Sunday, December 09, 2018

From small beginnings

Pray for the year-old Thisted Bykirke (Thisted City Church) fellowship of rural northwest Denmark, where Isak Holm has just been hired as their first pastor. They’re optimistic about the future and excited to see what God is doing in that community.

“When you ask what we’re happy about,” says the congregation’s lay chairman, Thomas Boelskifte, “well, every Sunday is a joy. It’s great to see how many are engaged in the church, and who want to be a part of building it up.”

The fellowship is associated with Denmark’s “Valgmenighed” alternative Lutheran churches, as well as the Inner Mission renewal movement. Forty to 90 gather every other week to worship at the rented Inner Mission house in Thisted.

“We meet for brunch, coffee, or dinner,” Boelskifte explains. “We’ve seen there’s a need for that, and 45 minutes to an hour before the worship time begins, people begin showing up to chat. It’s wonderful.”

Even so, the young fellowship faces challenges, including many of the same challenges facing small Bible-believing fellowships that are beginning to spring up all over the country. After all, many Danes are not used to this kind of church.

“The challenge is that people will still show up when the newness wears off,” says Boelskifte. “The best thing would be if people would simply come every time, that they wouldn’t decide (whether to attend) from time to time. And it will also be a challenge that we won’t be disappointed if, some Sunday, only 35 people show up.”

Prayer concerns? That they will reach out to all of the Thy region, that Thisted Bykirke would be a place for everyone. That God’s Word would be preached faithfully. And, added Boelskifte, “That we’ll persevere.”

PRAY for the growth of the new Thisted Bykirke, that a faithful core would continue and grow in worship and unity.

PRAY for the group’s new pastor, Isak Holm, that God would give him favor and inspiration.

PRAY that this small fellowship would remain faithful to God’s Word, week after week.

PRAY that revival would come to this corner of the country, and that it would start at Thisted Bykirke.