Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Urgent Prayer . . .

I was deeply grieved the other day to read about the dilemma of a solid evangelical and well-educated brother in Denmark, far better educated in the inerrant Word of God than almost any evangelical pastor in the country. This dear servant of God, brother M, has a call and sincere desire to serve the Lord full-time and is well-equipped to do so. It is why he spent so many years in preparation at one of the world’s finest evangelical theological seminaries. However, the small Danish assembly with which he is connected is unable to provide for the support of his family. As a consequence it became necessary for him to seek full-time secular employment in order to keep ministering to the small flock while at the same time providing for his family.

The job brother M has involves very menial labor, work that most others would consider far beneath them. Understandably, that limits his time for the important work of study for teaching and preaching the Word of God. Right now this dear brother is considering moving with his family to another country where he has been offered a full-time ministry position. Given his current situation, it is not difficult to understand the attraction of such an opportunity. I am grieved because it seems to me that it would be a tragic and even strategic loss for Denmark where there is such a tremendous need for a man of his passion and ability.

There is an imperative for ministry in Denmark as in any other area of the world. The nation desperately needs pastors and teachers, like brother M, with a heart for evangelism who anchor their ministry in this truth from John 3:7: I må fødes på ny (You must be born again!). The biblical imperative of the new birth, the core and impetus of evangelism, must be reclaimed and reemphasized over and over again in Denmark. That will not happen unless there are pastors and teachers like brother M who can lead people to Christ, help deepen their walk with the Lord, and train them through sound biblical instruction and doctrine to reach others.

There are some friends in other lands preparing and praying that they will be able to minister in Denmark. We can only rejoice that the call and spirit of missions is alive and well in the world. These messengers of the gospel will come to Denmark with full support from churches in their homeland, though it will take some years before they will be able to learn the language fluently and be able to evangelize in Denmark. What grieves me sorely is that a native-born Dane without the support incoming missionaries will have has the language and is in place for effective ministry.

PRAY that the Lord will provide the resources through His people so that brother M would be freed to minister full-time in Denmark with adequate financial support for his family to make that possible. With God all things are possible!