers in Denmark are especially hard-hit. Please pray for the country of Denmark, and especially for the Danish church.

PRAY that God will work in the hearts of believers, even as they are isolated in their homes. Pray that God would dispel fear and loneliness, replacing it with hope.  

PRAY that churches will use other ways of connecting during this time--online worship services, email, and more. Pray for creativity and courage.  

PRAY that Christians will be a positive witness to their neighbors, online or any way possible.

PRAY for the safety of the Danish people, and that this pandemic would soon pass. 

PRAY for Denmark. 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Danish Revival in 2020?

Here’s a collection of encouraging notes from the Danish church so far this year. Let’s keep praying for Denmark in 2020!

Revive Europe! draws Danish young people. This 6-day-long evangelism conference and new year’s celebration in Germany brought together 3,000 college students from 68 countries—including students from Denmark. “God wants to ignite a fire inside of us and use it to set this continent on fire,” said event director Sarah Breuel.

PRAY especially for Danish students who attended, that they would bring a holy enthusiasm to reach their communities for Christ.

More confirmation interest than ever? More highschool-aged young people than ever have signed up for summer classes to learn more about faith—and about getting confirmed in the Lutheran Church. The classes are aimed at 14- to 18-year-olds attending four “efterskole” campuses. (The efterskole is a unique voluntary residential high school program throughout Denmark.)

PRAY that God would stir up even more efterskole students and bring revival to these campuses!

Danish and German pastors have begun to meet and pray. Pastors in southern Denmark are crossing the border to meet with their German counterparts in northern Germany. Never mind their cultural differences, they’re praying regularly for their churches and for the lost.

PRAY with these church leaders from both countries that revival would jump the border and spread throughout southern Denmark.

Danish young people are more open today to hearing about faith in Jesus, according to a panel discussion at the most recent Frikirkenet leader conference, held last November in the city of Kolding. Although plenty of obstacles remain, and the social climate can be rough (especially on social media), church leaders are seeing open doors that were once tightly closed.

PRAY that Danish Christians will take this opportunity to boldly introduce friends and neighbors to Jesus Christ—and that God would move in this country in 2020 as never before.