Sunday, June 02, 2024

Why so many people in the warehouse?

Welcome to the “Valgmenighed” church in Kolding, a city of about 95,000—eleventh largest in Denmark. You might know that the Valgmenighed movement within the Danish Lutheran church offers congregations a bit of latitude in worship style and structure. (In Danish, “valg” means “choice” or “vote” and “menighed” means “fellowship” or “congregation.”) And there’s a lot about Kolding Valgmenighed that’s atypical. 

The building, for instance. Rather than a usual Danish-style church structure, this fellowship meets in a large warehouse-type building. But that gives them plenty of room to grow.

The church started meeting in 2003, with a vision to reach their city. For the first ten years, they met in various rented church buildings, then grew into their industrial building starting in 2014. They bought the entire building in 2018 and remodeled to accommodate the growing fellowship. But there’s much more to this church than the building—and that’s another unique aspect of the Kolding church.

House churches, or small groups, are an integral part of the Kolding fellowship, and part of the reason the church is growing. People make connections and are equipped for ministry in these small neighborhood groups—and that’s not always typical in all Danish churches.

And then there’s “Elsk Kolding” (“Love Kolding”). Through this service/outreach program, the fellowship is committed to helping neighbors with practical needs, from house cleaning and yard work to moving and painting. It’s one way to show the love of Christ for their neighbors. 

“If you want to pray for us,” says the church’s website, “please pray that we may always be kept humble in the midst of everything we’re allowed to experience. Pray that our efforts may be an overflow of gratitude to Him who has given everything for us. He is worth it!”

PRAY for this growing church, that God would continue to give them a vision to reach out to Kolding in the name of Jesus. 

PRAY for the youth of this church, that they would remain true to their faith, and that many more would be reached.

PRAY for the Kolding church leadership, for protection and wisdom as they continue to grow. Pray especially for lead pastor Mads Peter Kruse.

PRAISE God for this bright shining light!