Sunday, October 11, 2020

A bit of Israel... on a Danish island

Pray for 25 young people participating in the amazing discipleship training program at "Det Danske Hus" (The Danish House) this fall. 

Normally young Danish Christians travel to the Danish House by the Sea of Galilee (in Israel) to experience a multi-week program in Bible training and discipleship, on location. Coronavirus-related travel restrictions prevented that from happening this fall, however, so the entire program was transplanted to a Christian camp on the Danish island of Bornholm. 

That's different than expected, but it's 2020, after all. And though the program was planned to end after 5 to 6 weeks, it's just been extended until November 14. These students are all in!

So they'll continue to enjoy Bible studies and lectures, as well as fun activities, hikes and bonfires on the island's beautiful beaches, bike trips, worship times, local service projects, and more. 

It's not in Israel, this fall, but the spiritual growth is real. Pray for these kids!

PRAY for the disciples this fall at Det Danske Hus, for their spiritual growth. Pray that they will emerge from the experience in November as strong Christian leaders who will make a difference for the Kingdon. 

PRAY for the teachers and leaders, that they will be inspired to pass along the truth of God's Word in a loving and clear way. 

PRAY for the impact of this program, that it will continue to grow both in Denmark and in Israel. 

PRAY that students will soon be able to return to the original Det Danske Hus by the Sea of Galilee. 

PRAY that revival in Denmark will grow out of this discipleship program, and through these disciples.

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