Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende

Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende (KFS-DK) is the Danish branch of IFES, an international evangelical student organization. KFS-DK has contacts on a majority of high school campuses and several university campuses in Denmark. Its mission is to encourage and support the Christians in these schools. From October 9-13, KFS will be holding its annual high school conference, called "Disciples Gathering," in Grenå with 550 high school students expected to be in attendance. This year's theme is "Come Together," emphasizing the need for living with Jesus and being a part of the Christian fellowship. Unfortunately, the Bible teacher originally scheduled for this conference suffered a concussion which will prevent him from participating. However, a retired minister has agreed to step in and take the original speaker's place. Last year there were at least five students who surrendered themselves to Jesus during the high school conference. Thomas F. Moesgaard-Christensen, missions secretary for KFS-DK, has asked us to pray for the following:

PRAY that God may touch our lives and speak directly to us, and that it may lead to renewal in our hearts.

PRAY that people who do not know Jesus may meet Him at this conference.

PRAY that those Christian students bringing non-Christian friends who were expecting to hear the speaker originally scheduled may wisely and effectively deal with their friends' disappointment.

PRAISE God for the willingness of the retired minister to substitute for the speaker who had to cancel. PRAY for God's blessing as he prepares for the high school conference.

PRAY for one of the conference staff members who has had to deal with a stress-related illness. PRAY that she may recover quickly.

PRAY specifically for KFS-DK missions secretary Moesgaard-Christensen who will also be speaking twice at this conference. "I know I need prayers," he says. PRAY that the Lord will encouragement Thomas as he prepares for this important opportunity.

Mange Tak, Brigada!

BRIGADA TODAY is a 10,000 subscriber weekly email journal designed to inform Great Commission Christians about our great global quest and giving hope and help to those who need it most. BRIGADA seeks (1) to identify and promote helpful resources; (2) analyze and capsulize in laymen's terms the current trends in global mission; and (3) challenge and motivate evangelical Christians toward greater involvement in finishing the Task of global evangelism. Pray for Denmark is especially grateful to BRIGADA and others for giving publicity to the launching of this website. This week's issue of BRIGADA contains an item about this website:

PRAISE God for the publicity the ministry of Pray for has received from BRIGADA and others, thereby encouraging us in this endeavor to raise up prayer support for evangelism, church renewal/revival, and new church planting throughout Denmark.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Open Air Campaigners

(Friluftsmissionen Danmark is the Danish branch of Open Air Campaigners, committed to reaching out mainly to nonbelievers in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. They do open air meetings, outreaches at playgrounds, beaches, camp sites, festivals, and the like. Another important part of OAC ministry is teaching and inspiring the believers in various settings (for example, churches, Bible schools) to reach out to their friends, neighbors, family, colleges with the gospel of Jesus Christ. OAC evangelists also preach the gospel in children's clubs, summer camps, schools, and Christian meetings. Many creative visual aids are utilized to communicate the Good News to children, teenagers, young people and adults. In the words of OAC Denmark national director, Torben Østermark, "We want to give the biblical message about salvation through faith in the crucified and risen Jesus Christ to lost people in today's society." Learn more about the work of Open Air Campaigners on their website: or At present, OAC has two evangelists in Denmark and one in Latvia. Torben also adds: "We are very busy -- and there are lots of opportunities in Denmark and in the rest of our area."

PRAY with OAC for God's call to two or three additional evangelists within the next 1-2 years.

PRAY that God will send a part-time office worker to be added to the OAC Denmark staff to assist the volunteer helpers who currently do bits of the administrative work for the organization.

PRAY that Open Air Campaigners International will in the near future be able to expand its work of teaching and evangelism from the Danish branch to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Faroe
Islands (

PRAY for God's blessing on the work of Torben and Kirsten Østermark and Lars and Trine Kristensen in Denmark and Poul and Salvita Nielsen in Latvia.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Danes Need to Encounter the Living Christ

Researcher David Barrett is reported to have stated that Denmark is one of the three nations with populations exceeding one million in which evangelism is the least cost-effective. The other nations in this category are Japan and Switzerland. Danish Christians need great wisdom in discovering culture-sensitive, Spirit-empowered ways of presenting Christ as Savior and Lord to this land of jaded Christianity.

PRAY for effective strategies for evangelism in this country that is as needy as those countries in the 10-40 window. It has been estimated that 90% of Danes claim church membership but only 4% attend church regularly.

Specific intercession is requested by leaders of Calvary Chapel ministries as they envision evangelism, Bible teaching and church planting eforts in Denmark. These leaders are concerned that Jesus Christ be glorified and honored by those who commit to thorough, truthful teaching of God's Word--regardless of denomination.

PRAY for wisdom on behalf of servant-leaders like Daniel Jacobsen and Theis Broegger as they present themselves available to God and remain open to His will concerning Calvary Chapel ministry in Denmark. They desire the focus of everyone involved in this ministry be on the Lord Jesus Christ with the passion of everyone involved to see a revival in Denmark.

PRAY that everyone's burden will be to to see Danes of all ages brought into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

PRAY that God will grant to everyone involved grace to reflect His love and His grace to the Danish people.

PRAY that the website will continue to serve as a blessing to its visitors and as a place where new and God-appointed contacts are made.

PRAISE God for giving us His Word--sharper than any two-edged sword. PRAISE Him that the Word of God will not return to Him void!

PRAY that the Word will find its way into the hearts of people to accomplish what God intends for it to accomplish in Denmark and in every other nation of this sin-sick world.

There is a growing immigrant population in Denmark that offers new and different opportunities for evangelistic outreach.

PRAY for open doors to present the Gospel of the grace of God in Christ to Arab and Turkish Muslim immigrants in Denmark as well as to other but smaller ethnic minorities resident in the country.

Four Baptist congregations in East Denmark are joining together in planning a celebrative "fest," including sports, food, and an evening evangelistic emphasis, to be held on Saturday, October 2 at Grønhøjskolen in Tåstrup. This fest marks the beginning of what is hoped will be a fruitful collaboration between Allerøde Frikirke, Kristuskirken, City Church and Roskilde Baptistmenighed. The event begins at 2:00 p.m. and includes an evangelistic meeting to begin at 7:20 p.m. The speaker will be Per Eivind Stig of City Church.

PRAY for Pastor Stig, for a good response to the Gospel message and for seekers to come to faith in Christ.