Monday, November 07, 2005

Follow-Up on the Danish Global Leadership Conference

As our faithful prayer partners are aware, Ruth Cilwik Andersen is the leader of Willow Creek Church's ministry in Denmark, called Willow Creek Danmark (Denmark). We appreciate Ruth's follow-up messages about the outstanding results of the September 30-October 1 Danish Global Leadership Conference for which prayer was requested in our August 24 posting. "We are so amazed and thankful," she writes. The organizers are convinced that the conference has produced some remarkable and long-lasting results for the Lord's work in Denmark. Conference attendees were genuinely touched and moved by the truth of the Word of God and encouraged to continue ministering with boldness and love. There were 450 attendees and 100 volunteers at the conference. God answered the prayer concerns as the needs for almost split-second timing in the audio-visual area went well and without interruptions (some of the presentations were viewed via DVDs from the earlier Chicago Global Leadership Conference); Allis Helleland and Helge Standal were outstanding in their "live" presentations; and, there was a very satisfactory sale of relevant books, CDs, and DVDs which help extend the impact of the gathering. Ruth says further, "We really think that the conference has been God's gift to our country and the leadership of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Denmark. Willow Creek Denmark now faces some crucial decisions and planning for its ongoing work as reflected in the prayer requests listed below. National meetings such as this recent Danish Global Leadership Conference require the use of considerable resources and continued funding.

PRAISE God that the Danish Global Leadership Conference was a successful faith-venture for the Danish Willow Creek Committee that with continued prayer and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit will lead to revival and renewal and an increased thrust of evangelism and church planting throughout Denmark.

PRAY for the discovery of new people willing to join the board of Willow Creek Danmark. What is needed are godly believers who have the right character, gifts and abilities, and above all genuine commitment to Willow Creek's spiritual goals and ministries for a serious and effective work for God.

PRAY that God will provide new sources of funding for the work of Willow Creek Danmark. Income from the recent Conference did not reach the needed level, so the need is very urgent.

PRAY that God will lay it on the hearts of believers and churches to offer financial support for the work of Willow Creek Danmark and willingness to become involved in it in other ways as well.

PRAY for Ruth Cilwik Andersen's all but overwhelming leadership role for someone who at present is employed for only two days a week. Other workers are urgently needed but can be employed only if and when God provides the needed resources.

PRAY that the Lord will by His grace give special grace and encouragement these days to Ruth and to the members of the Willow Creek Danmark official board who feel their responsibilities so keenly.